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All Parts There Made One Prisoner
Kindkit wrote Thomas Nightengale/OMC-from-Ghosts-of-Ettersberg fic. And it is very sad/sweet tentacle sex. <33
kindkit  tentacles  length:short.1k-5k  riversoflondon  from twitter
august 2013 by isweedan
Ghosts of Ettersberg
A fic about what could have happened at Ettersberg (Rivers of London)

Work Text:

Thomas wakes from the silence of the dream to the silent house, and endures the usual momentary horror before the waking silence becomes natural and not uncanny. It's not even true silence, merely quiet, tempered by his ticking clock and the creaks of the Folly's old foundations. Thomas breathes deeply, remembering how to relax his locked throat and chest, which ache from unrealised screams. He never screams aloud during nightmares, although he can remember screeches and shouts echoing along hospital corridors and knows it isn't true of everyone.
kindkit  riversoflondon  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
december 2012 by isweedan

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