Five Firsts for Jenny and Vastra by gnimaerd [R] [Doctor Who, Jenny Flint/Madame Vastra]
'It’s not proper, Jenny knows – not at all – what they do on the floor of the library by the light of the Christmas tree. Not lady-like, and certainly not something they should be indulging in before they are married. But it’s lovely, all the same.'
doctorwho  jenny/vastra  gnimaerd  r  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
february 2016
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn by L_Cloudy [PG-13] [ASOIAF, Rhaegar Targaryen]
He died for the first time on the riverbank of the Trident, Robert Baratheon’s hammer smashing into his chest.

Wherein Rhaegar lives again.
(And again, and again, and again...)
asoiaf  rhaegartargaryen  l_cloudy  pg-13  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
october 2015
Choices by trilliath [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
This story is an alternate ending for "the last ten minutes" in which Shepard is, on the whole, much more Shepard-like.
This story includes a logic-throwdown with the starchild and a Shepard who does not just give up with a "You'll never understand". She uses her grit, and her mind.

And then she goes all BAMF and stops the reapers and saves the day with determination and hope.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  trilliath  r  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
october 2015
Synchronicity's Sunrise by trilliath [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Shala'Raan/Geth Prime]
Admiral Shala'Raan may not be going off to fight the reapers with Tali'Zorah, but she does have an entire planet to re-settle, along with some Geth neighbors to integrate with.
masseffect  shalaraan/gethprime  trilliath  nc-17  !w[05]:15000-25000words 
october 2015
Prepositions by Isagel [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Aria]
“Omega has one rule,” Aria says. “Do I need to remind you what it is?”
masseffect  femshep/aria  isagel  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
october 2015
Night Cycle by robuttrampage [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Legion]
Shepard and Legion are reunited on the Normandy, and she's just happy to see a friendly face.
masseffect  femshep/legion  robuttrampage  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
october 2015
Emeline Trevelyan by petercapaldiscoiffure [NC-17] [Dragon Age, FemaleTrevelyan/IronBull]
The Inquisitor may be the one asking all the questions, but somehow the Iron Bull finds himself just as curious about their so-called Herald.
dragonage  femaletrevelyan/ironbull  petercapaldiscoiffure  nc-17  !w[04]:10000-15000words 
july 2015
Into the Storm and Rout by todisturbtheuniverse [NC-17] [Dragon Age, FemaleTrevelyan/IronBull]
Katrina doesn't have a history of wanting what she can't have. A lot of things changed when the world decided to end, apparently.
dragonage  femaletrevelyan/ironbull  todisturbtheuniverse  nc-17  !w[06]:25000-50000words 
july 2015
Echoed World by robuttrampage [PG ][Mass Effect, Femshep/Legion]
How do we know you really got out? The Geth experience everything virtually. This all could be a simulation.

Legion creates something for Shepard
masseffect  femshep/legion  robuttrampage  pg  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Curiosity by fen_harel [PG-13] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Legion]
He understands this perfectly; though it never occurred to him she could feel the same way.
masseffect  femshep/legion  fen_harel  pg-13  !w[01]:0-1000words 
july 2015
Stage Incomplete by madamebadger [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Garrus thought that playing a video game or two would provide a good distraction for Shepard. After all, she badly needed some distractions.

(It never occurred to him that she would be so very bad at it.)
masseffect  femshep/garrus  madamebadger  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015
Hamster Dance by madamebadger [G] [Mass Effect, Femshep, Garrus Vakarian, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya]
Of all the assignments that Shepard has given Garrus over the years, watching her hamster for a few hours should have been one of the easiest and least disaster-prone.

Operative phrase: "should have."
masseffect  femshep  garrusvakarian  tali'zorahnarrayya  madamebadger  g  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
A Chain of Light by madamebadger [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya]
When Garrus is injured on a routine expedition and planetary conditions delay their evac, Shepard is forced to confront the way their relationship has blurred her role as both his commander and his lover.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  tali'zorahnarrayya  madamebadger  nc-17  !w[04]:10000-15000words 
july 2015
A Thing by Bronnwyn [G] [Mass Effect, James Vega, Femshep/Garrus]
James Vega asks the question everyone knows the answer to (but him): Are Garrus and Shepard A Thing?
masseffect  femshep/garrus  jamesvega  bronnwyn  g  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
A Family Occasion by servantofclio [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Sequel to "A Family Affair," Shepard and Garrus try to sort out their futures, their families, and (perhaps worst of all) a wedding.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  servantofclio  r  !w[05]:15000-25000words 
july 2015
A Family Affair by servantofclio [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
It's a strange awakening, when you're in the company of strangers who treat you as family.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  servantofclio  r  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015
Good Days by servantofclio [PG-13] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Even happy endings have their challenges, and age can't be shot or negotiated with. A look at Shepard and Garrus growing old together.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  servantofclio  pg-13  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
the color of its countries by madamebadger [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Neither of them expected some silly play with edible body paint to turn into something so serious.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  madamebadger  nc-17  !w[04]:10000-15000words 
july 2015
Detective Work by thievinghippo [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
There's nothing Garrus likes more than uncovering a good mystery. Especially when that mystery involves Shepard.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  thievinghippo  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015
Enemy Territory by Elesey [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
AU. The First Contact war is ended with peace negotiated by asari and salarians and a forced marriage of the two best soldiers from turian and human militaries.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  elesey  r  !  !w[06]:25000-50000words  au 
july 2015
The Sweetest Kind of Comfort by quondam [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Tarquin Victus]
Before the final mission to disarm the bomb on Tuchanka, Shepard and Tarquin Victus spend the night finding comfort in one another.
masseffect  femshep/tarquinvictus  quondam  nc-17  !w[04]:10000-15000words 
july 2015
Grooming by quondam [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Garrus and Shepard learn there are little things they wouldn't mind helping each other with.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  quondam  r  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
A Few New Things by quondam [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Garrus catches Shepard touching herself and fears it's not him she's thinking of.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  quondam  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Pillow Talk. by quondam [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Garrus and Shepard share some pillow talk the night after he rejoins the crew of the Normandy in ME3.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  quondam  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Domesticity by skybound2 [PG-13] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
"This close, the fatigue in her eyes, in the darker patches of skin that decorate the space beneath them, is obvious...She’s still the most beautiful sight in the universe."
masseffect  femshep/garrus  skybound2  pg-13  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Well. Fuck. by quondam [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
When he least expects it, Garrus finds Shepard at the door of his apartment on the Citadel, looking for a place to spend the night.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  quondam  nc-17  !w[04]:10000-15000words 
july 2015
Truth be Told by Binsfeld [R] [Dragon Age, FemHawke/Varric]
Varric finds himself oddly tongue-tied around Hawke. She seems oblivious, though, and he's certain he doesn't have a shot with her. Isabela slips in to play unwelcome matchmaker.
dragonage  femhawke/varric  isabela  sebastianvael  binsfeld  r  !w[04]:10000-15000words 
july 2015
River Stone by loquaciousquark [R] [Dragon Age, FemHawke/Fenris]
Hawke is captured and branded in a failed Rite of Tranquility, but the longer she is forced to hide the truth the harder it is to find again.
dragonage  femhawke/fenris  loquaciousquark  r  !w[06]:25000-50000words 
july 2015
Curiosity by quondam [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
While the Reapers ravage Palaven, some of the Turians on Menae pass the time by trading stories about the species they've bedded. Garrus enlightens them on what it's like to be with a human.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  quondam  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Hunting Dragons as a Means of Seduction or Plan A Never Works Anyway by MostlyAnon [PG-13] [Dragon Age, FemaleLavellan/IronBull]
Girl likes boy. Boy ignores girl. Girl drags entire team to go fight a big old dragon in order to get boy's attention. Everyone gets their asses kicked. Repeat. Seduction!
dragonage  femalelavellan/ironbull  mostlyanon  pg-13  !w[01]:0-1000words 
july 2015
Payback by pluto [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
An awkwardly timed phone call, a turian who can't wait, and a sweet, sweet bit of revenge.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  pluto  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Dressing in the Dark by pluto [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Shepard mistakenly puts on Garrus's shirt. He's intrigued by the sight of her in it.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  pluto  r  !w[01]:0-1000words 
july 2015
The Private Space by madamebadger [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Sleeping together turns out to be more logistically difficult than Shepard would have expected. Not sex, that was pretty straightforward, but sleeping together. Nevertheless, she's up to the challenge... and it's definitely worth the work.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  madamebadger  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Kaleidoscope by fourthage [PG-13] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garus]
Sequel to The Perks of Working Late. Years after the end of the Reaper War, Shepard's crew is interviewed about her relationship with Garrus.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  fourthage  pg-13  !w[04]:10000-15000words 
july 2015
The Perks of Working Late by fourthage [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus, James Vega]
Shepard and Garrus reconnect after Menae and James is an accidental witness. The sex he's good with, it's what comes after that makes him uncomfortable.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  jamesvega  fourthage  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Sunday Drive by tarysande [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Things go awry when Shepard lets someone else sit in the driver's seat of the Mako.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  tarysande  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
The Pull Over by fourthage [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
The first date at the bar went well, so Shepard and Garrus are branching out. Garrus is the stoic cop and Shepard knows just how to make her ticket go away.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  fourthage  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Gancho by fourthage [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
After the tango at the club, Shepard and Garrus can't wait to engage in a different kind of dance.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  fourthage  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Ugly Like a Turian by fourthage [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Thanks to some eavesdropping, Shepard discovers that Garrus's scars do not go over well amongst his own kind. She thinks his kind is full of it, and sets out to prove that to Garrus.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  fourthage  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Paint by rivendellrose [PG-13] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
When she and Garrus first got together, Shepard had sort of expected to have blue paint all over her pillow and sheets when he was over. Turned out, whatever the turians made the paint out of didn’t come off that easily.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  rivendellrose  pg-13  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Duende by fourthage [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Blowing off steam takes less time than Garrus anticipated and now he's adrift.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  fourthage  r  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Bed Rest by fourthage [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Even in the future, the common cold can still make a person miserable. Shepard is grumpy and Garrus sees that she follows the doctor's orders.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  fourthage  r  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Variations on a Theme, with Tank and Gunfire by servantofclio [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Shepard finds herself reliving the last few years, from finding the beacon on Eden Prime to the battle for Earth. Again, and again, and again. How much can she change? How much should she change?
masseffect  femshep/garrus  servantofclio  nc-17  !w[06]:25000-50000words 
july 2015
Territory by miscellea [PG-13] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus, Adrien Victus]
Turians can be very confusing, especially when you're kind of-sort of dating one.

Fortunately for Shepard, someone realizes that she needs advice.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  adrienvictus  miscellea  pg-13  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
The Shepard Code by quondam [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Set Post-ME3 where Shepard chooses Control. A hundred years after the Reaper War, a Turian ship captained by the grandson of Garrus Vakarian comes across a derelict Reaper inhabited by a hologram of Commander Shepard.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  quondam  r  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015
Whenever It Rains by Hallianna [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Whenever it rains, he thinks of her.

Garrus and Shepard spend a night together after a hard-won battle against the Reapers on a rainy jungle planet. Turians aren't known for being fans of water, but for her, he'll suffer a little rain.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  hallianna  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015
The List by trilliath [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus, Femshep/Others]
After saving the galaxy Shepard notices that she's been getting hit on a lot more by turians. Garrus isn't bothered at all - as he explains, turians are totally down for an orgy here and there.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  trilliath  nc-17  !w[06]:25000-50000words 
july 2015
All Up The Seething Coast by theherocomplex by theherocomplex [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Sequel to Honey In The Bushes, Water In The Well. In which Shepard discovers the secret to Garrus' success, and decides turnabout is very fair play.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  theherocomplex  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015
Honey In The Bushes, Water In The Well by theherocomplex [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
In which Shepard's Cerberus upgrades give Garrus some self-esteem issues in bed, and Mordin has just the thing they need.

Also known as that fic where I say what we're all thinking about turian tongues.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  theherocomplex  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015
Strange New Worlds by pluto [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Truth is, the first time Shepard gets Garrus's clothes off, she's not quite sure how to react.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  pluto  nc-17  !w[01]:0-1000words 
july 2015
Play to Lose by MostlyAnon [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus, Thane/Ashley]
"Poker. Social game, human primarily, but similar games of chance evident across culture lines."

Shepard liked cards. She had grown up military and cards were a soldier’s best friend. They didn’t take up much space, they weighed very little, and everyone you met knew at least some version of Blackjack and Poker, no matter what race they were. Poker was a great game for a commanding officer to learn-- if you couldn’t read a bluff or a tell, you rarely lived long enough to regret it on the battlefield.

During some downtime, some of the crew of the Normandy end up playing strip poker.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  thane/ashley  mostlyanon  r  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
On Shepherds by MostlyAnon [PG] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Every breath is a bullet. She gathers them, loads them into herself, and fights back the haze of death.

Shepard united the galaxy twice. Once to save all sentient life and once to save her.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  mostlyanon  pg  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
The Gates of Horn and Ivory by damalur [PG-13] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Shepard and Garrus argue about armor, power output, and secrets - but not about who should feed the fish, because no one remembers to do that.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  damalur  pg-13  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
The Lies We Chose To Tell by Hallianna [NC-17] [Dragon Age, FemHawke/Varric]
Varric swore he wasn't interested in humans. Hawke was sure she had no desire for smart mouthed dwarves. They were liars, the both of them.

After Hawke returns from the Deep Roads and has to inform her mother that Bethany is dead, she finds herself knocking on Varric's door, looking for solace and comfort in the company of her best friend.

Varric knows that he doesn't want to be alone so quickly, not when the memories of the Deep Roads are so fresh in his mind. Hawke's knock at his door couldn't come at a better time.

What they both need is found in each other's arms, past memories and promises finally fulfilled as the lies they chose to tell themselves crumble in the face of an unyielding truth.
dragonage  femhawke/varric  hallianna  nc-17  !w[04]:10000-15000words 
july 2015
Greatly Approved by damalur [R] [Dragon Age, FemHawke/Varric]
An apostate's guide to popular fiction.

(Or: Hawke runs headlong into Cassandra's book club, Varric comes along for the ride.)
dragonage  femhawke/varric  damalur  r  !w[06]:25000-50000words 
july 2015
The Varric Tethras Guide to Healthy Families by MostlyAnon [R] [Dragon Age, FemHawke/Varric]
Five times Varric tried to show Hawke that they were a family (and one time he didn’t need to). Starring nugs, fire, and the Dwarven Merchants’ Guild.
dragonage  femhawke/varric  mostlyanon  r  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Fumbling by todisturbtheuniverse [PG-13] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Shepard could swear she used to be smooth. Those days are behind her, it seems.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  pg-13  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Paint by todisturbtheuniverse [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
An old turian tradition features the woman painting herself with her intended mate's markings, plus some added colors and symbols for contrast. Garrus revives this old ritual with Shepard.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  todisturbtheuniverse  nc-17  !w[02]:1000-5000words 
july 2015
Quota by todisturbtheuniverse [PG] [Mass Effect, Femshep, Garrus, Tali]
Early in the days of his stay on the SSV Normandy, Garrus contemplates some of Shepard’s more…unusual practices.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  todisturbtheuniverse  pg  !w[01]:0-1000words 
july 2015
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