A Visualization Grammar | Vega
Highly recommended toolkit for js visualization, based on D3
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9 days ago
China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains
China said it will begin applying its so-called social credit system to flights and trains and stop people who have committed misdeeds from taking such transport for up to a year.
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5 weeks ago
git-zip-stage - git man page generator
terrifyingly accurate git documentation generator
generator  documentation  git  fun  joke 
6 weeks ago
‘Blockchain’ is meaningless - The Verge
Estonia’s system actually predates the Bitcoin blockchain, and there is some disagreement over whether it should be called a blockchain technology.

David Birch, a fintech consultant and author of Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin, found himself at a blockchain event with Estonia’s CIO, Siim Sikkut, who seemed to confirm that Estonia’s system is not a blockchain.

“I asked him where this ‘Estonian blockchain ID’ myth came from since I find it absolutely baffling that this urban legend has obtained such traction,” Birch wrote. “He said that it might be something to do with people misunderstanding the use of hashes to protect the integrity of data in the Estonian system.”

Estonia’s technology vendor, Guardtime, rebranded its offering from “hash-linked time-stamping” to a “blockchain technology.” That’s not necessarily untrue since “blockchain” has no agreed-upon definition — and for now, it’s a good marketing tactic.
eesti  e-estonia  blockchain  id  definition  technology  marketing  ubc 
7 weeks ago
Why Isn’t the World a Matriarchy?
But if we aim our lens on lifespan, career satisfaction, and close personal relationships nurtured over decades—relationships that have been shown to protect cognition, resilience, and immunity—then men, on average, trail well behind women. If men want to live longer, happier lives, they have a lot of catching up to do. It all depends on the outcomes you value most.
choice  career  gender  paygap  feminsim  lifestyle  difference  employment  culture 
7 weeks ago
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