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The 5 Best Ways to Run Windows On Your Mac
DO THIS IN ORDER TO USE INTERNET EXPLORER SO I CAN GET VPN ACCESS! (Need to do that because IE isn't available for Mac, and VPN requires IE.)
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18 days ago by jaltcoh
Margaret Gould Stewart: How YouTube thinks about copyright | Video on TED.com
Explains how YouTube and record labels react when someone uploads a song w/ image.
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september 2010 by jaltcoh
Althouse: Lori Drew not guilty of felony ... but convicted on 3 misdemeanors.
It is shocking to think that these website terms of service agreements -- which no one reads -- could could be incorporated into the criminal law this way.
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november 2008 by jaltcoh
Cooked Books
If I had to guess whether Wikipedia or the median refereed journal article on economics was more likely to be true, after a not so long think I would opt for Wikipedia.
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march 2008 by jaltcoh

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