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sort of a while you were sleeping au, except completely not
a merlin/arthur while you were sleeping except completely not notfic by reni_days (flocked)

i want a merlin fic that is sort of a while you were sleeping au, except completely not. basically, merlin has a massive crush on arthur, who is the distant/untouchable businessman he sees every day on the train or whatever. then the accident happens, merlin risks life and limb to save him, and arthur ends up in a coma. merlin is haunting the hospital, no one will tell him what's going on or if arthur is okay, and the whole misunderstanding with the nurse happens, like in the movie. boom! instant imaginary dream fiance.
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september 2012 by isweedan
a not!fic that will be of interest to maybe three people on my flist
Adorrrrrable merlin notfic by reni_days featuring wooing and accidental!cyrano!arthur

so, leon has a little crush. on merlin. and he wants to, like court him, because leon is all chivalrous and knightly and there's this entire code of conduct, but he's not sure exactly what the official rules of engagement are for wooing the king's personal servant.

if he wanted to court a lady, he'd ask permission from her father. merlin's not a lady, but he sort of...belongs to arthur, in a way, so leon decides to start there, and he broaches the subject a little nervously on patrol one day, when merlin has stayed behind to help gaius with some potions and elyan, gwaine, and percival are distracted some ways off.

arthur stares at him for a long, long moment, and then laughs so hard he almost falls off his horse.

"merlin" he says, once he can talk again. he's still laughing, like he thinks leon just told the best joke ever. "you want to...court merlin."

leon feels awkward. "i like him," he says, a little defensive. "he's--i just. i like him, arthur. and--i'd be good to him, i can promise you that. i'd--"
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december 2011 by isweedan

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