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Gen DW Actors RPF - Catherine and David on Never Mind the Buzzcocks -


The first time they’re on Buzzcocks, it’s less than two weeks to Christmas. He’s in approximately thirty or forty things that are about to air on BBC, whether it’s the telly or the radio, and his phone hasn’t stayed silent for more than ninety seconds at a time. Catherine’s called him five times to inform him he’s a git and an arsehole for being presenter when she’d obviously be funnier, obviously David. It’s not that he doesn’t agree, but it’s his competitive spirit that he informs her right back that she knows shit-all about music, especially the stuff that counts, and her team is going to lose by a mile.

To be fair, It’s probably true.

The thing they both should have expected is Cribbins stealing the whole fucking show out from under them.
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