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fleurdeliser: Not!Fic: The OT3 Urban Fantasy Fairy Royalty AU Not!fic (and picspam)
The OT3 Urban Fantasy Fairy Royalty AU Not!fic (and picspam) How can you not be sold on a fic with a title like that!

tuesdaysgone: Gerard is the crown prince of some fairy realm [ed: Seelie Court] who rebels and runs away to Midgardthe realm of Us Normal People, and meets Frank who is a Pooka, and they Fall in Love. And then the fairy realm sends their Most Trusted Advisor out into Us Normal People Land to fetch him back to Assume His Responsibilities.

fleurdeliser: And Frank would be a mischievous, rebellious THORN in the side of the Most Trusted Advisor. And Gerard would object to going back, even WITH the horrible crown weighing him down, and Frank would object to Gerard going back. And they would try to RUN AWAY from the Most Trusted Advisor.
fleurdeliser  tuesdaysgone  frank/gerard/grant  length:short.1k-5k  picspam  elves  from twitter
december 2011 by isweedan
Fic: Plus One (Panic!GSF/Frank)
AU of an AU in the elf!verse. elf!Frank+Panic GSF. yayayayayayayayay :D
length:short.1k-5k  bandom  mcr  patd  gsf  frank/brendon/spencer/ryan/jon  elves  moku_youbi  from twitter
march 2011 by isweedan

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