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Effective Collaboration: You Don’t Need Superstar Developers
We want people to take care of each other. We don’t hire for rock stars who go at their own pace and don’t look back. We need people who are perceptive and sensitive for others because that’s what turns average teams into exceptional ones.
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september 2017 by ivar
"Pay For Performance" Doesn't Work For Generation Y | Fast Company
There are some cheats--just as in any game--to help you get raises faster. Here are some:
Know how your organization makes money. Whatever else you do, align your work with some part of that process.

Document how your contributions support the goals of your organization. Literally show the people around you how you add value. It pays to connect the dots for busy managers who ultimately have to compare you to your coworkers and dole out the raise budget accordingly.

Be aware of company policy regarding compensation. Some companies are limited by budget constraints, or can only give raises at certain times of the year.

Have a clear idea of what you want if you ask for a raise. Determine the salary range you're looking for and have a justification for the increase before you make the request.

Be flexible. How about accepting an extra week of vacation instead of a raise? Or a leave of absence to work for a cause that means a lot to you? Or time to work on a new project you've devised in your own organization?
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october 2011 by ivar

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