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The Dreams of an Impossible Princess
Angie gets cast as the lead in a Hallmark holiday movie about the long-lost princess of Vengia. Peggy/Angie fluff
peggy/angie  agentcarter  length:short.1k-5k  lady_ragnell  from twitter
december 2016 by isweedan
What I Want to Mean to You
Five times someone assumed up-and-coming actress Angie Martinelli was dating her roommate, and one time it was true.
agentcarter  peggy/angie  length:short.1k-5k  lady_ragnell  from twitter
october 2016 by isweedan
A Voice for America
Angie does the American voiceover for CAPTAIN AMERICA, PEGGY CARTER. <3333333333 200k more plz.


When Angie takes a job as a voice actor on US Army propaganda films, she has no idea who she'll end up working with.

Or, the troubling problem of Captain America's English accent.
Muccamukk  peggy/angie  length:short.1k-5k  agentcarter  from twitter
july 2016 by isweedan
Stick Around A Little
Angie needs to know how to waltz. Peggy offers some help.
impertinence  length:short.1k-5k  agentcarter  peggy/angie  from twitter
february 2015 by isweedan
frontlines, heartlines
More Peggy/Angie fic <333333 I share this writer's need to have as much before horrible things happen.


Peggy Carter is a bundle of knives shaped like a woman, and that's what Angie likes best about her.
length:short.1k-5k  toboldlywrite  agentcarter  peggy/angie  from twitter
january 2015 by isweedan
Girl Time
Things that make me happy: Peggy Carter/Angie-from-the-Automat ficcccccccccc
angelsaves  length:short.-1k  peggy/angie  agentcarter  from twitter
january 2015 by isweedan

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