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37k of post-middle earth Legolas and Gimli problem solving <3333

Elves were immortal, tied to the circles of Arda until the end of time and the Second Music. Only very few ever dared to love humans, whose quick-burning lives ended with a permanent separation - unless something extraordinary occurred. And only one ever dared love a dwarf.

Something extraordinary occurred.
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Caught by the Light
5k of soulbond/soulmark Legolas/Gimli Pining related angst, my favorite!! :D


A lot of unexpected things happened at the Council of Elrond, but not even the Wise could have predicted this.

Indeed, it takes Gimli the entire journey to Lothlórien to truly understand its meaning.
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On The Way To Something New
pre-canon genderswap faramir and boromir be still my hearrrrrt running AWAY

“Faramir,” Boromir said as patiently as she could, “We’ve already decided—“

“You decided that my vote only counts as a half because I’m shorter than you,” Faramir argued.

“Well that’s just democracy,” she reasoned.
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The Pirates of Erebor
The pirates of Erebor have long troubled the isle of Greenwood, but when they kidnap an elven lady for ransom, they don't get exactly what, or rather who, they bargained for.
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More Fair Than Thoughts Of Mortal Men - Chapter 1 - cryptonomicon - Marvel, Thor (2011), Lord of the Rings (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki. Middle Earth. Faramir. SO VERY COOL.


After Loki falls from the brinks of the broken Bifrost, he sinks deep into the hidden clefts of the Nine Realms to lick his wounds. But by fate or luck he lands in a long-forgotten side to the Midgardian realm. Graced with the company of a man who knows his pain, he delves deeply into the wars of the remaining peoples against the growing darkened glow that shadows the East. And though he does not initially intend to stay, he finds more than one hook that keeps him rooted to the affairs of this Middle Earth.
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JRRTolkien-AijinHidelias-Namarie.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)
Aijin Hidelias sings Namarie. She's Reeeeally good.
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