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Religions without gods? | MetaFilter
comment by grobstein links to his own comment
january 2012 by jaltcoh
Wheat Belly | Hunt.Gather.Love.
Links to me on this sentence: "This whole debate is a perfect example of why blogs have the potential to be so much better than non-fiction books."
october 2011 by jaltcoh
Ann Coulter - Official Home Page
Cache of Ann Coulter's website. See right-hand sidebar: "Sometimes Liberals Get Pied, But Only Liberals Throw Pies - Is throwing a pie in the face of an unsuspecting victim ever a good idea?"
august 2011 by jaltcoh
Winners Announced | A Traveler's Library
both used my photo and linked to my "nifty blog"!
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february 2011 by jaltcoh
I’ve Neglected It Again « oboeinsight
Links to my classical composers top 10:

I just found another Top 10 List (this blog entry is the top 2, but I’m sure you can figure out how to read about the rest), by John Althouse Cohen. (And this is a new blog to me, so I’ll be checking it out now.)
january 2011 by jaltcoh
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