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Couch Crashing Seduction: gift for halfeatenmoon
You know what's fun? Asshole Frank! Wooing Ray! Who is already in a relationship with Dewees! And then there are threesomes.

“Even if he doesn’t kick your ass out within twenty minutes, it’s still pathetic. I don’t have to move in with someone to get into their pants.”

Frank laughs again. If anyone else called him pathetic he’d break their nose, but he and Mikey understand each other. “That’s because you don’t care whose pants you get into. I have a very specific set I want. I need long term access.”

“Frank Iero, settling down. Who woulda thought?”

“Suck my dick.” He laughs, because he knows Mikey would, and Mikey smirks because he knows he would. They’re good.
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december 2011 by isweedan

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