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Pedicone/Gerard - the boys are cupcaaaaaakes and Mike gives Gway a manicure! Also sex.

"Stop that. Hey, I'm talking to you, dude." Mike's soft voice breaks through the dim of Gerard's thoughts; the guy is tapping his left hand gently away from his grinding teeth. "That's a shit habit man, you seriously still can't kick this one?"

Gerard's so zoned out, any real come-back is beyond him at this point. "It's an oral thing, I guess? It's comforting. I'd probably be downright sucking on my thumb if I wasn't biting my nails." The two-hour round of interviews in the morning got him tired, slightly numb. He realizes he's probably been alone in this hotel room with what's left of the coffee pot for longer than he thought.

"I don't think any of us could deal with you sucking on your thumb." Mike's smile is clearly holding back further 'oral' jokes. He drops his canvas pack on the floor and sits down on the bed in front of Gerard. "But you seriously irk me when you start gnawing away. Check these out."

Mike spreads his right hand right up in Gerard's face, and Gerard just can't believe no one in the band has teased the dude about this so far. His nails are clean. They're even. Most importantly, they're somewhat shiny. "No way. Isn't getting a manicure the most futile thing to do in the world when you're a drummer?"

Mike shrugs. "It is, if you do it every day you have to play a show. Once every two weeks it's just me being a cupcake."
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