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Half-Hard to Rock! - pwp Derek/Stiles
He had a load splashed in his hand and his dick was still flushed pink and twitching, the little hole at the top gaping once and then pinching shut and gaping again, shiny with blurted come. He thumbed at it and moaned softly again, arching. His dad wasn't home, so he got to make noise. It had felt really good when he let himself groan for him, give up such a hard orgasm for him.

He sighed, dropped his sweaty head back to clonk on the wall and then realized, holy shit, that Derek Hale himself was crouched silently in the shadows by his open window, frowning.

"Oh god, what the fuck, dude," Stiles whined, horrified as he tried to jerk his shorts up while his other hand fisted the puddle in his palm. It squelched between his knuckles, dripped, too copious. He grimaced and fumbled to shove off the bed.
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november 2011 by isweedan

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