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Under Ether - Lunik - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Bwahahaha yessss. The one where Darcy has to watch Loki while he's high on painkillers. And they bond.

Some days Darcy loved being the Avengers' odd job girl. She was still technically an intern, which meant she would never get saddled with any of the odd jobs that decided who lived and died, or any job which put her life in danger. She got all the cool jobs, like sourcing kitten calendars for the green anger monster, or overseeing trick arrow research and development. Awesome.

Other jobs were less awesome. For example, if the Avengers managed to capture an incredibly dangerous trickster god, a god who looked like he'd been through some kind of mincing machine and were forced to pump him full of painkillers... it somehow became Darcy's problem. As in, her entire job became about checking in on him and assessing whether he was lucid enough to be interrogated and/or arrested.

Darcy would be annoyed, except that Loki on painkillers was hilarious.
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december 2011 by isweedan
Loki/Darcy, Kinkmeme made them do it
I am not even finished READING this and I am so full of love I must share

When the Avengers RPF kinkmeme happens, Darcy is all over that shit.

So, it turns out, is Loki.

THey bond over the crack and the pr0n and somehow, end up meeting up - epic WTF and hot metatextual sex ensues.
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november 2011 by isweedan

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