LuLu - open-source macOS firewall
LuLu is the free open-source macOS firewall that aims to block unknown outgoing connections, unless explicitly approved by the user.
firewall  mac  monitoring  osx  security 
8 hours ago
Feed Extinguisher
Converts feedburner feeds into straight RSS links
rss  feedburner  adblock 
3 days ago
What a nerdy debate about p-values shows about science — and how to fix it - Vox
What a nerdy debate about p-values shows about science — and how to fix it
The case for, and against, redefining “statistical significance.”
science  statistics  analytics  evidence  data  significance 
11 days ago
Products Over Projects
Software projects are a popular way of funding and organizing software development. They organize work into temporary, build-only teams and are funded with specific benefits projected in a business case. Product-mode instead uses durable, ideate-build-run teams working on a persistent business issue. Product-mode allows teams to reorient quickly, reduces their end-to-end cycle time, and allows validation of actual benefits by using short-cycle iterations while maintaining the architectural integrity of their software to preserve their long-term effectiveness.
management  development  process  product  software  agile 
12 days ago
Million Short - What haven't you found?
Million Short’s mission is to guide people on the road less traveled by providing alternate methods of organizing, accessing, and discovering the vast web of information that is the Internet.
search  engine  web  culture  echochamber  content  discovery  toronto 
12 days ago
How Atlassian Built a $10B Growth Engine | Hacker News
nest, it's a process tool. Dealing with processes is boring.

Jira is better than bugzilla and trac. And much better than some tools,
jira  criticism  atlassian  startup  tool  ux  review 
18 days ago
Do Artifacts Have Politics? - Winner.pdf
Are tools / machines neutral in their existence?
technology  tech  progress  ethics  politics  machine  tool 
20 days ago
SnR course on cold related injury
Welcome to Baby It's Cold Outside, an awareness and educational program about hypothermia and cold injuries developed specifically for you, the professional Search and Rescue Responder! It's been created to provide the information necessary to properly handle subjects with cold injuries, including hypothermia.
snr  hypothermia  education  injury  course 
21 days ago
The Seattle Review of Books - Unstacking the deck
Opportunity hoarding is defined as actions taken by upper middle class parents that aim to attain “valuable, finite opportunities” for their children “by unfair means”: unpaid internships, legacy preferences at universities, exclusionary zoning laws and schooling, and more.
wealth  culture  class  opportunity  privilege  middle 
22 days ago
Hard and Soft Skills in Tech – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
This is closely tied to the deeper difference between junior and senior roles: a junior person’s job is to find answers to questions; a senior person’s job is to find the right questions to ask.
business  management  engineering  leadership  career  development  tech  culture 
22 days ago
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