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souldiers: Must Have Excellent Oral Skills (patrick/pete)
‘Patrick the Phone Sex Operator’ AU. (Patrick/Pete) ...of AWESOME!

The office Patrick goes to isn’t really an office, not in the traditional sense that his mother and neighbor Jeff think. It’s a wide, four-story warehouse filled to the very top with poorly made desks and creaky, charcoal grey swivel chairs.

His desk is towards the back of the floor, second desk in the second row. With the exception of the keyless phone on the left and the dirty magazines fanned out on the right, the desk is clear.

The shift Patrick has is mostly unvarying, 3 pm to 7 pm, Monday through Thursday and Friday nights if he wants overtime. It’s decent money for a job that really requires no actual movement. He gets normal calls, not the kinky fetish callers who are looking for humiliation and submission. So it’s okay. He’s okay.

He figures this is the closest he’ll ever get to being paid for his voice.

The only thing he really dislikes about the office is a few of the other employees. They treat Patrick a little bit like he’s a pet, always touching his back and grabbing at his chin. It’s the comments on his height that really rile up his mostly dormant Napoleon complex.

If he were to be honest, it’s more the fact that the comments play into his not-so dormant insecurities. Just because he’s in this business doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to be insecure sometimes (most of the time).
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