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Brendon story #1 - fictionalaspect - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
From then on, Brendon jerks off a lot. It's a great time-waster. As well as being awesome.

This is an odd story, and one that I would probably file under "gen" if there wasn't so much sex in it. It's essentially just a story about Brendon coming to terms with his own sexuality, with the idea that eventually it would turn into Brendon/Spencer. I'm not sure why I ever stopped writing it, but I posted it as an abandoned WIP a while ago, so I guess it's finished.
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january 2012 by isweedan
Painplay jerkoff ficlet
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Well Done
Ryan/others Ryan has a serious attraction to competent people

Ryan isn't attracted to Brendon, not really. They've coexisted in too-small spaces for too long, with undesirable personal habits and unclipped toenails constantly digging into each other's skin. Romance requires a little room for pretense of perfection, at least at first, and Ryan didn't have enough time to admire Brendon's body before he started having to smell it all the time.

That doesn't stop him from springing an uncomfortable erection when Brendon picks up an instrument he's never seen before and starts playing it like he's been taking lessons for years.

"What did you say this is called?" Brendon asks, twanging out "Nine in the Afternoon" on the little metal tabs.

"It's a mbira," says Jon. "Thumb piano. It's from Africa."

"Sweet." Brendon starts plucking out a melody Ryan vaguely recognizes from "Pirates of the Caribbean," then changes to Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor" with one thumb. "Mashup!" he says gleefully. "Technicolor pirates!"
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march 2011 by isweedan

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