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Mycroft/Sherlock/John vampire!au
John had almost convinced himself that vampirism was far from the weirdest thing about Sherlock until the Tuesday night he'd come home early.

The door to the flat was closed and locked, which made him think Sherlock might be out, but when he opened it and stepped into the sitting room, he saw Mycroft sitting on the sofa, suited impeccably as always, his umbrella propped neatly beside him. Sherlock was lying with his head in Mycroft's lap, turned away from John. Mycroft's wrist was pressed against Sherlock's mouth; his other hand was stroking Sherlock's hair.

John cleared his throat, uncertain. Even though he was staring at them, he didn't catch the moment at which Mycroft lifted his head, but now he was giving John the blankest, most level look he had ever received. What of it? Mycroft was coolly, silently challenging him.

Right. Sherlock wouldn't feed on humans. But Sherlock still needed—So. Right.
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