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Facebook’s Push for Facial Recognition Prompts Privacy Alarms - The New York Times
Facebook is working to spread its face-matching tools even as it faces heightened scrutiny from regulators and legislators in Europe and North America.
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4 days ago by ivar
Through-Wall Human Pose Estimation Using Radio Signals
Through-Wall Human Pose Estimation Using Radio Signals
cv  vision  surveillance  walls  privacy  wifi  rf 
4 weeks ago by ivar
ORCHID: Access The World!
The Orchid Protocol is the decentralized, open-source technology
for an Internet free from surveillance and censorship.
privacy  security  blockchain  ethereum  crypto  network  anonymity  dece 
october 2017 by ivar
As Equifax Amassed Ever More Data, Safety Was a Sales Pitch - The New York Times
The company built algorithms and started scrubbing social media to assess consumers. In a big data collection coup, Equifax persuaded more than 7,000 employers to hand over salary details for an income verification system that now encompasses nearly half of American workers.
equifax  surveillance  capitalism  data  ml  profiling  corporation  privacy 
september 2017 by ivar
Big brother is here, and his name is Facebook | Hacker News
Interesting discussion about the surveillance capabilities of Google and Facebook
privacy  surveillance  facebook  google  hn 
august 2017 by ivar
Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life
Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life
Report: How thousands of companies monitor, analyze, and influence the lives of billions. Who are the main players in today’s digital tracking? What can they infer from our purchases, phone calls, web searches, and Facebook likes? How do online platforms, tech companies, and data brokers collect, trade, and make use of personal data?
data  privacy  surveillance  facebook  personal  profiling 
july 2017 by ivar
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