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All these people sneering “well how would YOU have done it better?” to people who hated TLJ like there isn’t a simple answer–focus on the stormtroopers.
reactionpost  thelastjedi  StarWars 
2 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13042182)
Tiny Power Bottom Steve Rogers: A Fisting Story Is EXACTLY what it says it is!
from twitter
4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13185411)
Post-Ragnorak magic lessons, secrets, betrayal, more secrets, questionable science, operatic space adventures, etc
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4 days ago
Untitled (http://archiveofourown.org/works/12142005/chapters/27548412)
Obi-Wan Kenobi has a vision of the future, and tries to change it while elsewhere Ben Kenobi dies. unfinished wip
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4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13051185)
Lacey would really appreciate not being woken up by Pip looking for rent money day after day. Time Loop!
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4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13135581)
This 17776 fic about Voyager 2 completing their missing was v. feelsy!
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4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/12994893)
"a romance between an Icelandic bartender and a Greenland shark selkie"
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4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13237899)
Being good in bed is not synonymous with being strong in the Force, or with being good at sex. Dammit. Han/Luke/Leia
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4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13228860)
The One Where Magister Pavus And Ashkaari Join The Inquisition (bull as a sweet vashoth boy is just! !)
from twitter
4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13194090)
An Exploration of how the First Order’s tailors attend to Dark Queen Rey Bless their hearts
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4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13271967)
Tony Stark plays porn chicken against supersoldiers, and loses. Twice.
from twitter
4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13125069)
The pure delight that is the tentacle-alien pov side of that splendid human/alien budycop mystery
from twitter
4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/12287814)
Mr. Bennet is actually a timetraveler from the 1990s, who ends up in Regency England and profoundly hates it v silly
from twitter
4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/12379401Mansfield)
Five Times Mary Crawford Kisses an Aviatrix Park & Temeraire crossover
from twitter
4 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13022109)
freakydeaky implanted false memories investigation leads to h/d
from twitter
4 days ago
dirtynumbangelboy - magpie_fngrl - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
After Harry’s unfortunate encounter with his ex, Draco Malfoy makes him a proposition. Draco wants his parents to stop matchmaking him and Harry wants to make his ex jealous. All they need to do is simply pretend they’re in love. Problem is… Draco already is.
HarryPotter  draco/harry  length:long.20k-50k  magpie_fngrl  pretenddating 
6 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/works/13385670)
Force-sensative Finn has been seeing ghosts his whole life
from twitter
6 days ago
The Unreformed Mr Darcy - LinMeiWei - Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen [Archive of Our Own]
What if Elizabeth Bennet had accepted Mr Darcy's proposal in Kent? What if they married before he stopped being the proud, arrogant man she detested? What if, in order to avoid the ruin of her beloved sister, Elizabeth chose to swallow her pride and say yes to a pre-reform Darcy?

Mr Bingley has left Netherfield, and in his stead a rich but unscrupulous man takes residence of the manor. While Elizabeth is in Kent, visiting her recently married friend Charlotte, she receives letters, which tell her how Jane is soon to be wed to a man Elizabeth can't stand. And then, unbelievably, Mr Darcy, the last man in the world she would ever choose to marry, proposes to her. If she accepts, she could introduce Jane to all the eligible men in England, and rescue her from the clutches of despair. Even if the man offering, has just insulted her entire family and seems to assume that now that he has proposed, he must be accepted. Elizabeth longs to put him in his place, but thoughts of rescuing Jane make her do something that will change the course of her life forever...
prideandprejudice  linmeiwei  elizabeth/darcy  length:long.50k-100k 
10 days ago
Stranded with Mr Darcy - LinMeiWei - Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen [Archive of Our Own]
That awkward moment when you tell a guy he's the last man in the world you'd ever be prevailed on to marry, and then you get stuck with him on a deserted island...

This is Pride and Prejudice if it had happened in 1816 (which it didn't) and if Mr Bingley had returned to Longbourn and asked Jane to marry him after Elizabeth's stay in Kent. Mr Bingley marries Jane, and the two set off for a honeymoon, with Elizabeth for company. Except that the ship they take to get across the channel belongs to and is captained by Mr Darcy. And then the weather goes berserk, the ship is wrecked and everybody nearly dies.

And the next thing they know, Elizabeth and Darcy are alone. On an island. With nobody but each other to depend on for survival. I don't know about you, but I think it's going to be awkward.
elizabeth/darcy  prideandprejudice  length:long.50k-100k  linmeiwei 
10 days ago
charlemane: The thing about TLJ, specifically the...
The thing about TLJ, specifically the Admiral Holdo bit, is that yes, her refusing to explain her orders to anyone in the face of low morale and mass confusion was stupid.

But that’s not character stupid, that’s writer stupid. That’s Rian Johnson “I can’t think of a way to propel this plot without an easily avoidable miscommunication between professionals who should really goddamn know better” stupid. That’s throwing in a woo-oo-oo plot twist that shouldn’t be a goddamn twist just so you can demand a cheap emotional reaction stupid. That’s an easy and almost definitely unnecessary way to write out a female character stupid.

So when I call it stupid, I’m not calling Admiral Holdo stupid. But TLJ supporters keep reacting like it is a direct attack on that fictional character, like ooo you’re just mad that there’s a WOMAN in POWER!!!

Nah. I’m mad that the woman in power was written by an idiot.
reactionpost  StarWars  thelastjedi 
11 days ago
This Crude Matter - rain_sleet_snow - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]

In a ramshackle trading post on Jakku, Baze and Chirrut find a girl who sings with the Force, and who knows only two things for sure.

One: her name is Rey.

Two: her family will return for her.
length:long.50k-100k  rain_sleet_snow  starwars  rogueone  sequeltrilogy  Chirrut/Baze  fixit  canondivergent 
15 days ago
MJ crashes an Avengers celebration and lives her best life. Yessssss
length:short.1k-5k  nokomis  avengers  spider-man  from twitter
18 days ago
gorgeous nerd — a long tlj post
The entire first half of Rey’s TLJ arc is her desperately trying to find a hero who can take the responsibility for saving the galaxy from her.
StarWars  thelastjedi  reactionpost 
20 days ago
Try to be nice, but never fail to be kind
poe’s character arc is packaged as him needing to realize that sometimes, the most heroic thing isn’t flashy cool shit. this isn’t conveyed well in the film because 1) the emphasis on holdo’s plan isn’t that it’s heroic, it’s that people are shocked it even exists in the first place, and 2) the most heroic thing holdo did was THE flashiest, coolest shit in the movie.
reactionpost  StarWars  thelastjedi 
21 days ago
gorgeous nerd — maurice-dandi: leiasbluelightsaber: ...
The point where I became certain that TLJ had more respect for Kylo than for Finn was when we were shown how their wounds from the end of the last movie were treated.
StarWars  reactionpost  thelastjedi 
23 days ago
Crime Brûlée
this andrew/selasi is adorbs!
In which a tall, redheaded drink of water walks into private eye Selasi Gbormittah's office... or something like that.
roleplay  gbbo  andrew/selasi  length:short.1k-5k  angelsaves  yuletide  from twitter
24 days ago
On the other side
12 years ago Obi-Wan went into AgriCorps - now Qui-Gon is taking a new padawan. Somehow, this is Obi-Wan's problem.
esama  StarWars  prequeltrilogy  obiwankenobi  canondivergence  fixit  length:long.20k-50k  wip  from twitter
24 days ago
Impossible Magic
In which Cimorene ignores thaumaturgical convention and decides to get those sixteen years back.
yuletide  enchantedforestchronicles  cimorene/mendanbar  lorata  length:medium.10k-20k  timetravel  from twitter
25 days ago
Uncel Aquila, Marcus, and Esca go to Aquae Sulis and THINGS HAPPEN
A trip to the healing waters of Aquae Sulis leads to revelations, confessions, and far more excitement than Marcus or Esca anticipated.
nahnahnahnah  yuletide  theeagle  marcus/esca  length:medium.5k-10k  casefic  from twitter
25 days ago
Fly High
This fic where Boots makes Bruno join the Mac Hall Volleyball team is an UTTER JOY
What do you mean Macdonald Hall isn't a shonen sports series?
marks  bruno/boots  macdonaldhall  length:short.1k-5k  yuletide  from twitter
25 days ago
There are no nightgowns, underwired or otherwise, in the Borogravian military. Somehow, Ozzer manages to find the next best thing while facing off against Zlobenian cavalry and ends up kicking their captain in the fork while wearing a petticoat.

It’s close enough. Possibly too close, because when Mal sees her dripping wet from the rain and plastered in sheer white cloth, her brain blanks out and – for a moment – her instincts purr.
Evandar  discworld  length:short.1k-5k  yuletide  from twitter
25 days ago
Stop and start over
force ghosts bullying/trolling luke on his island
Luke Skywalker makes an enormous mistake and goes to Ahch-To to atone for his error. But wherever he goes, his ghosts go with him, and they don't let him sit quietly until he's ready to deal with his problems. Alternate Universe - The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens would happen differently in this timeline.
petra  StarWars  length:short.1k-5k  sequeltrilogy  forceghosts  from twitter
25 days ago
the ceiling of our day Ancient History RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Hannibal and Scipio fight the Second Interstellar Punic War. On the same side.
dirtybinary  yuletide  scipia/hannibal  spaceAU  length:medium.5k-10k 
25 days ago
ask and ye shall receive
Rey attempts to shoulder the burden of her Force-bond with Kylo Ren alone. It goes as well as you might think.

(Or: Rey gets by with a little help from her friends.)
peradi  poe/finn/rey/rose  sequeltrilogy  StarWars  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
25 days ago
In a Bed of Stars
Damen has a bout of amnesia and falls in love with Laurent again.
blacktofade  damen/laurent  captiveprince  length:short.1k-5k  amnesia  from twitter
25 days ago
A Mile of Marchpane
Hathaway's children from Archer's Goon discover the magical typewriter and cause minor havok
yuletide  length:short.1k-5k  the_alchemist  archersgoon  dwj  from twitter
26 days ago
In Other Hands
In Other Lands - Luke is away fighting in an invitational tournament and Elliot is not worried at all.

“Missing your boy, Little Red?” Rachel Sunborn asked.

“No,” Elliot said. He was not. He was independent and self-assured and didn’t care if all his friends were off at a tournament without him, throwing things at people for a week for absolutely no good reason and probably getting themselves killed.

Or: Five times someone suggested Elliot or Luke sleep with someone else, and one time they didn’t need to.
yuletide  linsky  inotherland  elliot/luke  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
26 days ago
The Lovely Land
This gave me far more feelings than I should have on my face while on the desk at work Sain…
rhedyn  lordpeterwimsey  yuletide  length:short.1k-5k  viscountstgeorge/danvers  from twitter
26 days ago
On a Lavender Night
Etta and Diana go undercover in 1920s Berlin <3333
Etta Candy is on a mission, and Diana is just the woman to help her.
wonderwoman  length:short.1k-5k  tenillypo  from twitter
26 days ago
I got weepy-feelings about the two people in this pompeii grafitii RPF fic
yuletide  annwyd  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
26 days ago
Older Than I Once Was
Character study of Napi from Wonder Woman
The people who believe in Napi say he went away to the West, and they are not wrong. But the nice thing about the West is that if you go that way long enough, it becomes the East.
yuletide  length:short.1k-5k  samalander  wonderwoman  from twitter
26 days ago
What Is Begotten
Esca learns the Latin word by accident, from Stephanos of all people. Soul-mate.
yuletide  alestar  marcus/esca  theeagle  length:medium.5k-10k  soulbond  from twitter
26 days ago
All Magics Great and Small
I will never tire of Bran/Will stories.

Bran Davies gave up his right to the Magics of the world. Magic did not give up its right to Bran Davies.
yuletide  darkisrising  bran/will  shycraft  length:medium.5k-10k  from twitter
26 days ago
This slight AU/Missing Scene Bedlam Stacks Fic is agony and ecstasy
yuletide  length:short.-1k  yunitsa  bedlamstacks  merrick/raphael  from twitter
27 days ago
A Curious Thing
More-future Ted comes to talk with future!Ted about thier feelings for Bill
yuletide  ouroboros  billandted  bill/ted  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
27 days ago
False Pretences
The 27k Peter/Harriet casefic was indeed a good read!

Shortly after her honeymoon, Harriet makes an unexpected discovery while working on a joint mystery novel with her colleagues.
yuletide  casefic  Harriet/Peter  drayton  lordpeterwimsey  length:long.20k-50k  from twitter
27 days ago
Millie's Fate
Aw, this Millie-at-boarding-school fic reminds me of the beginning of Murder Most Unladylike
allyndra  length:short.1k-5k  chrestomanci  dwj  Christopher/Millie  yuletide  from twitter
27 days ago
In Which Sophie Causes Chaos
In which Sophie, Calcifer, Michael, & Martha visit the Market Chipping Agricultural Show and cause chaos.
yuletide  mairelon  dwj  howlsmovingcastle  sophie/howl  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
27 days ago
The Proposal
This is pitch perfect The Princess Bride book!fic about Inigo and Fezzik's wedding!
Fencing, fighting, liniment, proposals, awkwardness, true love, sausages.
rosefox  princessbride  fezzik/inigo  length:short.1k-5k  yuletide  from twitter
27 days ago
Mordre, She Wroot
This is Mordre, She Wroot A fic about The Wife of Bath fighting crime on the way to Canterbury <3! <3! <3!

At least one pilgrim will not make it to Canterbury.
sistermagpie  length:medium.5k-10k  canterburytales  casefic  yuletide  from twitter
27 days ago
As Ice in the Desert
this Richard I/Saladin fic was EXQUISITELY LOVELY, wow!

Saladin visits Richard's sickbed with fruit, and a question in his eyes.
yuletide  sickfic  Richard/Saladin  historicalRPF  dachOsmin  length:short.1k-5k  identityporn  from twitter
27 days ago
Marlowe in the Otherworld
Oh man, I think this is my favorite fic so far this year
The one where Kit Marlowe lives. And lives, and lives, and lives.

The one where Kit Marl…
everybodylives  length:short.1k-5k  yuletide  shakespeareRPF  mosca  from twitter
27 days ago
Patience, Tenacity, Luck
Thala investigates the disappearance of a trainee shaman. - a Chalion casefic!
yuletide  casefic  edenfalling  chalion  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
27 days ago
The final week of July, barring war, injury, or disaster, was to be spent on Tharkay’s estate in Scotland.
yuletide  length:short.1k-5k  thewalrus_said  temeraire  from twitter
27 days ago
According to Plan
There are fewer things more delicious than well written Singin in the Rain Fic
parhelion  yuletide  singinintherain  cosmo/don/kathy  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
27 days ago
From a Candid Heart
The banter in this marcus/esca road trip fic is ON POINT

In which Marcus Flavius Esca, son of Cunoval, a freedman, shall be ridiculed by a short horse bought from a Pictones trader, fed by a tavern keeper not otherwise identified, and continuously bewildered by Marcus Flavius Aquila, his friend and patron.

Or, it takes Esca a long time to realise what he and Marcus had actually agreed upon.
yuletide  chantefable  length:short.1k-5k  theeagle  marcus/esca  from twitter
27 days ago
His Hour Upon the Stage
the pre-gaudy night harriet and peter has great tone they go to theatre premieres together
London's cultural scene is an endless whirl. Harriet finds it unexpectedly revealing.
yuletide  length:short.1k-5k  brutti_ma_buoni  lordpeterwimsey  Harriet/Peter  from twitter
27 days ago
Genuinely Self-Absorbed and Deeply Shallow
Three Moments in the Evolution of Ivan Vorpatril, innocent bystander and political non-combatant
april_rainer  vorkosigan  yuletide  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
28 days ago
Reaching One's Limits
Ivan helps Miles with preparations for Winterfair Miles is being EXTRA
yuletide  fawatson  vorkosigan  length:short.1k-5k  from twitter
28 days ago
Dramatis personae
13k of peter/harriet theatrical casefic
Just for once Harriet would like to attend an event with Peter at which death does not make an unexpected entrance.
yuletide  Harriet/Peter  lordpeterwimsey  butterflymind  casefic  length:medium.10k-20k  from twitter
28 days ago
And the Christmas Pudding
est. rel. jeeves and wooster hijinks and shenanigans for christmas at brinkley court
yuletide  jeevesandwooster  jeeves/wooster  inabathrobe  length:medium.10k-20k  from twitter
28 days ago
Untitled (https://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2017/works/12862719)
DC Peter Grant and DCI Thomas Nightingale have been seconded for the day to CO11’s public order operation in Tottenham, North London, where some 40,000 people are expected to demonstrate against worsening race relations in contemporary Britain.

The neighbourhood has a troubled history of violent rioting. The Metropolitan Police are there to maintain order. Peter thinks he can hear Mr Punch laughing.

What could possibly go wrong?
riversoflondon  peter/nightingale  yuletide  acacieae  length:medium.5k-10k  from twitter
28 days ago
A Needle, A Thread
BSOLUTELY SPLENDID Costis/Kamet post-canon fic. There are GOATS.
attolia  costis/kamet  yuletide  jibrailis  length:medium.5k-10k  from twitter
28 days ago
Handshake Protocol
five times murderbot does not want to get involved in other people's canons
yuletide  st_aurafina  length:medium.5k-10k  murderbot  from twitter
28 days ago
Herding Cats
Tip and Lilo (and Stitch and Oh) meeting was darling and delightful! what a good crossover.
yuletide  crossover  liloandstitch  smekday  formerlydf  length:medium.5k-10k  from twitter
28 days ago
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