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Rust? For Creative Coding? – anselan – Medium
On the merits of using Rust to write creative code (instead of C++)—a package manager, readable code and generated docs, a stable and well-thought-through language that encourages best practices, and an approachable community.
rustlang  processing  openframeworks 
11 weeks ago by jalderman
2-02 (Drawing) | Interactive Art and Computational Design, Spring 2016
Epic list of computational art drawing projects, assembled by Golan Levin.
art  drawing  coding  openframeworks  processing 
february 2016 by jalderman
Wekinator | Software for real-time, interactive machine learning
"It allows anyone to use machine learning to build new musical instruments, gestural game controllers, computer vision or computer listening systems, and more."
machinelearning  gestures  musicmaking  processing  openframeworks  quartzcomposer  osc 
january 2016 by jalderman
Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists | Kadenze
Free online machine learning course from Goldsmiths, University of London, by the creator of the Wekinator.
art  music  machinelearning  gestures  ocw  openframeworks  processing  maxmsp 
january 2016 by jalderman
GitHub clearinghouse of open-source museum projects, from MCN.
museum  processing  openframeworks  webstuff  api  ux  jquery  wordpress 
april 2015 by jalderman
GestureWorks Core
Library from Ideum for doing multi-touch apps on MS Surface (PixelSense) hardware.
design  multitouch  python  flash  c++  java  processing  javascript  unity  openframeworks  cinder 
march 2015 by jalderman
Windows 7/8 Touch events in OpenFrameworks.
multitouch  windows  openframeworks 
march 2015 by jalderman
A Soso Tour of C++ · sosolimited/Cpp-Handbook
SOSOLIMITED written tour of C++ for programmers coming from other languages.
c++  coding  ocw  openframeworks  processing 
february 2015 by jalderman
Motion capture with a Kinect (v1) and OF.
kinect  openframeworks 
november 2014 by jalderman
Free open-source Mac video routing software.
video  mac  quartzcomposer  processing  openframeworks 
november 2014 by jalderman
The Hypercard Legacy — Medium
: `ICYM... Oh who am I kidding. Gratuitous shill for my last Medium post, the HyperCard Legacy:`
hypercard  history  mac  processing  openframeworks  from twitter_favs
october 2014 by jalderman
Includes hacked RFDuino drivers and a hacked Android Mode for Processing "to leverage features in more contemporary Android releases (i.e. v18+)."
android  iphone  processing  openframeworks  arduino  bluetooth  diy  iot  tangible  accelerometer  lcc6318 
october 2014 by jalderman
arturocastro.net - stl::vector
"A stl::vector is the equivalent in c++ to a c array. Everything that can be done with a vector can be done with a c array and [vice versa], the only difference between them is that the vector interface is object oriented, which means that your code will be cleaner and easier to understand. I'm going to explain here some aspects of it's inner workings trying to make it clearer how to use a vector in a safe and fast way."
c++  coding  ocw  openframeworks  cinder 
september 2014 by jalderman
A quick primer for my workshop on BLE | thefactoryfactory
-int: `Josh Noble's *artisanal* links for a 'Helping Little Things Talk' Workshop, 9/25 at `

Curated links on bluetooth for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Arduino.
bluetooth  ibeacons  diy  arduino  electronics  android  processing  openframeworks  cinder  mac  windows  from twitter_favs
august 2014 by jalderman
olab-io/ofSketch · GitHub
OpenFrameworks IDE to make it more like Processing Sketches. (A Google Summer of Code project.)
processing  openframeworks  coding  c++ 
august 2014 by jalderman
Google DevArt
"DevArt is a new type of art. It is made with code, by developers that push the possibilities of creativity and technology."
museum  interactiondesign  processing  openframeworks  lcc6310 
february 2014 by jalderman
joshuajnoble/ofxKinectCommonBridge · GitHub
Official Microsoft MIT-licensed open-source wrapper for the Kinect for Windows drivers.
openframeworks  kinect  windows 
december 2013 by jalderman
Mike Tucker: Examples from INST-INT
"Ingredients of a Character," by Mike Tucker of Universal Everything. Toys to explore aspects of digital character design, open-sourced on github.
animation  processing  openframeworks  javascript  design  toys 
november 2013 by jalderman
Mike Thelwall - topic-based publication list
Mike Thelwall's academic papers (and algorithms) for sentiment analysis, as plugged by Justin Manor at @sosolimited last night at UX Speakeasy.
lcc6310  infovis  coding  openframeworks  processing  data 
october 2013 by jalderman
Crafting Delight - Microsoft Research
Rick Barraza talk on the state of creative coding.
openframeworks  processing  cinder  coding  art  lcc6310  video 
august 2013 by jalderman
OpenBR | Home
Open source biometric recognition project.
c++  diy  processing  webcam  openframeworks 
august 2013 by jalderman
Open Toolkit for Sensing People in Spaces
Open-source tool for creating interactive apps which "wraps computer vision algorithms into a simple, easy-to-use interface."
openframeworks  processing  webcam  kinect  diy  museum 
may 2013 by jalderman
Greenhouse SDK
Oblong's new "spatial applications" toolkit/SDK for creative coders. "Recognizing our audience was broadening, and inspired by platforms like Processing, Cinder, and openFrameworks, we created a set of abstractions and new functionality in g-speak to quickly enable a wider audience of developers to begin creating g-speak applications." Guessing that this is the "sandbox" that David Kung was talking about at Remix South.
3d  processing  c++  openframeworks  coding  diy  thneed 
may 2013 by jalderman
Drawscript - convert Illustrator shapes into code
Free, opensource panel for Adobe Illustrator which live-converts illustrator paths to code (for Processing, JavaScript Canvas, OpenFrameworks C++, Objective-C...). Pretty rad lookin'!
illustrator  visd  design  ux  processing  html  javascript  cocoa  iphone  ipad  mac  java  openframeworks  c++ 
april 2013 by jalderman

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