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We Fit So Neatly
Stiles and Derek endangered dragon sanctuary AU


When Stiles is thirteen years old, he falls in love.

She’s over ten feet tall, with gray-green leathery skin and a plump, yellow belly, bright purple eyes and an ungainly wingspan that makes her topple when she spreads them open too wide.

In the time it takes for the dragon to bury her too-warm muzzle in the palm of his hand, Stiles knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Her handler is gruff, dark-haired, wide-shouldered, and scowling down at him. He’s got a burn scar running down the outside of one forearm, and the flight vest open at his throat reveals an angry red claw mark on his collarbone.

Stiles maybe falls a little bit in love with him, too.
skoosiepants  teenwolf  derek/stiles  length:short.1k-5k  dragons  from twitter
may 2016 by isweedan
my wings a hurricane
a front-heavy but rather fun fic that combines pacific rim reality breaches with DRAGON RIDERS.
kellifer_fic  length:long.20k-50k  teenwolf  derek/stiles  dragons  from twitter
january 2015 by isweedan
King and Dragonheart
In which hobbit and dwarves bond to temeraire-style dragons (also a/b/o?)

"I want to go home," Myrtle wailed loudly the moment Bilbo picked his way up the gravel slope to the Ereborean dragon pens.
manic_intent  hobbit  length:long.50k-100k  bilbo/thorin  temeraireAU  dragons  from twitter
march 2014 by isweedan
How to tame your dragon
Sorcerer!Sherlock sets out to trap himself a dragon. This turns out far more interesting than he initially anticipated.
sherlock/john  sherlock  length:medium.10k-20k  dragons  from twitter
january 2012 by isweedan
Gold Rider
Tony Stark: Dragonrider of Pern. Yes, it is THAT AWESOME.
length:medium.10k-20k  avengers  pern  dragons  Steve/Tony  from twitter
april 2011 by isweedan
Enchanted Forest fic! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

A breeze gusted through the crack in the doorframe. The candle flame blew out.

Drat, thought Shiara. It had been a full 12 hours since she’d left Daystar and the castle, and usually her store of politeness had worn out by then. Plus, she’d had some trouble with dinner – cooking frustration often led to a lot of magic use and then (or during) a lot of cursing at anyone and anything that happened to be in the vicinity – so she was pretty sure she’d lost control of her power again.

And it wasn’t like she could just go get a new candle. She was only using a candle at all because she couldn’t leave this cupboard or Kazul would find her and ask for something, and THEN how would she finish her book? What was the point of having such an amazing library if one was never given enough time to USE it?
EnchantedForest  Shiara  dragons  length:short.-1k  purimgifts  from twitter
march 2011 by isweedan

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