A celebration of pilots, captains, engineers, crew members, and the spacecraft they love to fly. (And race, and crash, and fix, and play in, and fight in, and...)
vid  gen  het  bironic  multifandom 
august 2012
Untitled Heimdall/Loki
He remembered such things from his childhood, long ago; family and friends, lovers; laughter and song. Before honor and duty summoned him.
thor  slash  just_ann_now  heimdall-loki  ficlet  dw  fb'd 
july 2012
Our Deal
Clint knew from sharing countless hotel rooms with her that Natasha slept like clockwork. She treated her body like a battery, meticulously ensuring that she was always as charged as possible. He’s seen her fight on days without sleep and she’s still terrifying; he thinks that the sleep thing is more about the discipline of it than anything else.
avengers  het  zee  clint-natasha  first-time  short  ao3  fb'd 
june 2012
Old tales I remember of men long ago
"If you practised your magic as Thor practises his fighting," Heimdall says once, "in the open where all could see, then the warriors who so admire your brother would know that you, too, work hard to protect all that we hold dear."
thor  slash  imperfectcircle  heimdall-loki  short  ao3 
june 2012
Run to Ground
"They bought-- what? A body in cryo?" Maria Hill looks skeptical. "How'd one guy fresh out of the ice kill a whole room?"
avengers  slash  het  threesome  hollimichele  steve-bucky-natasha  short  ao3 
june 2012
Majority Rule
Thor considered for a moment, counting off on his fingers, and finally said, "While I'm not quite positive how our calendar correlates with your own, I believe I am about fifty years over a thousand." Clint whistled; Natasha remarked, "And here I thought you didn't look a day over nine hundred."
avengers  gen  x-parrot  short  ao3 
june 2012
"How was I to know?" Thor demanded. "Surely a 'Justice of the Peace' is meant to sentence evildoers! And why did he not say otherwise, if it was not so?"
avengers  slash  shalott  loki-thor  first-time  humor  short  ao3 
june 2012
It had been—a month, perhaps; Thor had lost count of the days. There was always pain now, a steady and wearing constant, but his captors kept it well-measured: not so much that he could not feel more when they wished it, and dread their coming.
avengers  thor  shalott  loki-thor  first-time  long  ao3 
june 2012
Chaos War
It was never easy to find Loki when he wanted to hide, but he wasn't doing a particularly good job of it at the moment. Probably he didn't think anyone from Asgard would be wasting their time hunting for him while the shining ones churned their way steadily through all the realm.
thor  slash  shalott  loki-thor  first-time  long  ao3 
june 2012
Hug Therapy
"I am hugging you," Thor explained. "That you may know I love you, despite your madness."
avengers  slash  shalott  loki-thor  first-time  humor  short  ao3 
june 2012
A Kindness Repaid
Tony laughed, chucked the char-grilled stabilizer he'd been tinkering with into the trunk of broken suit parts by the door and slouched into the swivel chair by the monitor, rolling it back and forth with one foot. “Yeah, except Loki's main superpower is fucking your brain out of your ears with words. Magic shackles or not, I still reckon we should gag him. Asking Thor to talk to him? It's like putting a puppy in a mincer and expecting it to...” His foot came down with a thud, the chair rolled forward to the sound of shouting from the screen.
avengers  gen  potboy  long  rapefic  ao3 
june 2012
The Curse
"Would you be okay if you'd just swapped your dick for a pussy?" Gojyo said. Goku stared at him. "On second thoughts, don't answer that."
saiyuki  slash  louiselux  gojyo-hakkai  first-time  long  sexswap  ao3 
may 2012
Enemy Mine
Harry gets invited on a date by everyone’s favorite mob boss, and then things get weird.
dresdenfiles  slash  rassaku  harry-marcone  first-time  long  ao3  fb'd 
october 2011
Tik Tok
Working on the Enterprise is pretty much a non-stop party.
vid  startrek  het  slash  misssheenie  humor  youtube 
october 2011
The Knights of the Hot Table
When he's not getting knocked unconscious at important narrative moments, Prince Arthur is slowly but surely building the most catwalk-ready Round Table ever to grace myth and legend.
vid  merlin  slash  elderberryinkblot  humor  youtube 
october 2011
Technically a Virtue
Eames went back to scowling at Cobb. "It's a bad idea," he said stubbornly. "The woman's ninety years old. Angels appearing unto her will frighten her into a decline."
inception  slash  mirabella  arthur-eames  first-time  top!arthur  wing!fic  dw  short 
october 2011
Pants on Fire
"Ah," Yusuf says, lifting a reproving hand, "are we calling less than 24 hours of memory loss amnesia now?"
inception  slash  helenish  arthur-eames  top!arthur  long  ao3 
june 2011
Patience, a Steady Hand
They throw him in the hold with the rest of the--what they stole: bags of grain and heavy wheels of cheese with the monastery seal in the wax, ale and gold and iron and cloth. There aren't any other people, he's the only--the only slave, his mind supplies, running more quickly than he can stand.
inception  slash  arthur-eames  first-time  long  au  ao3  top!arthur 
june 2011
the loudest sound you ever heard
It's not likeJesse's the most talkative person in the first place, anyway. He doesn't think that's anything to do with the deaf thing, though, it's probably more related to the shyness. He hates it when people conflate the two--he can't prove it, but he's pretty positive that he would be just as reserved and nervous as he is even if he had the hearing of a safe cracker.
socialnetworkrpf  andrew-jesse  slash  mystery!writer  first-time  au  short  lj 
april 2011
Comes Back Knocking
Someone introduces Eduardo, who is looking down at his shoes quite purposefully. There’s a muted gasp -- at least someone in Mark’s group knows the name Saverin for Christ’s sake -- and a silence.
socialnetwork  slash  cathalin  mark-eduardo  first-time  long  lj 
april 2011
We'll Rant and We'll Roar
To account for Mark's personal weaknesses, he comes to São Paulo with a native guide, a man who believes he's instructing a rich Dutch merchant who is here to see the town ahead of his trading mission. This is not completely false, therefore it passes muster.
socialnetwork  slash  ninhursag  mark-eduardo  first-time  au  long  ao3 
april 2011
No Child of Mine
The boy's never been good for much. A child with no instincts and soft, dark cringing eyes. It wouldn't matter if he were a girl, that would be acceptable in a girl, but this... this is to be his heir, this thing that flinches from words before they even turn into slaps.
socialnetwork  slash  ninhursag  mark-eduardo  first-time  au  hooker!fic  long  ao3 
april 2011
Teeth in the Grass
Eduardo's first time with a guy was in high school-- the guy was older, Eduardo only met him because he scored a fake ID and then he was drunk and dancing. He had big, blunt hands and a wicked smile and there was something there, inexplicable, that made Eduardo so hungry.
socialnetwork  slash  ninhursag  mark-eduardo  first-time  short  ao3 
april 2011
Backwards Epiphany
Sherlock Holmes has memorized the date of birth of nearly everyone he's ever met, along with any relevant spouses, pets and children; the payout in passwords and PINs and other symbolic numbers is more than worth the effort of looking such things up on the Internet.
sherlock  gen  mystery!writer  short  lj  fb'd 
april 2011
Mark, Eduardo, Chris and Dustin are at a party, and Mark is drunk. This is not unusual. Mark is talking to a girl (he thinks her name is Jenny, but being the slightest bit unsure, he decides not to call her that and run the risk of having his drunkenness slapped out of him) who seems more interested in watching some guy pretend to vomit into a fishbowl and then surprise himself into actually vomiting than listening to anything Mark has to say.
socialnetwork  slash  grimlupine  mark-eduardo  first-time  short  lj 
april 2011
Get Well Soon
"I feel like this whole experience has taught me a valuable life lesson. Most likely one that would be found inside a Hallmark card, though personally I think that with the plenitude of online cards, Hallmark is a dying business, anyway," is the first thing Mark says when Eduardo answers the phone. He’s highly pleased that he only slurred his words a little bit.
socialnetwork  gen  slash  grimlupine  mark-eduardo  short  lj 
april 2011
a thousand years of waiting
It seems that Eduardo is always left waiting for Mark in some fashion: hands fisted in his pockets, hunched down against the cold, as Mark forgets, yet again, to meet him when he said they would meet; kicking his feet against the dirt outside one of Mark’s classes, because he has a break in his schedule and maybe they can get lunch because god knows Mark doesn’t eat otherwise.
socialnetwork  slash  grimlupine  mark-eduardo  established  short  lj 
april 2011
Rags and Bones
Sherlock waited two full weeks after the explosion at the docks. A week and three days of that he spent in hospital, bullying his body out of bed and then up and down the hall, clutching his IV stand for balance. The four days on his own in 221b were spent in trying trying to talk himself out of it. It was very likely not a good idea.
sherlock  gen  eleanor  holmes-watson  asexuality  short  dw 
november 2010
The first time Cougar pointed a gun at his head is exactly when Jensen developed the beginning of his raging crush.
thelosers  slash  feather  cougar-jensen  short  dw  fb'd 
october 2010
The Small Things
It’s nearly midnight when Clay decides he’d rather have another beer than have to go out for something stronger. He pushes open the swinging door to Pooch and Jolene’s kitchen and immediately regrets his decision when the sounds of an argument cut off awkwardly.
thelosers  slash  blinddreamer  cougar-jensen  established  short  lj  fb'd 
october 2010
And time yet for a hundred indecisions
Jo’s been living with them long enough that Sam doesn’t need to hide things any more.

She even dropped her guard enough to walk out of the bathroom naked once, thinking they were out. Dean jerked his eyes away like he expected someone in the room would castrate him for looking, and Sam enjoyed watching Dean freak, so Jo was able to restore her dignity--or anyway, grab a towel--in relative peace.
supernatural  slash  het  rivkat  dean-sam-jo  first-time  threesome  lj  fb'd 
october 2010
Nothing Human Is Alien to Me
Lestrade was not asleep at his desk at midnight when the stranger came through his door. He wasn't asleep, but it was damn close. He raised his head sharply, giving himself a bit of vertigo, and stared at the...vision that came through his door. "I've died and gone to movie star heaven," he thought for a moment. The idea wasn't exactly shot down by the grin the man gave him, all white straight teeth like a dentist's dream.
crossover  sherlock  torchwood  slash  mara  lestrade-harkness  first-time  short  ao3  fb'd 
october 2010
Walk with Me
"Did you know that horses can't throw up? It's why so many of the critters die of colic. Awesome musculoskeletal system, shitty digestive system. It's probably for the best though. Can you imagine a puking horse? Fucking gross!" There was no answer from either Roque or Cougar, which didn't deter Jensen in the least. He grunted a little, shifted the weight on his back, and recovered his narrative thread without losing a beat.
thelosers  slash  joelawson  cougar-jensen  first-time  short  ao3  fb'd 
september 2010
Other Things to Do After Buying a Cat
Sally calls him 'freak' while standing guard outside his hospital room and Molly's head is muddled enough that she forgets to be shy and says, "Don't. Don't call him that."
sherlock  femslash  blackeyedgirl  donovan-molly  first-time  short  ao3  fb'd 
september 2010
Breakfast at 221B
"Mycroft spent £3478 on prostitutes over the last month," Sherlock said. "And fourpence. Why fourpence, do you suppose? Can hardly be VAT. Oh. Obvious." There came the sound of tapping on a keyboard. "Tripartite summit in Dublin last week. Eurozone. Currency conversion."
sherlock  slash  ajhall  holmes-watson  asexuality  short  ao3 
september 2010
Light Our Own Fires
John has severe burns spread mostly over his back and his left side, as well as a new ragged scar on his thigh. Sherlock has to have two bullets removed, and two matching sets of reconstructive surgery. Hip and shoulder and it's touch and go how much movement he will regain but Sherlock is stubborn.
sherlock  slash  blackeyedgirl  holmes-watson  first-time  asexuality  short  ao3 
september 2010
The Midnight Train
Snipers have the highest rates of PSTD in the military. Jensen read that somewhere.
thelosers  slash  nilchance  cougar-jensen  short  lj  fb'd 
september 2010
Slow Fall
Sherlock sometimes feels like he knows two different versions of Detective Inspector Lestrade.
sherlock  slash  annella  holmes-lestrade  established  short  lj  fb'd 
september 2010
Leave the Light On
The second time Jensen seizes, he's not faking it. The coffin is too small to hold him; when he comes back, after the white lightning fills his head and empties it again, his whole body feels like a bruise from bouncing off the walls.
thelosers  slash  nilchance  cougar-jensen  short  lj  fb'd 
september 2010
It's just them on the back porch, Jensen and Cougar and Pooch's baby, cleaning up the remains of what was going to be an epic barbecue. It's late and Jensen's arm hurts and the baby is curled up against him, so Cougar does most of the cleaning up, as usual for him.
thelosers  slash  nilchance  cougar-jensen  short  lj  fb'd 
september 2010
"I like your hair," Sherlock says, and Lestrade glances up, suspicious at the compliment.
sherlock  slash  thinkpink20  holmes-lestrade  established  short  lj  fb'd 
september 2010
2: Cryptic
Beneath him, Sherlock was propped on his elbows, tapping the end of a pen against his lips, peering at the Times crossword laid out on the pillow.
sherlock  slash  suzieshooter  holmes-lestrade  established  asexuality  short  lj  identity 
september 2010
1: A Case Of Identity
Lestrade wondered vaguely if it was possible for a bin to get nicotine poisoning from the number of discarded patches they'd amassed between them, and then decided if he was wondering that then it really was time to get some proper rest.
sherlock  slash  suzieshooter  holmes-lestrade  first-time  long  lj  identity 
september 2010
“John,” Sherlock announced to the wet man “is away until Sunday evening.” And he was striding up the stairs, leaving Lestrade to close the front door behind him and follow.
sherlock  slash  unsentimentalfool  holmes-lestrade  first-time  short  lj 
september 2010
Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft)
The first time, John's in the middle of making a sandwich. There are four slices of bread, which he commandeers as his own -- if Sherlock wants a sandwich then Sherlock, for once, can be the one to go out and buy bread -- sitting next to a small block of cheddar and one bright red, perfectly ripe tomato.
sherlock  slash  out_there  holmes-watson  first-time  short  ao3 
september 2010
Unusual Symmetry
'Sherlock,' John murmurs. He shifts in the bed, hand sliding under the band of his pyjama bottoms. His arm brushes Sherlock. Sherlock moves away, absorbed in the bioinformatics book he'd taken from the London University library.
sherlock  slash  mresundance  holmes-watson  established  asexuality  short  ao3 
september 2010
I'd Rather Laugh With The Sinners Than Cry With The Saints
“About time,” said Sherlock, who was sitting next to the bed and fiddling with his phone. “You were beginning to worry the doctors.” His face was tired and lined, and John privately wondered if it was just the doctors who had been worried.
sherlock  slash  flawedamythyst  holmes-watson  asexuality  short  lj 
september 2010
It's Not About Pasta
"I want you to kiss me." Lestrade started out a sound sleep. One might say the sleep of the just, but Lestrade had been around too long to believe that was entirely true. More like sleep-of-the-occasionally-petty-but-trying-very-hard. That sounded about right.
sherlock  slash  nemo_the_everbeing  holmes-lestrade  first-time  short  ao3 
september 2010
Grey Is My Favourite Colour
The first time Lestrade sees Sherlock Holmes, instead of just receiving a pivotal text or e-mail that manages to solve everything, there's been a kidnapping. Lestrade is beyond frustrated: his whole team has been working on finding the missing girl for four hours. They still don't have anything to go on. "Not true," the man who walks into Lestrade's office says. "You're swimming in facts. Tell them to me."
sherlock  slash  snow  holmes-lestrade  first-time  short  ao3 
september 2010
Prove Me Wrong
Sherlock glances at him as he buttons his shirt. "You sound disappointed," he says. "But to answer your question, yes. I was just going to leave. You were sound asleep—snoring quite loudly, I must say—and I confess I didn't have the heart to wake you."
sherlock  slash  annella  holmes-lestrade  first-time  short  lj 
september 2010
Gripped with Terror (Sensation and Iconography)
Jensen drops a handful of leather and rubber floggers on the bench next to Pooch and takes a step back, grinning at him eager and expectant like a dog presenting a stick for his master to throw.
thelosers  gen  theleaveswant  jensen-pooch  bdsm  short  ao3  fb'd 
september 2010
The right to privacy in the military amounts to this: Command has the right to not tell you jack shit unless they feel like it, and even then they probably won't.
thelosers  slash  james  cougar-jensen  established  short  ao3  fb'd 
september 2010
You Gotta Stand It
They're all a little vicious this time, but it's Cougar who gets up close and personal, slitting the throats of the pair of guards, grimly satisfied to feel their blood run hot over his hands.
thelosers  gen  kisahawklin  rapefic  short  ao3  fb'd 
september 2010
There are a million reasons for Cougar to not get involved with Jensen.
thelosers  slash  katemonkey  cougar-jensen  ficlet  ao3  fb'd 
september 2010
Email Archive #300-08-B
We're not dead. Don't tell anyone. New key attached.
thelosers  slash  katemonkey  cougar-jensen  short  ao3  fb'd 
september 2010
Rough and undistinguished on my bones
Dean's first reaction, once he had time to feel instead of just move, was to think it was truly unfair that Cas had to stagger from getting beat up by his fellow angels to getting shellacked by Lucifer. Seemed like taking humanity's side was more like choosing to be the pigskin, dropkicked by everyone else.
supernatural  slash  rivkat  dean-sam-castiel  short  ao3  fb'd 
may 2010
Ghost in Me
"I thought I'd find you here," Hisoka says, nothing else. He saves his lectures for his impetuous partner. Oriya's infractions are always deliberate.
yaminomatsuei  slash  ranaeros  hisoka-oriya  ficlet  ao3  fb'd 
may 2010
Aqua et Ignis
My second-least favorite way to wake up is by being shaken awake by my magical parole officer and wannabe executioner. My least favorite way involves the aforementioned magical parole officer growling at me, "Dresden, wake up. We're in the middle of an apocalypse."
dresdenfiles  slash  gehayi  harry-morgan  first-time  long  ao3  fb'd 
may 2010
Close To Home
"Chromosome number," Mr. Dalton was saying, "is one of the chief determinates of sexual separation in closely related species." Kon sat up a little when he heard the word ‘sexual,’ but then his brain parsed the rest of the sentence and he went back to idly doodling in the margins of his notebook.
dcu  slash  iesika  tim-kon  first-time  long  lj 
april 2010
Only one word for yes
Three months or so after they find out the truth about Kate, Peter calls Elizabeth at work. "How do you feel about Italian on Thursday night?"
whitecollar  het  slash  petra  peter-neal-elizabeth  first-time  long  dw 
march 2010
Stories of Progress
Elizabeth hears the yelling from upstairs. For a moment, she's almost relieved. Neal had spent the first two days afterwards nearly silent.
whitecollar  gen  blackeyedgirl  short  ao3 
march 2010
That Hellbound Train
Suicides go to Hell. It's something to think about.
supernatural  slash  mirabella  dean-sam  first-time  short  dw 
march 2010
(The) Agency
Michi ran her thumbnail over the yellow sticker on the cover of the file, sticking down a recalcitrant corner. The yellow square lined up perfectly with the blue one below it, and the orange one below that.
whitecollar  gen  facetofcathy  short  ao3 
march 2010
Apolo pushed open the door to his room cautiously, poking his head in first like he was afraid- He didn't know what he was afraid of exactly. It wasn't like he thought a stray bucket of gayness was going to get dumped over his head or something, even if there were like, little scarves draped over all the lamps to make the whole room soft and rosy looking. Even if the whole place smelled like a girl.
figureskating  slash  mystery!writer  johnny-apolo  first-time  short  lj  wip 
march 2010
Surprise, Party
Neal and El are two of the smartest people Peter knows, but he's on to them. He's one of the smartest people he knows, too, and he's been on tenterhooks for weeks.
whitecollar  het  slash  musesfool  peter-neal-elizabeth  short  ao3 
february 2010
I've Been Cool With the Lines
On a cold, dark, midwinter Thursday morning, Peter didn't show up for work.
whitecollar  slash  misspamela  peter-neal  first-time  short  ao3 
february 2010
Classic, in Progress
Peter poured syrup over his waffles. "El, you know I'd do anything for you, but I don't understand why I need to buy a new tuxedo when I already have a perfectly good one. It looks fine--no rips or tears, no shiny elbows or knees, and it still fits me."
whitecollar  gen  tzikeh  humor  short  ao3 
february 2010
The Zombie Story
Peter heard the very first emergency messages on the police frequencies when the zombie outbreak began. He closed his case file and put it away, and called Elizabeth. "Honey," he said, slowly and clearly, "I don't want to alarm you, but --"
whitecollar  gen  giglet  humor  zombies  short  lj 
february 2010
Coming Clean
The excitement was over, the bomb had exploded without hurting anyone, the bomber was arrested, and now all that was left was cleanup. In this case, literally, Peter thought: a lot of very messy, very smelly cleanup. Starting with Caffrey.
whitecollar  slash  giglet  peter-neal  first-time  short  lj 
february 2010
Boundary Conditions
If he bothered to analyse it, Peter would say that it's less about controlling action and more about security of knowledge. A crime has motive and method, but a crime has already been committed by the time it falls across his desk and demands his attention, and Peter Burke considers himself an expert in what happens next. It's what happens next that determines whether someone will ultimately be held accountable.
whitecollar  het  slash  fahye  peter-neal-elizabeth  first-time  short  lj 
february 2010
Jack of Diamonds
As the car pulls up to the house, Peter’s heart jumps--there’s Reebin’s truck in the driveway, and the front door is hanging off of its hinges.
whitecollar  slash  het  deastar  peter-neal  peter-elizabeth  first-time  established  short  lj 
february 2010
The longer Peter thinks about it, the more he starts to think that Elizabeth was right. Chasing after Kate isn’t doing Neal any good – maybe if he meets a nice, law-abiding, reliable girl, he’ll stop giving Peter heart attacks and making the entire New York law enforcement establishment so damn nervous.
whitecollar  slash  deastar  peter-neal  first-time  short  lj 
february 2010
Cream of the Crop
Neal looks around the small space without bothering to mask his dismay. "This is the best you could come up with? Not exactly cream of the crop in getaway vehicles." The truck rocks as Mozzie makes for the driver's seat. The metal buckle on the seatbelt clacks against the door as he eases behind the wheel.
whitecollar  slash  ponderosa  neal-mozzie  first-time  short  dw 
february 2010
It's only 10:30, not that late, especially not for Neal, so Peter isn't quite prepared when Neal opens the door to his apartment, obviously still half-asleep.
whitecollar  slash  audrarose  peter-neal  first-time  short  lj 
february 2010
"Neal." Peter is using his study-hall monitor voice. Neal looks up at him through tempered plastic and clear water. "Do not tap on the glass."
whitecollar  slash  audrarose  peter-neal  ficlet  lj 
february 2010
Not Awake, Not Asleep
"Peter, this is ridiculous." Neal leaned against Peter's desk, ankles crossed, the picture of nonchalance. Or so he hoped. He picked up the stapler on Peter's desk, turned it over in his hands like he was appraising it. "It was five minutes. Ten, tops."
whitecollar  slash  audrarose  peter-neal  short  lj 
february 2010
In and Out of Being
He sees her lift the tumbler, her arm going up, then down, almost in slow motion, and his heart expands, dilates, grinds against his ribcage. He doesn’t even know what he’s afraid of, until the blow hits with a shattering of glass, a crushing of a hundred miniscule parts, and all the air leaves his body, so suddenly that he can feel the empty space open wide in his chest.
whitecollar  slash  het  isagel  peter-neal-elizabeth  short  dw 
february 2010
Cut-off Point
They cut the anklet the last Friday in August. Technically, there are nine days left on Neal’s four-year sentence, but they’ve just shut down a major counterfeiting ring and Peter would rather have the whole thing over with before they catch another case. So he calls it time off for good behavior and schedules the meeting for the end of the week.
whitecollar  het  slash  isagel  peter-neal-elizabeth  first-time  short  dw 
february 2010
Reasonable Doubt
Since he's been out, the only person Neal's been straight with is June, and only because she saw through him in less than a minute.
whitecollar  het  slash  chinashop  peter-neal-elizabeth  first-time  long  website 
february 2010
You Don't Know My Name
When Peter fails to answer, she smiles, the corners of her mouth tucking down in sympathy, and reaches out to touch the phone. "He's not in your care right now." It's not a reproof--it's permission. Peter's gaze flicks up to meet hers, and he's shocked to see that she understands everything. They haven't talked about it; he should've known they didn't need to.
whitecollar  slash  chinashop  peter-neal  first-time  short  lj 
february 2010
Recreational Flirting
Right up until a quarter of one on November 13, Elizabeth prided herself on not falling for Neal Caffrey. She liked him, and she recognized that he was smart, thoughtful, engaging and impossibly pretty, but El had always preferred genuine to glib, and more importantly, she loved Peter. That was all there was to it. So the jolt of attraction she felt when Neal caught up with her by the elevators and gave her his hat was startling as well as unwelcome.
whitecollar  het  slash  chinashop  peter-neal-elizabeth  first-time  short  lj 
february 2010
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