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Update from Gary King and Nate Persily | SOCIAL SCIENCE ONE
When we created Social Science One to facilitate access for the world’s social scientific community to social media data, we promised to release periodic updates noting our progress and describing the challenges we confront.  In this post, we describe the substantial work accomplished over the past several months and highlight the remaining obstacles we face. We describe additional datasets to be made available in the coming months, and plans to announce the first group of researcher...
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8 weeks ago by jackhardinges
A working definition of Government as a Platform - digital HKS - Medium
Government as a Platform (GaaP) has come to mean many things to many people since the publication of the article with that title by Tim O’Reilly in 2011.¹ These include a route to better public…
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11 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Making UK merger control fit for digital markets - Fingleton - Medium
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is currently considering changes to its Merger Assessment Guidelines (MAGs) around how it assesses mergers in digital markets. The MAGs set out the CMA…
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12 weeks ago by jackhardinges
FTC Imposes $5 Billion Penalty and Sweeping New Privacy Restrictions on Facebook | Federal Trade Commission
NOTE: The FTC will host an IN-PERSON press conference at FTC Headquarters, 600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington D.
facebook  platform  privacy  regulation 
12 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Antitrust regulators are using the wrong tools to break up Big Tech — Quartz
Google and Amazon have stripped us of making our own choices—but they’ve done a great job of convincing us otherwise.
competition  platform  monopoly 
12 weeks ago by jackhardinges
The Antitrust Case Against Facebook by Dina Srinivasan :: SSRN
The Facebook, Inc. (“Facebook”) social network, this era’s new communications service, plays an important role in the lives of 2+ billion people across the worl
competition  monopoly  platform  facebook 
june 2019 by jackhardinges
Government as a Platform, the hard problems: part 1 — Introduction - Medium
Government as a Platform is the approach of reorganizing the work of government around a network of shared APIs, open-standards and canonical datasets. The hope is that this will allow public…
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june 2019 by jackhardinges
Here’s how we can break up Big Tech - Team Warren - Medium
Twenty-five years ago, Facebook, Google, and Amazon didn’t exist. Now they are among the most valuable and well-known companies in the world. It’s a great story — but also one that highlights why…
competition  monopoly  platform  web  politics  us-politics 
june 2019 by jackhardinges
Opinion | A Tax That Could Fix Big Tech - The New York Times
Putting a levy on targeted ad revenue would give Facebook and Google a real incentive to change their dangerous business models.
big-tech  gafa  platform  advertising  equity 
may 2019 by jackhardinges
Facebook and Google: This is What an Effective Ad Archive API Looks Like - The Mozilla Blog
Mozilla and a cohort of independent researchers have detailed the key traits that make for an effective ad archive API — and more transparent elections   On March 28 — ...
data-access  platform  advertising 
march 2019 by jackhardinges
Unlocking digital competition, Report of the Digital Competition Expert Panel - GOV.UK
An independent report on the state of competition in digital markets, with proposals to boost competition and innovation for the benefit of consumers and businesses.
competition  data-portability  data-trusts  data-economy  platform 
march 2019 by jackhardinges
How to cut Big Tech down to size | Prospect Magazine
Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are too big. But what’s the right way to tame the giants?
data-access  data-value  platform  competition 
january 2019 by jackhardinges
Subscribe to read | Financial Times
Privacy concerns collide with the public interest in data
data-access  platform 
january 2019 by jackhardinges
Technology | Academics | Policy - Jonathan Zittrain and Jack Balkin Propose Information Fiduciaries to Protect Individual Privacy Rights
In the current digital economy, where consumers’ personal information is gathered, tracked, and used for corporate gain, Harvard professor Jonathan Zittrain and Yale professor Jack Balkin question how consumers can trust online services when there are no real guarantees that online platforms will not abuse that trust.
data-trusts  data-access  data-governance  information-fiduciaries  platform 
january 2019 by jackhardinges
Alibaba's 11.11 Outstrips Biggest US Shopping Holiday | Alizila.com
How Alibaba's 2018 11.11 Global Shopping Festival stacks up against U.S. retail's biggest shopping weekend of the year.
china  platform  commerce  web 
december 2018 by jackhardinges
The Seductive Diversion of ‘Solving’ Bias in Artificial Intelligence
The controversy of A.I. bias, and the false allure of “solving” it, detracts from bigger, more pressing questions about the technology.
ai  ethics  bias  competition  platform  data-access 
december 2018 by jackhardinges
My Remarks at the FTC’s Competition and Consumer Protection Hearings: Understanding Exclusionary Conduct in Cases Involving Multi-Sided Platforms, Issues Related to Vertically Integrated Platforms | Hal Singer
Dominant tech platforms have the incentive and ability to leverage their platform power into ancillary markets by vertically integrating and then favoring their affiliated content, applications, or wares in their algorithms and basic features. A platform owner should be concerned for the overall health of its ecosystem, which in theory would discourage it from squeezing…
competition  gafa  platform  google 
december 2018 by jackhardinges
Facebook, Amazon, and Google: a pocket guide to breaking them up - Vox
Columbia Law professor Tim Wu lays out a plan to dissolve the tech giants in his new book The Curse of Bigness.
monopoly  platform  google  competition 
december 2018 by jackhardinges
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