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Eats, Shoots, and Leaves
I do not remember the Erlking like, AT ALL. So I should reread some Dresden Files books.

So the evening started out with me eying the Erlking's banquet table, the carved tokens that denoted the place of each guest, not seeing the snowflake-and-sword for the Winter Queen's Knight-emissary, and saying: "Am I sitting at the kid's table or what?"

The Erlking looked up from the head of the table, currently the only other figure in the hall. I'd gotten there early-- a survival tactic I'd picked up early into my Knighthood. Within the first two hours- early into my Knighthood. "I don't think I quite heard that, Knight."

I closed my eyes, reminded myself what could happen if I disobeyed Mab's orders to be on, and I quote, 'your best behavior, little one,' and tried again. "Mighty Jaegerkoenig, I mean no offense. But I can't find my goddamn seat."

He laughed, a rich bass sound. "Would I offend your Queen by giving her emissary less than the prize position?"

"" I guessed.

He pushed back, his massive oak chair sliding as lightly as balsa wood doll furniture on greased rails, and patted his thigh.

Aw crap.

I was Mab's Knight, one of the very few mortals privy to the political and social inner circles of the fae. I was unique, and exotic in my own way... and, you know, an unknown quantity. All Knights, I was told, went through this breaking-in period; the local bigwigs poked, prodded, teased, picked fights, and tried to get the new Knight in trouble. It would settle down soon, Toot-toot had reassured me. A decade, tops.

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