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impertinence: the stupid high school au where hardly anyone's gay: mikey, pete, and alicia
Mikey meets Pete and Alicia, who are a couple. Cue awkward fumbling-toward-a-threesome shenanigans.
bandom  mcr  fob  pete/mikey/alicia  impertinence  length:short.1k-5k 
september 2012 by isweedan
impertinence: Fic: Housewarming, Pete/Mikey/Alicia, Adult

“Um,” Pete said, because Mikey didn't generally answer the door naked.

“Oh, hey,” Mikey said. He looked over his shoulder. “Pete's here.”

Sharpie-colored nails crept down Mikey's chest, fingers wrapping around his cock. Alicia's face appeared over Mikey's shoulder. “Hi,” she said, jacking Mikey off casually. “Close the door, would you? I think there are laws.”

Pete blinked at them. His brain wasn't really working: door? What door?
pete/mikey/alicia  mcr  bandom  impertinence  fob  length:short.1k-5k  DELETED 
september 2012 by isweedan

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