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Hermette wrote barely!teen!merlin/arthur for the underage round of kinkspiration. AWESOME.

The rain doesn’t let up for days, and by the time the knights make it back to Camelot they’re worn and ragged, drenched and weighted down with mud. Arthur rides his horse right up to the castle steps and dismounts there, leaving the reins with one of the squires. His boots squeak on the floor, leaving muddy streaks in the great hallway and up the steps. A bath, he thinks tiredly, barely able to focus on anything that isn’t one foot up, one foot down. A bath, and a fire, and something to sleep on that isn’t sodden ground.

“Oh,” Arthur says, pulling up short when he pushes open the doors to his chambers. He stands there for a moment, dripping on the floor and looking around the room, taking in the enormous, steaming bath, the fresh sheets on the bed, the crackling fire. His manservant, Merlin, just skinny whip of a thing is kneeling by the hearth, piling up firewood. “Merlin.”

Merlin whirls around, knocking the poker over with a clatter. “Arthur,” he exclaims, leaping to his feet. “I mean, sire.” He wipes his hands on his trousers.

Arthur moves into the room, unfastens his belt and drops it on the table. “I wasn’t expecting this. How did you know we were back?”
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february 2012 by isweedan

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