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All Our Stars Aligned (Put Love On Hold)
This 133k Pete/Patrick Regency AU really is as well done as everyone says it is.


Teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, Patrick starts playing cards at gaming hells to make ends meet. So far, he's managing, but when he meets Lord Highleyton, London's favourite disgrace, things start to unravel at an alarming rate - until Patrick ends up betting the last thing he has to offer: himself. Pete just wants to help, but he soon finds he might be doing more harm than good.

We'd say this is a shameless Regency AU of the Mills and Boon variety, but the truth is we are very ashamed.
regency  length:epic.100k-  pete/patrick  bandom  fob  tai  cobrastarship  mcr  xaritomene  xyrsomou  from twitter
september 2014 by isweedan
Cross My Heart, Cross My Fingers
Patrick gets turned into a vampire! Time for a Hiatus! And then the band reforms! And THEN pete/patrick happens.
length:medium.5k-10k  melusina  vampires  pete/patrick  fob  bandom  from twitter
april 2013 by isweedan
Pas de Loup
Psychic soulbonded wolves gave them an excuse to do it. Pete/gabe
pete/gabe  length:short.1k-5k  cobrastarship  fob  bandom  inlovewithnight  from twitter
april 2013 by isweedan
This is a pete/travie first-time fic by Alperatz and it is a joy and a pleasure to read <333333
alpheratz  pete/travie  length:short.1k-5k  bandom  fob  gch  from twitter
march 2013 by isweedan
The Hot Neighbor - inlovewithnight - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
This is a fic about fob getting back together for studio time. But also Pete blowing Butch Walker.
inlovewithnight  length:short.1k-5k  bandom  fob  pete/butch  from twitter
february 2013 by isweedan
melusina | Fall Out Boy recs
fleete_footed is looking for Fall Out Boy recs. Here are a few of my favorites, in a variety of tropes. (You'll see that I have a shipping preference - if you're looking for something besides Pete/Patrick, I'm not going to be much help!)
reclist  fob  bandom  melusina 
february 2013 by isweedan
Back to Where We Started From - melusina - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
pete/patrick celebratory kiss trope ficlet by melusina set during save rock and roll recording!
pete/patrick  bandom  fob  length:short.-1k  melusina  from twitter
february 2013 by isweedan
Fair Play
Pete/Gabe CBT and then also role reversal by alpheratz <333333

Gabe's really into this thing they're trying. That means they should try it again.
alpheratz  length:short.1k-5k  pete/gabe  fob  cobrastarship  from twitter
february 2013 by isweedan
inlovewithnight | fic: "a constellation of tears on your lashes" (bandom)
Pete isn't on the list, which hurts. The desk attendant calls Gerard when he asks, though, and Gerard agrees that he can go in, so that's... something.

The place is nicer than he imagined it. It's good that he didn't even try to visit the first week, when Mikey was in the hospital psych ward in San Francisco. This is a private facility. Much better. Much less scary. Mikey's room is painted a gentle blue, and the furniture is brightly-colored and soft. It's like a hotel and a hospital room had a baby.
inlovewithnight  locked  bandom  petewentz  mikeyway  fob  mcr  length:short.1k-5k 
february 2013 by isweedan
what you did in the dark
Pete/Gabe Star Trek fusionnnnnnnn <33333

A Star Trek fusion. In which Gabe is half-Klingon, Pete is half-faily, and they fall for each other.
inlovewithnight  startrek  pete/gabe  length:short.1k-5k  bandom  cobrastarship  fob  from twitter
february 2013 by isweedan
The Problem I Want To Have
pete/aag!patrick friends to lovers is a good thing to read on a day FOB returns! Good times <3

Tricia’s heard the jokes all the guys make, and she’s worked hard never to be that girl. She’s not going to do anything that could screw up the band. And she’s not going to be Pete Wentz’s fucking girlfriend.
melusina  pete/patrick  fob  bandom  length:medium.10k-20k  from twitter
february 2013 by isweedan
Team Alicia
"Team Alicia" by lalejandra was a thing I really needed to read yesterday.
lalejandra  petewentz  mikeyway  aliciaway  length:short.-1k  mcr  fob  bandom  DELETED  from twitter
january 2013 by isweedan
Full Frontal Assault
Patrick's determined escalation in his courtship/pursuit of Pete is such a thing to read <3
pete/patrick  length:short.1k-5k  fob  ladyfoxxx  bandom  from twitter
january 2013 by isweedan
Typically to Express Affection
SPLENDIDLY written pete/patrick by alpheratz. for no_tags

Five conversation Pete and Patrick had over the years.
pete/patrick  length:medium.5k-10k  alpheratz  bandom  fob  from twitter
january 2013 by isweedan
a futuristic dystopian AU for the no_tags prompt: Pete/Gabe, amnesia
bandom  fob  cobrastarship  pete/gabe  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
january 2013 by isweedan
is your button fly a metaphor
Required no_tags reading WONDERFULNESS. Pete/Mikey summer-of-like.
rivers_bend  pete/mikey  bandom  summeroflike  fob  mcr  from twitter
january 2013 by isweedan
I apologize for any skipping tracks
"Gabe/sub!Pete After their first scene." - doms need aftercare too - by lalejandra
lalejandra  bandom  pete/gabe  length:short.1k-5k  fob  cobrastarship  DELETED  from twitter
january 2013 by isweedan
bandomstuffsit: Love is a binding force: gift for inlovewithnight
Pete communes with a copper frog. It's possible he's having a sort of crisis. Gabe, on the other hand, is sure of it.
bandom  pete/gabe  fob  cobrastarship  length:short.1k-5k  anon  from twitter
january 2013 by isweedan
bandomstuffsit: Like two birds of a feather would be: gift for sunsetmog
YEP, that new Pete/Mikey was awesome. Bonus Frank being Frank <33333

Mikey had gotten himself comfortable under the table, cloth hanging down to hide him from view when a pair of leopard print sneakers paused outside his hiding place. The owner of the feet hunkered down and peered under the table.

“Dude,” he said. “What are you doing hiding here? There's party games.”

Mikey raised an eyebrow. “There's party games.”

The only thing he could see of the guy was his eyes, dark between the Santa hat and the fake beard. They dimmed slightly.

“Oh,” he said. “Okay.”
length:medium.5k-10k  pete/mikey  bandom  fob  mcr  anon  from twitter
december 2012 by isweedan
bandomstuffsit: By Foot It's a Slow Climb (1/2): gift for romanticalgirl
Gabe was happily unattached and married to his company, and then one day he ordered coffee. (A Pete/Gabe stuffsit)
anon  bandom  fob  cobrastarship  pete/gabe  length:medium.10k-20k  from twitter
december 2012 by isweedan
Not Like Tremors
Mikey/Pete PWP with breathplay by alpheratz

Pete would give Mikey anything, and take anything away if Mikey asked him to, and if it's his breath, then that's what Pete has to do.
alpheratz  pete/mikey  length:short.1k-5k  bandom  fob  mcr  from twitter
november 2012 by isweedan
If you're gonna get me off, you've got to love me deep
Gabe has A++ friends who come visit to give her hugs (and other things) after a breakup w/erin. (mikey, pete, travie)
gabe/travie  mikey/pete  travie/gabe/mikey/pete  bandom  gch  fob  mcr  length:short.1k-5k  lalejandra  DELETED  from twitter
november 2012 by isweedan
Playing With Lightning
"Gabe is trying to take things slow. Sex pollen is not helping."
inlovewithnight  length:medium.5k-10k  pete/gabe  fob  cobrastarship  bandom  sexpollen  from twitter
november 2012 by isweedan
I've Swallowed Your House Keys
Mikey and Alicia take Pete home with them and take care of him. This fic is like a warm blanket in cold weather <3

Mikey comes across Pete while walking Piglet in the park. The first time, Mikey pretends he didn't see him. The second time, he awkwardly waves. The third time, he's worried Pete thinks Mikey's stalking him, so they make awkward conversation and Mikey figures out that Pete’s homeless. And the fourth time, he and Alicia collect him from the park.
length:long.20k-50k  mikey/alicia  pete/mikey/alicia  bandom  fob  mcr  alpheratz  inlovewithnight  from twitter
november 2012 by isweedan
Oh baby let me in
part 2 of the numb!mikey verse is waybros/pete and it is just. so. awesome.

A few years down the road, Mikey and Pete reconnect. (Porny coda to Can't Touch My Brother.)
alpheratz  bandom  mcr  fob  gerard/mikey  gerard/mikey/pete  length:medium.5k-10k  from twitter
october 2012 by isweedan
Truth and Consequences
Lovely early days Pete and Patrick and talking and truth asking.

Pete and Patrick are currently playing what he's sure is the world's longest-running game of Truth-or-Dare. They started playing approximately four minutes after setting out on their first tour. Approximately four hours after that, Andy put the kibosh on the "or-Dare" part, on the grounds that "I'm not signing on to be in this band if the two of you are determined to get each other killed."
girlpearl  bandom  fob  pete/patrick  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
october 2012 by isweedan
Recs - Where are my pants
pete/patrick rec-list

part one
part two
part three: anon!fic
part four: comment!fic
part five: primers and picspams
part six: bandombigbang
part seven
pete/patrick  reclist  bandom  fob 
october 2012 by isweedan
romantical | Last of the tropes meme ficlets. O_________O
Romantical's trope meme ficlets, including a lovely gerard and mikey huddling for warmth one. <3

It’s not like they did it on purpose.”

Mikey squints at Gerard over his glasses. “Of course they did.”

“The guys wouldn’t do that.”

“They’re currently in a hotel room that they’re now sharing between three people instead of five. A hotel room that they registered under a code name. That they didn’t tell us.”
romantical  Ficlet  mcr  tai  cobrastarship  fob  bandom  length:short.1k-5k  waybros  from twitter
september 2012 by isweedan
autonomyanatomy: WIP Amnesty: Bandom: FOB Alt History not!fic
autonomyanatomy did a WIP Amnesty for an alt history fob fic of Ashlee in pete's stead. Intriguing and eventual gsf.
autonomyanatomy  fob  GSF  bandom  length:short.1k-5k  LJ  from twitter
september 2012 by isweedan
impertinence: the stupid high school au where hardly anyone's gay: mikey, pete, and alicia
Mikey meets Pete and Alicia, who are a couple. Cue awkward fumbling-toward-a-threesome shenanigans.
bandom  mcr  fob  pete/mikey/alicia  impertinence  length:short.1k-5k 
september 2012 by isweedan
impertinence: Fic: Housewarming, Pete/Mikey/Alicia, Adult

“Um,” Pete said, because Mikey didn't generally answer the door naked.

“Oh, hey,” Mikey said. He looked over his shoulder. “Pete's here.”

Sharpie-colored nails crept down Mikey's chest, fingers wrapping around his cock. Alicia's face appeared over Mikey's shoulder. “Hi,” she said, jacking Mikey off casually. “Close the door, would you? I think there are laws.”

Pete blinked at them. His brain wasn't really working: door? What door?
pete/mikey/alicia  mcr  bandom  impertinence  fob  length:short.1k-5k  DELETED 
september 2012 by isweedan
Waiting For Duke Nukem Forever
10k+ of asexual!mikey fic, most of which takes place during summer of like. love love love love love

Mikey has always known.

It's just something that is, the way he looks at people and he likes them and thinks they're pretty, but can't seem to translate that into wanting someone. For the most part, Mikey just takes it at face value because there's nothing weird about it in his mind. He's fifteen the first time he actually realizes that it matters to other people that he just doesn't feel anything particularly strong for people. Or rather: it matters to people who other people are attracted to and you have to be attracted to someone.
kisforkurama  mikeyway  mikey/pete  summeroflike  bandom  fob  mcr  length:medium.10k-20k  from twitter
september 2012 by isweedan
Dirty Little Secret
"Bill doesn't need it all the time. But when he does need it, he really needs it." Bill/Gabe/Pete Humiliation. Also bjs a+++
pete/gabe/william  melusina  bandom  tai  cobrastarship  fob  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
september 2012 by isweedan
ladyfoxxx: This Is How It Could Have Happened (Pete/Mikey Summer Of Like snippet)
500 words of summer of like pete/mikey by lfoxxx :D :DDD

It's so hot Mikey's pretty sure he can hear the grass wilting. Every few minutes he has to shift sideways, chasing shadow across the ground, dirt and stones digging into his shoulder blades.
pete/mikey  summeroflike  bandom  fob  mcr  length:short.-1k  ladyfoxxx  lj  from twitter
september 2012 by isweedan
Spin the Wheel of the Year (Close Your Eyes and Point)
The new Vampire Detective story is Pete/Mikey and is full of CONFUSING HIJINKS and [spoilery things]
pete/mikey  jjtaylor  length:medium.5k-10k  bandom  mcr  fob  from twitter
september 2012 by isweedan
everything for you but disappointment
Pete and Gabe taking little friends-to-lovers steps in montreal. I love themmmmmmmmmm

Inspired by Gabe's self-described lonely/bored glamour shots to Twitter from his Montreal hotel room in August 2012.
inlovewithnight  length:short.1k-5k  cobrastarship  fob  bandom  pete/gabe  from twitter
september 2012 by isweedan
the trick of finding what you didn't lose
Patrick gets involved with Brendon and Spencer on the Really Well Dressed tour but also ALL the Pete/Patrick feels
girlpearl  melusina  bandom  fob  patd  length:medium.10k-20k  brendon/spencer  brendon/spencer/patrick  from twitter
august 2012 by isweedan
bandom_ships: Mikey/Pete Manifesto [Turned Primer]
The Summer of LikeLove
Mikey/Pete Manifesto Turned Primer
bandom  fob  mcr  pete/mikey  primer 
august 2012 by isweedan
Buddy System - Gorgeous Nerd (gorgeousnerd) - Bandom, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
patrick/spencer pretend dating that is sweet and adorable <33


Playing shows solo is one thing. Going to bars solo is something else entirely.
gorgeousnerd  bandom  patd  fob  pretenddating  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
august 2012 by isweedan
a fish hook, an open eye
The first time was a mess, and Pete doesn't know if people like them get second chances.
inlovewithnight  bandom  fob  cobrastarship  length:medium.5k-10k  pete/gabe  from twitter
august 2012 by isweedan
Just a Line In A Song
Gerard/Patrick and phonecalls from the Paramore and empathy from Pstump <33333
turps33  gerard/patrick  bandom  mcr  fob  length:short.-1k  from twitter
june 2012 by isweedan
what we talk about when we don't talk about it - inlovewithnight - Bandom, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship [Archive of Our Own]
Pete and Gabe being bad at BDSM but so good at being themselvessssss inlovwithnight's talent <3

Just because Gabe loves him doesn't mean he's always going to stick the landing.
inlovewithnight  pete/gabe  bandom  fob  cobrastarship  length:medium.5k-10k  puppyplay  from twitter
june 2012 by isweedan
stay down - lalejandra - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Travie and Gabe taking care of pete <3

When Night posted a btfln to Twitter, I replied to say my favorite thing about the picture is that Bill is wearing Pete's collar -- i.e., the bat-heart necklace Bill wore for ages. Then I said...

octette I really want a story about that, I think. Abt when Bill takes it off, & maybe abt Pete realizing he doesn't want to dom.

Then I wrote a little bit of it. o/?
lalejandra  bandom  fob  tai  gch  pete/gabe/travie  length:short.-1k  DELETED  from twitter
april 2012 by isweedan
Up The Line
WWI AMBULANCE DRIVER WAYS. With sapper!frank. And and and <3_____<3 Alicia/mway WEDDING SEQUEL.
tabulaxrasa  bandom  mcr  fob  patd  wwi  length:long.50k-100k  from twitter
april 2012 by isweedan
The Ridiculous One that Takes Place during Warped and Ray's a Little Kid - Sena - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Have 3500 words of cracked out Warped Tour 2005, complete with age regression and talking cupcakes and Time Lords. There's some Mikey/Pete and some Mikey/Ray pre-slash, but mostly this is Ray and Frank friendship gen. And Ray's six years old. And Frank's straight. *hands*

There is also a were-bunny.
sena  mcr  fob  bandom  length:short.1k-5k  raytoro  from twitter
april 2012 by isweedan
Not Always Doing Business (But We're Always Open) - Anonymous - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Pete, William, and Gabe shopping at walmart for toys. And so FUNNY.

Post-Super Bowl parties, Gabe needs to buy presents for his favorite Beckett and Wentz (...Genevieve and Bronx, respectively. Sorry, dudes.)
inlovewithnight  length:short.1k-5k  cobrastarship  fob  tai  bandom  from twitter
april 2012 by isweedan
The John Hughes School of Romance - Nokomis - Bandom, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
pete/mikey summer of like The John Hughes School of Romance

Mikey Way was definitely Pete’s favorite thing about Warped Tour.

“Definitely Mikey Way,” he announced to the bus at large.

“God, Pete, you can’t tell an interviewer that,” Patrick bitched from the lounge. His headphones were around his neck as he took a break in creating shit that made Pete want to live inside his brain to lead the band in a group discussion of what they would and wouldn’t say during the interview. (Pete thought that the discussion was unfairly directed towards him.)
pete/mikey  summeroflike  bandom  mcr  fob  nokomis  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
march 2012 by isweedan
Suddenly Last Summer (1/2) Bandom
Summer of Like OWNS MY HEART. romantical wrote it so well <3

Mikey doesn't like to think that he's avoiding his brother, but when it comes down to it, that's exactly what he's doing. Gerard is completely sober, more than 100 percent, if that's possible, so the last thing Mikey wants to do is be around him like this, fucked up and buzzing on something someone gave him backstage. Whatever it is, it's fucking awesome, because Mikey can feel the blood in his veins moving, chugging along at its own rhythm, and he can't help but move to it, swaying in the dark out of the range of the fire that someone has going between a couple of buses.
mcr  fob  pete/mikey  summeroflike  romantical  bandom  length:medium.10k-20k  from twitter
march 2012 by isweedan
run for ur life & take all that u can. xo. - lalejandra - Fall Out Boy, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
FOB hxc AU. With WEREWOLVES. Told partly in lj-entries and twitter convos and with a delightful pack dynamic.

In which FOB never broke up -- but they're a hxc band. Also they're a werewolf pack. Hey, it happens.
pete/patrick  lalejandra  werewolves  bandom  fob  length:medium.5k-10k  DELETED  from twitter
march 2012 by isweedan
We Walk the Streets at Night (we go where eagles dare) - Pennyplainknits - Bandom, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Pete/Mikey college AU of adorbs wher pete keeps being a bit of a failbot and mikey keeps giving him chances <3

Shit, Pete realises, he doesn't even know if Mikey goes to school here. He knows pretty much nothing about him other than that he likes British punk and Star Wars and superheroes and had a unicorn patch on his black denim jacket, and is kind of perfect, and, god, Pete is such an idiot.
pennyplainknits  length:medium.5k-10k  pete/mikey  bandom  mcr  fob  from twitter
march 2012 by isweedan
sing me a rainbow, steal me a dream
Powerful and beautifully written current-day pete/ryan Love the Ryan voice on this so much.

All of a sudden, Ryan has all these feelings he's never had before -- regrets, wishes, desires, and an overwhelming sense that he's a fucking asshole, but no clue how to change, or what to change into.

lalejandra  length:medium.5k-10k  bandom  pete/ryan  patd  fob  DELETED  from twitter
march 2012 by isweedan
Linework - inlovewithnight - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Pete/Travie kinky gen.

For the prompt "Travis/anyone - Travis doesn't need to raise his voice to be in complete control"
pete/travie  bandom  fob  gch  inlovewithnight  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
march 2012 by isweedan
romantical | FICLET: Fate and Fortune Cookies (1/1) Bandom
Pete has a new girlfriend, Mikey goes over ecause he looks hour for his friend and stuff <3
pete/courtney  bandom  mcr  fob  tai  romantical  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
march 2012 by isweedan
Knitters Aren't Quitters
Pete knits mikey things and sends them anon. I totes want to see mikey in that kitty ear hat.
knitting  pete/mikey  fob  mcr  bandom  cincodemaygirl  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
february 2012 by isweedan
#29 - A Different Way to Walk
Pete/Mikey/Alicia fic you make me so happy!sad <3333333333333
turps33  pete/mikey/alicia  bandom  mcr  fob  length:medium.5k-10k  from twitter
february 2012 by isweedan
Pete/Patrick fill for size kink & fat admiration that is written so well but the angst slays my heartttttt ;___;
roebling  fob  pete/patrick  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
january 2012 by isweedan
romantical | FICLET: Sink Your Teeth In - Bandom
pete/mikey biting/marking :D

He never knows when it’s going to happen, even when they’re lying on a bed together, naked and sated or naked and ready or somewhere in between. Pete doesn’t give prelude. He doesn’t nuzzle or lick or breathe against his neck, bite his shoulder or jaw in warning. He just is suddenly there, his teeth sinking into the side of Mikey’s throat, holding him while he sucks.
romantical  pete/mikey  bandomkinkfest  fob  mcr  bandom  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
january 2012 by isweedan
Walk of Fame
Mikey rocking that walk of shame back to his bus from pete's -
summeroflike  pete/mikey  fob  mcr  bandom  length:short.1k-5k  bandomkinkfest  bohemeyourself  from twitter
january 2012 by isweedan
knight_tracer | Beginners Bandom Podfic List
This Beginners Bandom Podfic List is RADDDDDD

I've talked before about how I got into bandom by way of podfic. Yesterday, fire_juggler saw that I'd finished my MCR Epic Discipline and Punish (coming in at 18 hours long) and decided to dip into bandom.

There are LOTS of bandom primers out there, (frank/gerard, mcr, panic!, general) but I wanted to put together a beginners bandom podfic primer/rec list. I am NOT going to apologise for personal bias - I have not listened to all the bandom podfic in the universe (though I've listened to a lot). Feel free to make your own heading and rec in comments - eg. Ryan/Spencer or gen or Mikey/Gerard. Also, feel free to point out bandom podfic 'essentials' you think I missed. I am going to allow people to add suggestions in comments that I will then add to the post for 24-48 hours depending on responses.
bandom  mcr  patd  fob  podfic  primer  reclist  resource  knight_tracer  from twitter
january 2012 by isweedan
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