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If I Was a Fool, or You a Thief by Maker_of_Rune_Vests (Thor - Marvel Movies)

"Odin was in Hel.

And that was why Loki had journeyed there. He was not entirely certain why he had chosen to do so. It was, in part, because Mother wished that Odin had merited Valhalla.

....He knew not whether his own mourning was a motive because he was uncertain whether said mourning existed."
words:0-5000  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:hela  character:odin  description:father-son-relationship  description:afterlife  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:maker_of-rune_vetst  title:If  I  Was  a  Fool  or  You  Thief 
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If the Wolf, then the Man. by Humbuggy (Thor / Sherlock)
Summary: John Watson did not know of the Norse Myths, did not know anything other than the fact that there, in the heat of Afghanistan, he found an abused puppy and made it his own; His prescribed future went parallel from there. AU: Where John Watson finds Loki's wolf son, Fenrir, in Afghanistan and unknowingly took him back to base as his own.
wip  character:fenrir  character:john_watson  character:loki  character:sherlock  character:tony_stark  rating:mature  genre:gen  author:humbuggy  title:if  the  wolf  then  the  man 
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