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Bob/Gerard Mailorder bride

He stayed inside, shooting the breeze, and when he came out, the crowd was almost entirely gone. There were a few stragglers, people who lived in town and farmers who were probably at the saloon anyway. And there was a woman sitting on a trunk, dark shiny hair curling around her neck from under a hat that didn't quite match her dress.

She watched him while he walked closer and when he stood in front of her, she held up her hand wordlessly. There was a crumpled piece of stock paper tied around her wrist that read Mr. BC Bryar.

Bob's belly swooped but he took her hand and nodded. "That's me."

She let him pull her to her feet, then let go of his hand to readjust her hat. Bob watched her and swallowed hard. She straightened up and gave him a tiny smile. Bob offered her his hand again. "I'm Bob."

She looked down at his hand, and Bob realized that the last thing this woman wanted to touch was his dirty calloused paw, but she kept smiling and took his hand in hers, shaking it gently. "Gee."
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