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Colorado | Data for the American Dream
My Colorado Journey is powered by a new, multi-agency, public-private data trust that, over time, will unite the existing fragmented ecosystem of data and allow for the creation of new datasets that connect services, programs, and education and employment opportunities.
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13 days ago by jackhardinges
Common European data spaces for Smart Manufacturing | Digital Single Market
Experts, companies, business associations and public authorities met in a workshop to discuss the challenges of common European data spaces for Smart Manufacturing.
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13 days ago by jackhardinges
wejo | Smarter journeys for all
wejo enriches the driving experience and delivers intelligent insights to improve loyalty for car manufacturers, insurers and service providers
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13 days ago by jackhardinges
NHS trusts sign first deals with Google | Financial Times
Contracts with five trusts to share patient data are part of transfer of DeepMind Health
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28 days ago by jackhardinges
As San Diego increases use of streetlamp cameras, ACLU raises surveillance concerns - Los Angeles Times
Thirteen cities and counties in the United States have adopted a version of the ACLU’s proposed surveillance oversight legislation, including San Francisco, Oakland and Seattle, according to the group’s website. California is also considering a statewide bill.

Suggested guidelines include mandating a public process to review technology before it’s implemented, as well as conducting regular audits of existing systems to document how the surveillance technologies are being used and po...
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5 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Strava privacy concerns: Here is how to safely use the app — Quartz
This is not the first time Strava's privacy settings have attracted negative attention.
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6 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Update from Gary King and Nate Persily | SOCIAL SCIENCE ONE
When we created Social Science One to facilitate access for the world’s social scientific community to social media data, we promised to release periodic updates noting our progress and describing the challenges we confront.  In this post, we describe the substantial work accomplished over the past several months and highlight the remaining obstacles we face. We describe additional datasets to be made available in the coming months, and plans to announce the first group of researcher...
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7 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Open Mobility Foundation | OMF
The OMF is based on a platform called “Mobility Data Specifications” (MDS) that was initially developed by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to help manage dockless micro-mobility programs (including shared dockless e-scooters).

MDS is comprised of a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that create standardized two-way communications for cities and private companies to share information about their operations, and that allow cities to collect data that...
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8 weeks ago by jackhardinges
UK Health Data Research Alliance expands to increase diversity of health data for research and innovation | HDR UK
Eight leading health organisations, research institutes and charities, including three of the UK’s largest NHS trusts – Barts Health, University Hospitals Birmingham and Nottingham University Hospitals – have announced today that they are joining the UK Health Data Research Alliance to accelerate progress in medicine and health. Other new members are UK Biobank, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the Brain Tumour Charity, NIHR BioResource, and Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP...
research  research-data  health  data-access 
10 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Unlocking Access to Self-Driving Research: The Lyft Level 5 Dataset and Competition
At Lyft, we believe self-driving technology presents a rare opportunity to improve the quality of life in our communities. Avoidable collisions, single-occupant commuters, and vehicle emissions are…
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12 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Barcelona's chief digital officer Francesca Bria talks smarter cities | Sifted
At the moment, the contract to run Barcelona’s bike sharing system is up for grabs. It might be won by a big company, or a local startup, but whoever wins will have to give the city back all the information it collects about how citizens are using the service. This data will then be open to any other organisation to use — to perhaps recommend new bike docking spots, or design an app that encourages people to exercise.
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12 weeks ago by jackhardinges
Steve Bannon used location targeting to reach Catholics - The Verge
The concession came from a now deleted scene from The Brink, a new documentary by Alison Klayman focusing on Bannon’s efforts to mobilize the far-right throughout the 2018 midterm elections. In an interview with Klayman, Bannon says that he worked with the conservative group CatholicVote to use location date obtained from carriers to target ads to people who had recently been to Roman Catholic churches in Dubuque, Iowa.
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12 weeks ago by jackhardinges
NDG poll findings: public attitudes to organisations innovating with NHS data - GOV.UK
The National Data Guardian shares the findings from her recent poll and calls for a debate about the relationships between the NHS and those innovating with patient data.
public-participation  engagement  nhs  health  gov-data  data-access 
july 2019 by jackhardinges
Data for Public Benefit: Balancing the risks and benefits of data sharing | involve.org.uk
Many claims are made about the public benefits which can be gained from sharing personal data between public service providers. However, the term ‘public benefit’ is rarely, if ever, clearly defined. In a context of significant public concern about how data is used – not least in the wake of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica revelations –  this presents public service
data-sharing  public-benefit  data-access  public-participation 
july 2019 by jackhardinges
To build an inclusive innovation-led economy, we need to focus on production – Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship
Instead of mitigating the downsides of change, we need to transform production, allowing more people to partake in the innovation economy. Learn why via Madeleine Gabriel in our ongoing series.
innovation-policy  data-access  ip 
july 2019 by jackhardinges
Blockchain and AI in the EU to benefit from publicly available data
The Council of the EU has adopted new rules facilitating the use of public sector data in blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects.
psi  eu  data-access  data-regulation 
july 2019 by jackhardinges
Data for everyone - but how? - Blog - OKF

Mit ihrem Daten-für-alle-Vorschlag, also einer gesetzlichen Pflicht zum Teilen von Daten, die insbesondere für die Tech-Riesen gelten soll, hat die SPD eine wichtige und längst überfällige Debatte …
data-commons  data-trusts  public-benefit  data-access 
june 2019 by jackhardinges
Charter for Safe Havens in Scotland: Handling Unconsented Data from National Health Service Patient Records to Support Research and Statistics. - gov.scot
The Charter for Safe Havens sets out the agreed principles and standards for the routine operation of Safe Havens in Scotland where data from electronic records can be used to support research when it is not practicable to obtain individual patient consent while protecting patient identity and privacy.
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june 2019 by jackhardinges
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