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Flesh of My Flesh
A peek at a canon-divergent AU where Vader finds out about Leia when she's 11 and takes her to Mustafar

Leia was not adopted. She was stolen in the middle of the night and registered to House Organa with forged papers. This was kidnapping, a class one felony, and her parents could be executed -- unless she returned voluntarily to her rightful father. Immediately.

A man called Grand Moff Tarkin explained this to Leia when she was eleven years old.
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november 2017 by isweedan
The Liars Club
3K of quite lovely fic where Natasha runs into matt and they eventally friends with benefits in v. nice way


Matt and Natasha have a lot in common. They have a flexible relationship with the truth, and people who hang out with them might get charged aiding and abetting a felony. Oh, and when they were ten, unscrupulous people trained them to fight in a mysterious war.
daredevil  natasha/matt  mcu  length:short.1k-5k  igrockspock  from twitter
march 2016 by isweedan
How to Win Friends and Influence People
"How to Win Friends and Influence People " Maria Hill's definition of job interview is different from other people's.
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september 2014 by isweedan
The Idiot's Guide to Dating Russian Assassins
Four people try to help Clint understand that Natasha wants to be more than friends. He doesn't listen to any of them
igrockspock  length:short.1k-5k  avengers  clint/natasha  from twitter
september 2014 by isweedan
Dating Older Men and Other Adventures in Growing Up
Darcy/Bruce excellence <3333


Bruce Banner is financially solvent, has good listening skills, and he doesn't leave dirty dishes out long enough to grown sentient mold. Darcy Lewis thinks he's a pretty big upgrade over her previous boyfriends. Of course, Bruce doesn't see things that way.
bruce/darcy  avengers  igrockspock  length:medium.5k-10k  from twitter
may 2014 by isweedan

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