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Winner Take All
yecok wrote 5k of swimmer RPF gangbang after the 4x100 relay because sometimes the world is a nice place like that
length:medium.5k-10k  yekoc  swimmingrpf  GSF  from twitter
august 2016 by isweedan
Come On With The Rain
Post-rainstorm 1D gsf <333


They're all completely soaked by the time they get offstage in Bern.
GSF  oliviacirce  length:medium.5k-10k  onedirection  from twitter
october 2014 by isweedan
lazy_daze's fic of the boys taking care of Liam and his ~needs while his arm is in its cast is super great stuff
liampayne  length:medium.5k-10k  lazy_daze  GSF  onedirection  from twitter
september 2014 by isweedan
All or None
Liam has a bad night, and the lads take care of him as only they can. With a gangbang. (For the sex tears square)
mistresscurvy  length:medium.5k-10k  GSF  gangbang  onedirection  from twitter
august 2013 by isweedan
Show Work | Archive of Our Own
Charmingggggggg 1D fic "The Youth Branch of Magical and Fairy Tale Creatures and Beings Anonymous (Volume One)"


Sometimes trying to pass for human is hard. Monthly meetings of the Youth Branch of Magical and Fairy Tale Creatures and Beings Anonymous offers them the chance to be themselves, have an agenda, and work on some life goals. Just so long as Zayn can stop asking people to marry him after just one kiss, Harry can turn his Veela powers down, Louis can stop pre-emptively trying to usurp the god of mischief, and Niall can stop turning things into scythes. Liam just wants some orange squash and a biscuit.
sunsetmog  length:medium.5k-10k  GSF  werewolves  wingfic  veela  onedirection  from twitter
april 2013 by isweedan
autonomyanatomy: WIP Amnesty: Bandom: FOB Alt History not!fic
autonomyanatomy did a WIP Amnesty for an alt history fob fic of Ashlee in pete's stead. Intriguing and eventual gsf.
autonomyanatomy  fob  GSF  bandom  length:short.1k-5k  LJ  from twitter
september 2012 by isweedan
ladyfoxxx: Oh god the bunnies. So many bunnies.
lfoxxx's commentfic fills

Mikey/Gerard/Frank/Ray. Forced to share a bed :D
frank/gerard, huddling for warmth
Pete/Patrick/Mikey, bodyswap
gsf  frank/gerard/mikey/ray  mcr  bandom  frank/gerard  pete/patrick/mikey  bodyswap  ladyfoxxx  commentfic  length:short.1k-5k  LJ  from twitter
september 2012 by isweedan
Panic v3.0 GSF
"Way too early for gangbangs," Spencer says firmly, and goes back to sleep.
GSF  fictionalaspect  patd  bandom  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
january 2012 by isweedan
Theory and Practice (A Mikey-centric gangbang)
Ladyfoxxx wrote a gangbang for the commentfic meme - Mikey/Ray/Frank/Brian/Bob and it ends in group hugs. GROUP HUGS.

So inlovewithnight is running a gangbang commentfic meme and as has been proven many times in the past, I can't write commentfic. So here is just under 4k of actual fic, which doesn't even properly fill a prompt, because apparently I just REALLY NEEDED Mikey/Ray established relationship fic where Ray negotiates a gangbang for Mikey. Okay? I HAVE NEEDS.
ladyfoxxx  mcr  bandom  gsf  Mikey/Ray/Frank/Brian/Bob  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
december 2011 by isweedan
the one with the corset piercings
It's probably (definitely) a stupid decision. It's temporary, no one's going to be seeing it but him, and he'll be eating ramen for a month because of it. It's just - their record deal just seems like an event that needs to be commemorated, and Brendon can't think of a better way to do it than breaking the hell out of that fucktarded Levitican rule that his youth pastor always used to drag out, the one that supposedly bans tattoos and piercing or whatever. Because: fuck that shit.
patd  gsf  bandom  via:amisophe 
november 2011 by isweedan
isweedan's read log: "Hilarious and wonderful an…" «
Hilarious and wonderful and other posirive things! So, Jon Walker woke up one morning on the Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour missing, oh, say, about two and a half years of memory  bandom  patd  timetravel  amnesia  jon/brendon  spencer/jon  gsf  from twitter
april 2011 by isweedan
Fic: Plus One (Panic!GSF/Frank)
AU of an AU in the elf!verse. elf!Frank+Panic GSF. yayayayayayayayay :D
length:short.1k-5k  bandom  mcr  patd  gsf  frank/brendon/spencer/ryan/jon  elves  moku_youbi  from twitter
march 2011 by isweedan
just_katarin: Iridium is the Second Densest Substance on Earth (After Guys from Chicago) Master Post
Empires fic! With bonus panic boys.

Band(s): Empires, Chitown Hipsters (background Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is...)
Pairing(s): Sean/Tom, Nick/De'Mar (background Panic GSF and Pete/Ashlee, Bill/Tom and Tom/Butcher in the past)
Word Count: 25,000 words
Rating/Warnings: NC17
Summary: Tom's about to give up on having any sort of love life until a gorgeous guy named Sean drops off some photos at Tom's photography store to be developed. They find common ground when Tom finds out that Sean is his goddaughter's kindergarten teacher but Sean is oblivious to Tom's crush. (Also includes Nick Scimeca overcoming his "No homo" motto to realize his feelings for his roommate, De'Mar.)
empires  patd  bandom  sean/tom  nick/de'mar  gsf  pete/ashlee  from twitter
march 2011 by isweedan
Everyone Should Write Ray As A Cockslut (Here's Why)
GSF chatfic! Everyone Should Write Ray As A Cockslut (Here's Why) One guess what I was searching delicious for, lol.

I'd like to see Ray and Mikey making out, with Bob spooned behind Mikey, kissing his neck and stroking his hip. Frank and Gerard stumble into the room making out, not knowing anyone is in there. Everyone stops for a minute, a little uncomfortable, but then Mikey whines and Bob keeps his eyes on Gerard and Frank when he goes back to touching and tasting. Ray moans and kisses Mikey deeply, and then Frank shrugs and pushes Gerard down on the bed, straddling him and kissing him hard and fast.
cockslut  mcr  gsf  bandom  from twitter
march 2011 by isweedan
ink_like_blood: Used GSF chatfic with gigantic, NC-MFing-17
More Used GSF! Chatfic this time. Lol me. Reading on a theme.

Ceej: i totally and completely agree with more Jepha/Bert. i -- okay, it's like near impossible not to end up in a GSF place with this band, so i was thinking about Jepha being submissive for Dan, and Jepha likes to get fucked, right? But I was imagining scenarios where Bert and Quinn find out about Dan and Jepha's kinky relationship and they're actually fascinated by it, and when Dan sees that he mentions to Jepha that Bert totally wants to see Jepha's kinky side instead of just hearing about it. He's curious -- hasn't Jepha ever noticed? And then Dan says he thinks he'd like to see Jepha submit for Bert, but then it actually leads to thing happening in a way where Jepha being submissive for Dan during the GSF actually means that Jepha fucks Bert while Dan and Quinn watch.
theused  gsf  chatfic  from twitter
march 2011 by isweedan
Garden of Unearthly Delights and Minor Fuck-ups
The Used GSF "Garden of Unearthly Delights and Minor Fuck-ups"

In Jepha Howard's embarrassingly broad experience, fetish clubs come in 'far too fucking warm' and 'unbelievably cold' without much variation between. Last time he came to this night – Torture Garden, London, expensive and finicky about the dress code – it was the former; a bar with no air-con in August, full of very, very sweaty goths and the roof terrace so packed it was almost worse despite being outside. And he'd gotten laid, which made the experience somewhat worth it, and had even balanced out the weeks and weeks of digs from his band about him coming home at 6am, walking the bandy-legged walk of someone whose ass has been whipped too hard for him to risk normal movement.
cbt  gsf  spanking  sensorydeprivation  theused  from twitter
march 2011 by isweedan
A Night in Paris - mcr gsf
mcr gsf in paris

It’s not like Gerard’s got anything against orgasms. You’d have to be a twisted and wrong kind of person to be anti-orgasm. It would be like being anti-coffee, or anti-music; just completely fucked in the head. That being said, orgasms are sort of an anywhere, all the time deal, and when you’re touring you only get a few free hours in most places. This probably isn’t a good use of time. The guys don’t seem to agree though.

“We are enjoying Paris,” Mikey says, lips glistening. Gerard doubts that. Sure their room has a view, but Mikey’s on his knees, it’s unlikely he can see the window from his position.

“I just think-”

“Come on man. Paris is like the city of love, right? Clearly Mikey sucking my dick is a form of love.”
t8650098  anon_lovefest  mcr  gsf  bandom  from twitter
february 2011 by isweedan
Saving the Vorwuls since 3289 - And the Embers Never Fade
AMAZEBALLS FIC wherin mikeyway is injured while outrunning dracs and rescued by Bob the mechanic who drives a pink jeep and he is slowly drawn in by the killjoys and all the times they threaten his life and then there are complications and drama and it is GREAT
gsf  mcr  bandom  killjoys 
january 2011 by isweedan
fictionalaspect: FIC: All In, Panic GSF, NC-17
The cabin era gsf with the challenges on slips of paper. and the watersports.
bandom  gsf  patd 
december 2010 by isweedan
fictionalaspect: Honor Amongst ThievesBrendon/Spencer/Rya
The most delightfully awkward jerk-off-don't-come-first contest ever to be that hot. OH BOYS.
brendon/ryan/spencer  gsf  pwp  patd  bandom 
november 2010 by isweedan
okay, technically I'm a serial killer -
the ELF AU that leads to panic gsf! :D
patd  mcr  au  bandom  gsf 
november 2010 by isweedan
dsudis: TTT Fic: Burn Up in Love Love Love (1/2)
Summary: Miss you miss you miss you.

Burn Up in Love Love Love

Jon was pretty sure that the first time he said anything about it was in an interview, which would have been a shitty way to do it if it had been a big thing. And maybe he'd been thinking of it as kind of a big thing, because that whole interview was a blank--just a blur of heat and blinding light, like the first few he'd done with the band. Afterward he couldn't remember anything but nodding and smiling and the word Chicago in his own mouth. So he was pretty sure he'd said it, and after that everyone definitely knew, even though he couldn't remember ever saying to Ryan or to Brendon or to Spencer that he was going home to Chicago at the end of the tour.

It was obvious, anyway. Jon lived in Chicago. Jon had an apartment in Chicago. His cat was there. His family was there. When Jon went home, he went home to Chicago. That made sense.
bandom  gangbang  gsf  patd 
october 2010 by isweedan
stephanometra: [bandom] FIC: "Spoils of War," Panic GSF, NC17
Brendon's Birthday. He wants a sexy present. Where *did* his Journey shirt end up?
patd  gsf  bandom  gangbang 
october 2010 by isweedan
"BAMF in a jumper." - sosodirty fic the first!
Summary: Contrary to what Brendon strongly believes is popular belief, Ryan Ross is truly a sadistic bastard.
Disclaimer: Don't own, just like to play.
Warnings: Hardcore fucking, my friends. Multiple-object penetration
gsf  patd  pwp  bandom  doublepenetration 
october 2010 by isweedan
shacklesnchains: But Not The Song: index post
The epic boys in cages slavefic pan-bandom AU. AWESOME delicious slavefic.
emilyenrose  ignipes  GSF  bandom  patd  slavefic  length:epic.100k-  tai  mcr  thecab 
august 2010 by isweedan
It was this, or edit the damn things. - Ride Roughshod (1/3)
Patrick Stump/Chris Gaylor/Frank Iero/Jepha Howard
~17,000 words
Summary: Fall Out Boy, with Martin Stump on vocals, is a pretty big deal. His twin brother Patrick's band, Roughshod, is just as amazing onstage, but offstage there is naught but sexual tension. Until one fateful day...
aar  bandom  fob  gsf  mcr  patrick/chris/frank/jepha  theused 
may 2010 by isweedan
emilyray: Ficlet: Time Travel (Then We'll Talk)
The one where the band travels back in time one by one to tell Brendon that no, really he should really start talking to Brent. And Brendon is a woobie of adorbsness
timetravel  patd  crack  gsf  fluff  bandom 
may 2010 by isweedan
Come On In the Water's Warm - mahoni - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Bob and Mikey get bodyswapped. Naturally this leads to an awesome concert, followed by group sex. *o/*
gsf  bodyswap  bobbryar  frankiero  gerardway  mikeyway  raytoro  bandom  mcr 
march 2010 by isweedan
7iris: Fic: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
I totally had no idea I needed MCR GSF which included Mikey/Gerard fisting until this.
gsf  sexpollen  mcr  bandom 
march 2010 by isweedan

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