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ain't nobody loves me better
Aww, fic where Megan thinks Gabe and Pete are in a relationship-with-sex but they are not but it works out well

Happy poly fluffy feel-better sometimes-life-is-too-hard-for-anything-but-a-pete-and-gabe-brain-dump storytime.
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february 2013 by isweedan
I apologize for any skipping tracks
"Gabe/sub!Pete After their first scene." - doms need aftercare too - by lalejandra
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january 2013 by isweedan
If you're gonna get me off, you've got to love me deep
Gabe has A++ friends who come visit to give her hugs (and other things) after a breakup w/erin. (mikey, pete, travie)
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november 2012 by isweedan
Pretending to be married
lalejandra's trope meme fic for sean/max pretending-to-be-married is a JOY
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september 2012 by isweedan
They might try to poison my heart
empires fic - Tom is a demon hunter. Sean is possessed. ::wants MOAR::
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june 2012 by isweedan
Frnk cghing pls brng smthng when u can also coffee
Sick!Frank and BFF!Roomie!Mikey fic brings me GREAT JOY.

Mikey is just trying to watch Final Destination, but Frank keeps hacking up a fucking lung on the other side of the couch -- plus it looks like he might spill the vodka. Time for an intervention.
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april 2012 by isweedan
You make me feel so --
"The post-divorce Spencer/Ryan fic of my heart, full of some of my favorite fanon." DELIGHT!

The package comes while Spencer and Brendon are in Paris. Brendon and Sarah had a great time. Spencer and -- well, they didn't have a great time.

"Dude," Spencer says, "I am fine. Do not leave your woman to come over here."

"Did you know she hates being called my woman?" Brendon asks. "I don't get it."

"Jackie explained it to me once. It has to do with oppression." S
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february 2012 by isweedan
Bruise Pristine
Nipples, biting, bruises and bruise-pressing, bloodplay, comeplay,[...] what the hell else do you need for a summary?
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january 2012 by isweedan
They have grown up to love each other as adults - lalejandra - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
"After the bday twitter posts, I am in dire dire need of all Spencer/Ryan post split finally-get-it-together-gdi fic."
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january 2012 by isweedan
Pup - lalejandra - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
non-sexual puppy play twitfic <3

My Word document that this is pasted into tells me it's twitfic from April 15, 2011; it's sort of a little bit set in the I want to choke (u) 'verse, but can totally be read as a standalone story in a universe where Brendon & Spencer are kinky boyfriends.
puppyplay  twitfic  lalejandra  bandom  patd  brendon/spencer  length:short.1k-5k  DELETED  from twitter
january 2012 by isweedan
If Anyone Asks - lalejandra - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
Wherin Spencer is secretly studying for his PhD and he and ryan had a commitment ceremony when they were 13. <3
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january 2012 by isweedan
Werewolf Roleplay - lalejandra - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Werewolf roleplay fic! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! (Answer: Very very awesome) Brendon/Spencer/Ryan

I keep thinking about, like, teenage Ryan, right? His dad's an abusive drunk, his mom is gone, all he has is Spencer. So he tells Spencer one day about this book he's reading about werewolves, and how he sort of envies them, because they have instincts and pack and they can smell where they belong, and that must be really nice, right? [But they are still humans, can still eat pizza and watch tv and stuff, so it's like the best of both worlds!!] And he writes a couple of songs that sort of might be about it.

Meanwhile, Spencer sort of has a crush on Ryan [and, whatever, they are best friends!!!] and wishes that he could give Ryan "pack" -- and when they find Brendon and their band really starts clicking, Spencer whispers to Ryan one night that it's almost like they have a pack now, isn't it, them and Brendon, right? Ryan gets annoyed, and thinks Spencer's making fun of him. but Spencer's serious, and he's all, what, do I need to bite you and make you submit so you get the idea?
brendon/ryan/spencer  werewolves  not!fic  patd  bandom  lalejandra  length:short.1k-5k  DELETED  from twitter
january 2012 by isweedan

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