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As I Always Say
Time Lady!Mrs. Frizzle is also Quite Acceptable.

Ms. Frizzle has always enjoyed the third grade.

In the one-room schoolhouse there was always something about the children in the middle rows, that wonderful age where you’re young enough that everything is still possible, old enough to want to look inside the magic, puzzle it out. There’s a girl with long blonde plaits who reminds Ms. Frizzle of Dorothy Ann—or Dorothy Ann reminds her of the girl, it’s hard to say. Time runs strangely on the Bus, which isn’t always a bus but sometimes a wagon or a stagecoach, and once, memorably, a latrine. (Never a police box, though—Ms. Frizzle heard about that particular fiasco, and she’s not risking it. It is always better not to jinx oneself.)
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december 2011 by isweedan

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