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Knights of the Rebellion by Isaac_A_Drake (Star Wars Prequels)

A young Luke makes a different discovery in the deserts of Tatooine that allow him training in the Force years before he and Obi-Wan will be thrust into the fires of the Rebellion. Elements of KOTOR, Rebels, Legends, and more.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:luke_skywalker  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:revan  character:han_solo  description:obi-wan-trains-luke  description:jedi-holochron  description:trained-luke  description:canon-divergence  description:canon-au  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:isaac_a_drake  title:knights  of  the  rebellion 
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The Desert Storm Series by Blue_Sunshine (Star Wars Prequels)
In Tatooine legend, the sandstorm is Lukka, the Fury, both cleansing and damning. Lukka, the slaves believed, was Justice, was he who remade the world, and remade the soul.

The storm screams at him, and Obi-Wan Kenobi screams back.

(Four years after the temple falls, Ben Kenobi is caught in a Sandstorm on Tatooine. When he emerges he finds that he has fallen backward through time. He soon finds Shmi Skywalker and her three year old son, Anakin.)
wip  words:50.000+  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:shmi_skywalker  character:anakin_skywalker  character:various-jedi  description:time-travel  description:fix-it  description:padawan!shmi  description:padawan!obi-wan  description:master!ben  description:there-are-two-obi-wans  description:shmi-is-badass  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:blue_sunshine  title:the  desert  storm  title:ruin  title:fallout  title:true  colors  title:in  crisis 
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Remedial Jedi Theology by MarbleGlove (Star Wars Prequels)

Let us consider the fact that the Jedi Order is a monastic religious organization based out of a temple, with five basic tenets of faith.

Ch 1: Death, yet the Force (meeting Anakin)
Ch 2: Chaos, yet Harmony (teaching Anakin)
Ch 3: Passion, yet Serenity (teaching a teenaged Anakin, good grief)
Ch 4: Ignorance, yet Knowledge (Anakin is a Knight now, why is he still Obi-Wan’s problem?)
Ch 5: Heresy, yet Orthodoxy (actual plot? Ie, Clones and Sith)
Ch 6: Emotion, yet Peace (epilogue)

Ch 7: extras / deleted scenes
words:50.000+  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:padme_amidala  character:mace_windu  description:canon-divergence  description:au  description:jedi-theology  description:fix-it  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:marbleglove  title:remedial  jedi-theology 
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At Their Own Speed and Peril by HiNerdsItsCat (HiLarpItsCat) (Star Wars Prequels)

The Jedi Council granted Obi-Wan the rank of Jedi Knight after the Battle of Naboo, but deemed him too young to take sole responsibility for Anakin Skywalker. The only available solution was for a Jedi Master to supervise Obi-Wan and his Padawan until the Council decided that Obi-Wan was ready to assume those duties alone.

Unfortunately, the only Jedi Master who volunteered was an impulsive, erratic, highly disruptive Corellian named Nejaa Halcyon. A Jedi who was extremely upset to learn that he had to stay on Coruscant from now on.

Now, Obi-Wan is stuck trying to not only manage his nine-year-old Padawan but also rein in a fully-grown adult who seems to be doing everything in his power to get sent home to Corellia.

And the Council thought that Obi-Wan wasn't mature enough…


“The Halcyons were strong in the Force but not flashy or given to public displays of power. A word here, an act there, allowing people to choose between good or evil at their own speed and peril…” — Excerpt from I, Jedi by Michael Stackpole

“I think I’ll put a wideview holoprojector right where you’re standing.” — Corran Horn, in the same novel, shortly before getting the shit kicked out of him by a ghost.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:nejaa_halcyon  description:canon-divergence  description:obi-wan-gets-help-with-anakin  rating:teen  genre:gen  genre:poly  author:hinerdsitscat  title:at  their  own  speed  and  peril 
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Every shade of you by boleyn13 (Thor / Doctor Strange - Marvel Movie 'Verse)
As a doctor Stephen has seen both amazing and horrid things. An alien invasion right in the middle of Manhattan belongs into the second category.

The strange green-eyed guy who ends up in his hospital with signs of severe physical trauma and an even worse case of amnesia... Stephen doesn't really know in which category he should put him.
wip  fandom:thor  fandom:drstrange  pairing:loki/stephen_strange  character:stephen_strange  character:loki  description:amnesia  description:post-avengers  description:medical-doctor-strange  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:boleyn13  title:every  shade  of  you 
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Become the Beast by UmbraeCalamitas (Supernatural)
Sam Winchester is given a chance to go back in time and change things for the better, but he wakes up further back than he would have ever dared to hope. Only days have passed in this timeline since the fight that had him hitchhiking to California. Now he has four years at Stanford University to prepare for seeing his brother and hunting again.
words:100.000+  fandom:supernatural  pairing:gabriel/sam  character:sam_winchester  character:gabriel  character:loki's-children  character:arthur_pendragon  character:merlin  character:dean_winchester  character:john_winchester  description:time-travel  rating:teen  genre:gen  genre:pre-slash  author:umbraecalamitas  title:become  the  beast 
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A Future in Crisis by WolfMarauder (Star Wars Prequels)

Ahsoka has a vision that may change the course of the future. She just needs to keep her master from falling, keep his wife from dying, and the Jedi Order from dying out... That's all. The first step is returning the the Jedi Order and she finds she has more friends than she thought. Possible spoilers for The Clone Wars, Ahsoka the novel, the prequel and sequel trilogies, and Star Wars: Rebels.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:ahsoka_tano  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:padme_amidala  character:mace_windu  character:yoda  character:luke_skywalker  character:leia_organa  description:canon-divergence  description:ahsoka-fixes-it  description:force-visions  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:wolfmarauder  title:A  Future  in  Crisis 
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All for Freedom and for Pleasure by MonstrousRegiment (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

In which Hela is moderately sane, becomes Queen, gets everyone's shit together, and saves the Universe from Thanos mostly because she really wishes men would stop wasting her fucking time already.

'And,' Hela said patiently. 'that makes them our tributary states, and they have paid their bloody taxes, and so I do believe that keeping a madman from exterminating half the known universe counts as a service we should provide. Additionally, consider this: I am your Queen, and if you keep arguing with me I will have Fenris eat you starting with the feet, and for his size I assure you he as a remarkably slow eater. Any further arguments?'

'Rhetorical question,' Loki hissed at Thor.
wip  fandom:thor  character:hela  character:loki  character:thor  character:tony_stark  character:stephen_strange  character:peter_parker  description:canon-divergence  description:fix-it  description:loki-dies  description:hela-as-she-should-have-been  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:monstrousregiment  title:all  for  freedom  and  pleasure 
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find my way home 'verse by WordsareBetterthanNumbers (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)
"Every villain has their origin story," Frigga said as she combed Hela's long hair, "but only good villains get a redemption arc."

"What about the accidental villains?" Hela asked.

"Are there such things as accidental villains?"

Hela chuckled, "Of course there are, Stepmother."

Frigga didn't try to understand what an accidental villain was, but she assured her stepdaughter that yes, even accidental villains could get a redemption arc.


Otherwise known as the five times Hela was her brothers' hero and one time she was their villain.
words:10.000+  character:hela  character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  description:canon-divergence  description:sibling-love  description:fix-it  description:hella-does-not-start--ragnarok  description:elder-sister-hela  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:wordsarebetterthannumbers  title:find  my  way  home 
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Out of Season by wedgetail (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

*Infinity War Spoilers*

Loki set out to kill Thanos. But when he ends up further back than he'd ever intended to go, he wonders if he could pull off something far more ambitious.
wip  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:frigga  character:odin  character:heimdall  character:warriors-three  character:laufey  character:thanos  description:time-travel  description:fix-it  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:wedgetail  title:out  of  season 
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A Series of Firsts (but Really Seconds) by Moyra (The Dresden Files)

There is a child (a boy, a man, an aberration) walking the streets of Chicago. There is a monster (a wizard, a warden, a knight) trying to save the world. There is Harry (and Bob) living and breathing and laughing. Again.
wip  fandom:dresdenfiles  character:harry_dresden  character:mouse  character:toot-toot  character:mister  character:the_leanansidhe  character:johnny_marcone  description:time-travel  description:fix-it  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:moyra  title:a  series  of  firsts 
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Castles in the Air Series by cosmic_medusa (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)
Loki's first act as King is to collect his banished brother to aid his regency, however brief. Thor discovers that the political landscape is far from what it seemed, and that the lies of Odin have resulted in the threat of both his sons' safety and sanity. Drama, angst, double-crosses, butchering of folklore and history, and the epic bromance of Asgard's Princes ensues.
wip  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  character:warriors_four  description:canon-divergence  description:canon-au  description:loki-never-fell  description:brothers  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:cosmic_medusa  title:castles  in  the  air 
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The Reactions of a Dead Man by NoodleTiger (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

One second, Loki is fading out of consciousness, and the next he’s staring at the ceiling of Asgard’s great hall with air in his lungs.

Loki wakes up in the past with all the knowledge he needs to stop Thanos ever coming to power in the first place. This somehow doesn't stop him from getting into trouble.
wip  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  character:avengers  character:stephen_strange  character:thanos  description:time-travel  description:fix-it  description:do-over  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:noodletiger  title:the  reactions  of  a  dead  man 
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Interventionism by Taaroko (Marvel Movie 'Verse - Thor)

Johann Schmidt's experiments with the Tesseract have not gone unnoticed by the Gatekeeper of Asgard, but there didn't seem to be a need to act until Schmidt himself landed on the Rainbow Bridge.

This is a snowball effect AU in which I basically throw characters from Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger at each other, with the result that fewer things go tragically wrong for characters I love. That means Steve won't be stuck in the ice for long and Loki won't learn his origins in the worst way possible, among other things. Enjoy!
wip  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  character:steve_rogers  character:sif  character:warriors-three  description:loki-finds-out  description:loki-doesn't-fall  description:steve_rogers-in-asgard  description:canon-divergence  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:taaroko  title:interventionism 
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The More They Stay the Same by TopazVulpix (Marvel Movie 'Verse - Thor)

What if when Odin fell into Odinsleep (AKA his cop-out for his horrible parenting) in the first Thor, Loki looked for some answers? When he delves into Odin's mind though, he learns many more dangerous and more terrifying secrets than he ever imagined possible...
wip  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:frigga  character:odin  character:sif  character:warriors_three  character:avengers  description:canon-divergence  description:loki-doesn't-fall  description:good!loki  description:king!loki  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:topazvulpiz  title:the  more  they  stay  the  same 
april 2018 by isoldam
Refusal to Disengage by anesor - Star Wars Prequels

Obi-Wan really really wanted Anakin to stop what he was doing and parroting, to talk, to go out for a beer. Do anything but force a fight with his heartbroken master. This wasn't fighting the monster Maul to save Obi-Wan's beloved Master, it was fighting his beloved monster to save his pregnant wife.

Cognitive dissonance and desperate combat do not mix.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:padme_amidala  character:yoda  character:bail_organa  character:luke_skywalker  character:leia_organa  description:master!obi-wan  description:obi-wan-says-hell-no  description:vader-gets-schooled  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:anesor  title:refusal  to  disengage 
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the real banishment is the family we made along the way by scioscribe (Thor - Movies)

Hela did not ask for company in her sealed-up world, but evidently Odin is economical in containment strategies for his misbegotten children.
words:5000-10.000  fandom:thor  character:hela  character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  description:loki-imprisoned-with-hela  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:scioscribe  title:the  real  banishment  is  the  family  we  made  along  way 
march 2018 by isoldam
Realign the Stars by Rain1701 and TerinAngel - Star Wars Prequels

It should have been easy. A simple mission. Yet here they are, three Jedi and two Clone Troopers, unceremoniously thrown back to the beginning. It's an opportunity, to set right so much that had gone wrong over the years. But every action has a reaction no one can control, and the Force has a Will of it's own.

But then, that's what happens when you try to change things.

Things change.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:ahsoka_tano  character:rex  character:cody  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:shmi_skywalker  character:padme_amidala  description:time-travel  description:fix-it  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:rain1701  author:terinangel  title:realign  the  stars 
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Knightrise by Deviant_Accumulation (Star Wars Prequels)
Strong enough to fight the Sith Lord, you are not.“

And just like that the fight drained out of Obi-Wan, the barely scraped together agitation running out of him like water from a broken glass. He looked at Yoda, the other Master already hobbling towards one of the back exits, his presence burning with focus, obviously expecting Obi-Wan to follow.

“And you are?”
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:yoda  character:ahsoka_tano  character:satine_kryze  character:rex  character:asajj_ventress  description:no-mustafar-fight  description:jedi-rebuild  description:mandalore  description:suitless-vader  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:deviant_accumulation  title:knightrise 
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We Are Not Soldiers by Leraika (Harry Potter / Avengers - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

After the war, Draco Malfoy was given a choice.
But what no one knew was that the Veil is more complicated than Severus Snape, more enigmatic than Albus Dumbledore, and as unpredictable as those Weasley Twins.
Now Draco is trapped amidst horrifyingly advanced muggles, without a wand or a prayer. All he has are his wits, a surfeit of trust issues, scars and tattoos he'd rather not explain, and a raging case of xenophobia.
Then the aliens attack...
wip  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:thor  character:draco_malfoy  character:tony_stark  character:loki  character:steve_rogers  description:universe-hopping  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:leraika  title:We  Are  Not  Soldiers 
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Animal Husbandry by WerewolvesAreReal (Temeraire - Naomi Novik)

Weeks after finding a dragon egg in the Amitie’s hold William Laurence reluctantly turns away and lets the Corps take Temeraire - but he doesn’t return to the Navy.

He’s not an aviator, but somehow Laurence still ends up going down in history as the instigator behind the Great Dragon Rebellion of ‘06.
words:10.000+  fandom:temeraire  character:william_laurence  character:temeraire  description:canon-divergence  description:dragons  description:dragon-rebellion  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:werewolvesarereal  title:animal  husbandry 
december 2017 by isoldam
sometimes there is mercy by CompanyPolicy (Star Wars)

The Force takes pity on Old Ben Kenobi and sends him back in time. He wakes up on Tatooine a year before the Invasion of Naboo and, upon being taken in by Anakin and Shmi Skywalker, decides to change fate (and tell the Jedi Order to fuck off).
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:shmi_skywalker  description:time-travel  description:ben-trains-anakin-on-tatooine  description:force-sensitive-shmi  description:underground-railroad  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:companypolicy  title:sometimes  there  is  mercy 
december 2017 by isoldam
The Price 'Verse by Guardian_of_Hope (Star Wars)
Anakin isn't quite sure how to deal with the clones he now commands, especially given that they refuse any attempts to individualize themselves. The quest to help the clones is going to go further than Anakin ever imagined.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:anakin_skywalker  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:padme_amidala  character:ahsoka_tano  character:wolffe  character:rex  character:cody  description:anakin-does-not-fall  description:fix-it  description:anakin-frees-the-clones  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:guardian_of_hope  title:the  price  'verse 
december 2017 by isoldam
Side-Slip 'Verse by jessebee (Star Wars)
If, later on, Obi-Wan had been asked to describe that little space of time on Tatooine, after Qui-Gon Jinn had found and joined him and Anakin and Shmi, and before the rest of the galaxy came crashing back in, he supposed he'd have to say it was exhausting, exhilarating, painful, glorious, and confusing as shaavit.
wip  words:50.000+  fandom:starwars  pairing:obi-wan/qui-gon  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:anakin_skywalker  character:shmi_skywalker  description:au  description:time-travel  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:jessebee  title:slide-slip  'verse  title:With  My  Soul  Clenched  title:A  Piece  Of  Sun 
november 2017 by isoldam
Tell Me No Tales by seastruck (Star Wars)

Cody survived the war. And he'll survive the Empire, even if it kills him.

Or: Years after Order-66 destroyed everything he'd fought for, Cody finds himself as an inside agent for the rebellion after his chip malfunctioned. Along with a small group of of clones, he navigates dealing with a merciless Admiral, saving people he thought were long dead, dealing with his ghosts and - maybe - his ghosts coming back for him.
wip  fandom:starwars  pairing:obi-wan/cody  character:cody  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:darth_vader  character:boil  character:bly  character:aayla_secura  character:hondo_ohnaka  description:canon_divergence  description:post-order-66  description:fix-it  description:rebels  description:spy!cody  rating:teen  genre:gen  genre:slash  genre:het  author:seastruck  title:tell  me  no  tales 
november 2017 by isoldam
The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars by A_Delicate_Fury (Star Wars)

"I don’t know how this happened. I don’t yet know why. But this is definitely Anakin’s fault."

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master, Exile, and now Force Ghost, was pleased with the way things had turned out. The Sith were dead. His padawan had returned to the Light. And Luke Skywalker was beginning to lay the foundation for his new Jedi Order. And while Luke, Leia, Han, and the Rebellion cleaned up the last traces of the Empire on the physical plane, he and Anakin would devote the next stage of their afterlives to repairing the damage Sidious and his ilk wrought on the Force itself.

At least, that was the plan.

After a disaster on the cosmic scale that Obi-Wan is still trying to wrap his mind around, he finds himself back in the early days of the Clone Wars, Commander Cody loyally at his side, Anakin at his back, and Sidious plotting against the Jedi at every turn. He's been given an unasked for chance to do everything over again. And with the Force as his ally, he intends to set the galaxy on a brighter path than the one it's currently on.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:cody  character:luke_skywalker  character:leia_organa  character:han_solo  character:ahsoka_tano  description:time-travel  description:fix-it  genre:gen  rating:teen  author:a_delicate_fury  title:The  Dark  Path  Lit  by  Sun  and  Stars 
november 2017 by isoldam
Time and Sand by kirallie (Star Wars)

His last memory is of his nephew killing Snoke so why in the name of the Force is he waking up with twin suns blasting down on him? the Force obviously has a very odd sense of humour. but if he's here he might as well do some good.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:luke_skywalker  character:anakin_skywalker  character:shmi_skywalker  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:qui-gon_jinn  description:time-travel  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:kirallie  title:time  and  sand 
november 2017 by isoldam
The Changeling Duology by thesubparpirate (Harry Potter)
Draco always knew he didn't really belong, but he thought he could ignore it. Now the war is in full tilt and Draco has to make a choice to protect the people he loves most. Whatever decision he makes, it's nothing that won't demand sacrifice.

He knows what he'll give up, or at least he thought he did until Saint Potter had to muck everything up. But what other option does he have, really?

words:70.000+  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  character:draco_malfoy  character:harry_potter  character:narcissa_malfoy  character:scorpius_malfoy  description:fae!draco  description:changeling!draco  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:thesubparpirate  title:the  chageling  duology  title:In  the  Deep  Dark  Woods  title:In  the  Bright  Moonlight 
june 2017 by isoldam
Amid the Shadow by Obi_theKenobi (Star Wars)

(Takes place during Revenge of the Sith, when Anakin is trying to find a way to save Padme, AU)

Anakin Skywalker is tortured by visions that force him to watch his beloved wife, Padme, die in childbirth. Desperate to save her from these premonitions, there is no extent to which Anakin will not go, no line he dares not cross. However, his close friend and master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, is not blind to Anakin's distress. Obi-Wan intervenes, hoping to find out what is wrong with Anakin and help him before it is too late. However, it may turn out that Anakin is not the only Jedi who has secrets.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:anakin_skywalker  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:padme_amidala  description:canon-au  description:obi-wan-intervenes  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:obi_thekenobi  title:amid  the  shadow 
june 2017 by isoldam
Soulmarks by darthrevaan (Burning_Nightingale), OwlFlight (Star Wars)
Sidious destroyed the Jedi when Obi-Wan was a teenager, and he's been on the run ever since - working dead-end jobs on backwater planets, keeping his head low and trying to ignore the two sentences on his arm.

He doesn't want to know who his soulmates are - he'd only disappoint them.
wip  fandom:starwars  pairing:obi-wan/anakin/padme  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:padme_amidala  character:darth_sidious  character:sheev_palpatine  character:darth_vader  description:canon-au  description:threesome  description:soulmates  rating:teen  genre:het  genre:slash  genre:poly  author:darthrevaan  author:owlflight  title:soulmarks  title:build  a  heart  made  of  armour 
june 2017 by isoldam
Guilt For Dreaming by Vetinari (IronMan / Highlander)

Tony Stark unexpectedly wakes up after making the ultimate sacrifice during the final battle of the Infinity War.

Now he's stuck in 1976, with no plan, no future and no clue.

Of course it would help if he could work out if he'd actually achieved his goal when he'd killed himself.
wip  words:200.000+  fandom:ironman  fandom:thor  fandom:highlander  character:tony_stark  character:methos  character:edwin_jarvis  character:charles_xavier  character:howard_stark  character:justin_hammer  description:timetravel  description:child-tony-stark  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:vetinari  title:guilt  for  dreaming 
may 2017 by isoldam
Deviation by minhui (Star Wars)

“Anakin, the Force has shown me a way to go back in time,” Obi-Wan said plainly, as if it were an everyday type of thing.
“What?” Anakin’s jaw dropped, “Wait, how?”
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:padme_amidala  description:fixit  description:qui-gon-lives  description:alternate-timeline  description:visions  description:anakin-does-not-fall  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:minhui  title:deviation 
may 2017 by isoldam
Twists in Time by Lizphills500 (Thor / The Avengers - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

40 years after the events of Avengers Assemble and Thanos has conquered the Nine Realms. Only a small resistance on Earth stand between him and the final stone, and they are failing fast.

Loki knows of a way to stop it all, but the price is high. Can he carry out his mission or will mistrust from all directions stop him, before he runs out of time?
words:20.000+  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/steve  character:loki  character:steve_rogers  character:phil_coulson  character:avengers  character:thor  description:time-travel  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:lizphillis500  title:Twists  in  Time 
may 2017 by isoldam
Mischief's Child by Kaiya12053 (Thor / Harry Potter)

On the night that his heir is to be conceived, Lucius Malfoy performed an ancient ritual summoning the most ancient magic on earth to ensure that his child is powerful. Little did he know that the oldest magic on Earth at the time belonged to Loki.
wip  fandom:thor  fandom:harrypotter  character:loki  character:draco_malfoy  character:harry_potter  character:odin  character:frigga  character:thor  description:dad!loki  description:draco_lokison  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:kaiya12053  title:mischief's  child 
may 2017 by isoldam
Ad Verecundiam by DarthSnug (themikeymonster) (Star Wars)

Time Traveling Sith Lords seems like a matter for the Council, so Obi-Wan puts the man's sudden arrival at the Temple out of mind. He has other things to worry about after all: his Trials, for one, and his former Master's stubborn insistence that young Anakin Skywalker must be trained.

Then the Council approaches him, saying that their reluctant darkside guest is specifically asking for him, and in standard fashion, Knight Kenobi finds himself getting into all sorts of terrible trouble without much backup at all.
wip  fandom:starwars  pairing:obi-wan/anakin  pairing:obi-wan/darth_vader  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:darth_vader  character:anakin_skywalker  character:qui-gon_livers  description:time-travel  description:fixit  description:qui-gon-lives  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:darthsnug  title:ad  verecundiam 
april 2017 by isoldam
Always One Step Ahead by Story_Adopter (Harry Potter)

"What will I do Andromeda? This is the worst thing that could happen to us, he will be a target! Is it normal for children to see things others can't? Things that don't even exist yet!" Narcissa took a deep breath, Andromeda looked at her and said, "Draco Malfoy doesn't have a curse, he has a gift. One that will save him and others as well."
wip  fandom:harrypotter  character:draco_malfoy  character:severus_snape  character:narcissa_malfoy  character:lucius_malfoy  character:nymphadora_tonks  character:harry_potter  character:hermione_granger  character:ron_weasley  description:seer!draco  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:story_adopter  title:Always  One  Step  Ahead 
april 2017 by isoldam
Hela's Entertainment by melWinter (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

Hela is not warm and fluffy. Nor is she Loki's daughter. She is a ancient creature, self-titled the Goddess of the Underworld who desperately searches for entertainment. A search that is difficult to find after existing for so long. To amuse herself she will watch the living, and currently she finds the trickster of Asgard highly entertaining.

With her assistance Loki has returned from death to answer one question. But now Odin has died and Thor has abdicated his birthright in favor of Midgard. With the throne now placed at the feet of a still enraged God of Mischief, a man still grieving the loss of his mother, what will happen? Will he leave Thor to Midgard or torment his former brother? Will Sif and the Warriors 3 survive under Loki's thumb? Will he rule wisely...or will he bring bring about Ragnarok?
words:90.000+  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  character:sif  character:warriors-three  character:heimdall  character:farbauti  character:tyr  character:surtur  character:sigyn  descripton:loki-as-odin  descripton:jotun!loki  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:melwinter  title:hela's  entertainment 
april 2017 by isoldam
In the Shadow of the Smuggler's Moon by Richard_cypher (Star Wars)

On a routine Mission to Pantora , a young Obi-wan Kenobi is sold into slavery and shipped off to Nar Shaddaa to serve Grakkus the Hutt, collector of Jedi artifacts. But along the way he comes across a four-year-old slave named Anakin Skywalker, recently separated from his mother and desperately alone. Obi-wan muses Qui-gon would be proud - he's picked up a pathetic life form of his very own.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:qui-gon_jinn  description:slave!obi-wan  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:richard_cypher  title:In  the  Shadow  of  the  Smuggler's  Moon 
april 2017 by isoldam
Revenge of Obi-Wan Kenobi by poke800ash (Star Wars)

Obi-wan Kenobi finds himself back in time due to an unexpected injury on Melida/Daan. However, this Obi-wan remembered not only his past life as a Jedi Master but also the past life of the powerful Sith Emperor Vitiate. Armed with the knowledge and power of both the light and the dark from two of the greatest Jedi and Sith in the history of the galaxy, can Obi-wan protect Anakin from the machination of Darth Sidious? How will he reassert himself in the galactic power struggle that culminated into the Clone Wars?
wip  fandom:starwars  pairing:obi-wan/anakin  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:yoda  description:reincarnation  description:time-travel  description:sith!obi-wan  description:fixit  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:poke800ash  title:Revenge  of  Obi-Wan  Kenobi 
april 2017 by isoldam
Island in a Sea of Sand by My blue rose (Star Wars)
AU. Obi-Wan Kenobi never intended to be a father. He never intended to be a moisture farmer, either. But when he arrives on the Lars homestead to find Owen and Beru slain by Sand people, he finds himself raising Luke, the galaxy's best hope of defeating the Empire, on a desert planet thousands of light years from his friends and allies.
Sequel:Island in a Sea of Sun
words:20.000+  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:luke_skywalker  description:dad!obi-wan  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:my  blue  rose  title:island  in  a  sea  of  sand 
april 2017 by isoldam
Pebble in a River by kj_feybarn (Star Wars)

He woke up.
And everything changed, but of course, that's what life does. It changes.
There are so many options, so many things that seem right. And yet each of those things also feels wrong. Failure isn't an option, not again. But there is no outline for success, and he's hardly the only one in the game. He's tired, and exhausted, and so very lonely.
But force help him, he's going to save as many people as he can.
Really, Force, he needs the help.


Time-Travel. I'm doing it. I'm going to try and do a time-travel story without completely botching up everything. I can't believe I'm doing it. But I'm going to try... Really really hard, not to fail this.
So wish me luck! And hopefully this story works!
wip  fandom:starwars  pairing:obi-wan/jango_fett  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:jango_fett  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:anakin_skywalker  character:shmi_skywalker  character:padme_amidala  description:time-travel  description:fixit  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:kj_feybarn  title:pebble  in  a  river 
april 2017 by isoldam
The Exchange by MissLearn (Star Wars)

The Daughter has a bad day and it irrevocably changes the fate of the galaxy, twice over.


ROTS Obi-Wan and Anakin are swapped with their younger, TPM, selves. It changes things, in both parallels.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:sheev_palpatine  character:padme_amidala  description:time-travel  description:time-swap  description:fixit  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:misslearn  title:the  exchange 
april 2017 by isoldam
Another Deal by Valmouth (Star Wars)

Qui-Gon listens to Anakin say that he dreamed he was a knight and returned to free the slaves, and as he watches the sun rise he wants fervently to see a time in which such things are possible. And there is one last deal he can make on Tatooine.
words:10.000+  fandom:starwars  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:shmi_skywalker  character:padme_amidala  description:phantom-menace-au  description:qui-gon-pov  description:qui-gon-centric  description:anakin-not-a-jedi  author:valmouth  rating:teen  genre:gen  title:another  deal 
march 2017 by isoldam
Though I Never Dared Dream by PunsBulletsAndPointyThings (Star Wars)

According to Republic and Temple records, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was killed in action, year 32 BBY, on the planet of Naboo in a fight against the Sith Lord known as Darth Maul.
However, sometimes, records are wrong. The Force moves in mysterious ways.
wip  fandom:starwars  pairing:obi-wan/qui-gon  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:anakin_skywalker  character:feemor_strahl  character:dooku  character:asajj_ventress  character:rex  character:cody  description:resurrected!qui-gon  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:punsbulletsandpointythings  title:Though  I  Never  Dared  Dream 
february 2017 by isoldam
No Galaxy for Good Jedi by Annie_Walker (Star Wars)

Obi-Wan Kenobi was only a young padawan when he ran away with three-year old Anakin. He had no choice after his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, fell to the Dark Side by Master Dooku’s manipulations. To protect the Chosen One, Obi-Wan did what he had to do and now he and Anakin live as outlaws of the Jedi Order and the Republic, being hunted by both Jedi and Obi-Wan’s former master and grandmaster. Now, it’s up to Obi-Wan to train Anakin in the ways of the Force while also stay one step ahead of Qui-Gon and Dooku.
wip  fandom:starwars  pairing:anakin/padme  pairing:obi-wan/satine  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:dooku  character:padme_amidala  character:yoda  character:mace_windu  character:asajj_ventress  character:satine_kryze  description:sith!qui-gon  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:annie_walker  title:No  Galaxy  for  Good  Jedi 
february 2017 by isoldam
A Trickster God's Guide to Domesticating Geniuses by LokasennaHiddleston (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)
When Sleipnir was born, Loki did not have the heart to give him to the All-Father. Finally fed up with Asgard's treatment of him, he flees the Golden Realm with his son.
Centuries later, while hiding on Midgard, he meets a man in a red and gold suit and a heart that shines like the Tesseract.
Now, Loki will have something else to love and protect, and Sleipnir might just have a father. But what will Asgard and Midgard make of Loki's choice? Will the unlikely new family manage to handle all the challenges thrown their way?
words:50.000+  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:loki  character:tony_stark  character:sleipner  character:hela  description:loki-doesn't-fall  description:loki-runs-away  rating:teen  genre:slash  authro:lokasennahiddleston  title:A  Trickster  God's  Guide  to  Domesticating  Geniuses  title:A  Mother's  Choice  title:A  Match  Made  in  Hel(Heim) 
february 2017 by isoldam
A New History by Annie Walker
During a heated battle, Dooku escaped into the past! Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker follow to stop him, but discover that Dooku went to the past where Obi-Wan is a young padawan to a very much alive Qui-Gon Jinn. Now, the two must go undercover to stop Dooku's plans from coming to fruition in order to save not only the future, but also young Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn.
wip  words:300.000+  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:qui-gon_jinn  description:time-travel  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:anniewalker  title:a  new  history 
february 2017 by isoldam
Icarus by trinity_destler (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

When Loki let go of the spear, he fell to Earth in more ways than one. Meanwhile, months after Thor vanished into the sky, Jane Foster is still trying to get off the ground.

(In which Jane's curiosity is one of the more powerful forces in the known universe, Loki has more issues than a magazine rack, Darcy doesn't have a filter, and Erik Selvig holds out vain hope that his life will stop being quite so interesting. A slow burn romance springs up from a bed of science and Asgardian family angst.)

Alternate link:
wip  words:100.000+  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/jane_foster  character:loki  character:jane_foster  character:darcy_lewis  character:thor  character:frigga  character:odin  description:loki-falls-to-earth  description:no-invasion  description:fixit  description:bifrost-building  rating:teen  genre:het  author:trinity_destler  title:icarus 
february 2017 by isoldam
those yesterdays bleeding through by wnnbdarklord (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

Loki dies on the desolate plains of Svartalfheim, Thor's howls of grief ringing in his ears. He wakes up on his bed in his cell, where there is no sign of destruction.

A time loop fic where Loki gets the chance to fix things on the day the Dark Elves attack Asgard. And another. And another.
words:5000-10.000  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:frigga  character:thor  character:jane_foster  character:odin  description:time-loop  description:fix-it  description:frigga-lives  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:wnnbdarklord  title:those  yesterdays  bleeding  through 
january 2017 by isoldam
So That's What It Does by Nyx_Ro (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

What if during 'The Avengers' Phil Coulson had picked up a different weapon before going to confront Loki-- and thereby totally changed the course of the rest of the movie?

NOTE: Contains references to past torture, rape of a minor, and abusive parenting. Also involves de-aging-- sorta. Unbeta'd, posted as an experiment. Constructive criticism welcomed.
wip  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:phil_coulson  character:clint_barton  character:avengers  character:frigga  character:odin  description:jotun!loki  description:deaging  description:mind-controlled-loki  description:loki-is-innocent  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:nyx_ro  title:So  That's  What  It  Does 
january 2017 by isoldam
Rinse! Repeat? by Down_Memory_Lane (Star Wars)
There, alone, stood a figure. A boy yet an old man. Strong body unmarked by life’s challenges, scarred soul reflecting far too many struggles.


Another Obi-Wan goes back in time story, finds himself in his teenage body on Melida/Daan and has to start all over again.
words:30.000+  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:qui-gon_jinn  character:yoda  character:xanatos  character:bruck_chun  character:thal  description:time-travel  description:au-canon-divergence  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:down_memory_lane 
january 2017 by isoldam
The White Pawn by Soupy_George (Harry Potter)

When eighteen-year-old Draco Malfoy finds himself back at Hogwarts on the eve of Voldemort's infamous return, he is confronted with the most difficult decision he's ever had to make: Relive the 6th year at school he's tried so hard to forget, or do the unthinkable and ally himself with Potter's lot...
wip  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  character:draco_malfoy  character:harry_potter  character:regulus_black  description:time-travel  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:soupy_george  title:the  white  pawn 
january 2017 by isoldam
Loptr by Katsuko (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

"Unacceptable," she snarled. "My Loptr, my youngest child, has been raised by those barbarians to hate his heritage. He has killed his sire, my husband. He has tried to destroy the realm of his birth, all because Odin Spear-shaker, Odin One-Eye, Odin Child-thief, taught him that such things were right and just."
words:0-5000  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:farbauti  character:helblindi  character:odin  character:angrboda  character:thor  character:sigyn  description:jotun!loki  description:loki-returns-to-jotunheim  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:katsuko  title:loptr 
january 2017 by isoldam
Choices and Consequences by SatansSin (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)
Returning home, both Thor and Loki drift apart, anger driving them away, resentment increasing the gap. Now, years later, they are forced to mend their relationship or lose the throne. Naturally, neither will bend. So who will break? Add in the Avengers and an angry Chitauri ruler to make matters worse. How will they cope?
words:100.000+  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  character:sigyn  character:natasha_romanov  character:tony_stark  description:brotherly-rivalry  description:reconciliation  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:satanssin  title:Choices  and  Consequences 
december 2016 by isoldam
May you bury me by LadyCharity (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

Everything that Thor does, it will never be enough.

Everything that Loki does, it is because of his brother.

In which Loki accidentally ends up as an honorary Avenger by no intention of his own, while failing to do everything in his will to hate his brother and simultaneously trying to save him.
wip  fandom:thor  character:loki  character:steve_rogers  character:tony_stark  character:natasha_romanov  character:sam_wilson  character:wanda_maximoff  character:vision  character:thor  description:infinity-stones  description:magicless!loki  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:ladycharity  title:May  you  bury  me 
september 2016 by isoldam
When Darkness Seems to Hide This Place by IllyanaA (Star Wars - Prequels)

After killing three of the Jedi Order's best and brightest, Palpatine's fight with Jedi Master Mace Windu goes shorter than expected. Afraid he's lost his chance at recruiting a new apprentice, Sidious unleashes Order 66 across the galaxy, but, per their programming, the Clone Army is not to harm Anakin Skywalker. After witnessing the most painful loss he's ever experienced and injured at the hands of his captors, Anakin is ready to die like the rest of the Jedi, though not before getting his vengeance.
wip  fandom:starwars  character:anakin_skywalker  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:yoda  character:mace_window  character:ashoka_tano  character:rex  description:anakin-does-not-turn  description:younglings-live  description:jedi-in-hiding  description:new-temple-established  description:luke-and-leia-kidnapped-by-sideous  description:RotSAU  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:illyanaa  title:When  Darkness  Seems  to  Hide  This  Place 
september 2016 by isoldam
Renewal by AzenorSage (Harry Potter)

At the point of death, Regulus Black is de-aged. Given a second chance at life, he becomes a new beacon of hope for the nearly defunct Black Family. He is haunted by strange dreams of his past and the feeling that he has an important mission that he must complete, no matter the cost to himself.
wip  fandom:harrypotter  character:regulus_black  character:arcutrus_black  character:cassiopeia_black  character:sirius_black  character:draco_malfoy  character:lucius_malfoy  character:narcissa_malfoy  character:harry_potter  character:severus_snape  character:hermione_granger  character:neville_longbottom  character:ernie_macmillian  description:black-centric  description:slytherin-centric  description:deaging  description:regulus-lives  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:azenorsage  title:renewal 
may 2016 by isoldam
Nothing Is Nothing by Shi_Toyu (Thor / Iron Man - Marvel Movies / Angela - Marvel Comics)

A Prompt Fill for Norsekink, as shown to me by PeaceHeather.

Loki, Thor, and company travel to the realm of the Angels after the events of Thor. Loki has been tasked making sure the Bifrost gets fixed, but the only one who can do it doesn't seem to keen on the idea.
wip  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/tony_stark/Angela  character:loki  character:tony_stark  character:angela  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  description:threesome  description:rebuilding-the-bifrost  descriptoin:loki's-punishment  rating:teen  genre:poly  genre:slash  genre:het  author:shi_toyu  title:nothing  is  nothing 
march 2016 by isoldam
Marry In Haste by sinistercinnamon (Thor - Marvel Movies)

Believing his parents intend to marry him off to a Jotun, Loki is desperate to make himself ineligible by finding a wife of his own. Meanwhile, Pepper has reached the end of her tether with Tony Stark, and temporary marriage to an alien prince seems a great idea for putting some distance between them and showing that there's more to her than 'Iron Man's girlfriend'. They both get something out of the deal, secure in the knowledge that it's a temporary arrangement, and if the other party involved seems to be showing warmth and fondness? Well that's just good acting, and nothing more...
wip  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/pepper_potts  character:loki  charcter:pepper_potts  character:tony_stark  character:frigga  character:thor  character:odin  description:marrige-of-convenience  description:marriage  rating:teen  genre:het  author:sinistercinnamon  title:marry  in  haste 
march 2016 by isoldam
The Most Destructive Emotion by LokasennaHiddleston (Thor / The Avengers - Marvel Movies)

Love is the most destructive emotion. Amora the Enchantress knows this very well.
She also knows that her only friend, the one man who ever loved her for more than her beauty - Loki - is gone. She had failed him, abandoned him to Asgard's tender mercies. There is no way to take back her actions now, but in Loki's name, she will have her revenge - on the Thunderer, and on his Midgardian allies.
What Amora does not know is that one particular Midgardian has a vested interest in Loki's well being too. And when she finds out, she's quite intrigued by the handsome armorsmith.
As for Tony Stark... He has enough on his plate with one Asgardian magic user. How in the world will he make time for two?
wip  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/tony_stark/Amora  character:loki  character:amora  character:tony_stark  description:threesome  rating:teen  genre:poly  genre:slash  genre:het  author:lokasennahiddleston  title:the  most  destructive  emotion 
march 2016 by isoldam
Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes by SecretAgentFemme (Harry Potter)
Draco Malfoy has a compelling reason to make a different choice during his first meeting with famous Harry Potter. Possible future eventual Drarry, but that would either be some serious time jumps or a way longer story than I suspect I have in me.
fandom:harrypotter  character:draco_malfoy  character:harry_potter  character:hermione_granger  description:timetravel  description:friendship  description:do-over  wip  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:secretagentfemme 
march 2016 by isoldam
Sparks from the Fox’s Tail by khalulu (Harry Potter)
Summary: Draco is frustrated with his career as a travel writer, when a mini-tirade from Mrs Weasley and an encounter with the portrait of an intrepid great-great-great-aunt lead him to Finland to study wandless magic. Harry is – just being contrary and following his sweet-tooth, or taking the subtle route to saving the world?
words:10.000+  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  character:draco_malfoy  character:harry_potter  description:post-war  description:writer!draco  descripion:finland  descripion:folklore  rating:teen  genre:slash  author:khalulu  title:sparks  from  the  fox's  tail 
march 2016 by isoldam
Sight Can Be Deadly by InfiniteInspirit (Harry Potter)
At a young age, Draco Malfoy discovered an interesting fact: he was a Seer, with confusing abilities that no one else seems to have ever heard of...abilities that could kill him. Determined to keep his secret, Draco is forced to seek out unusual help. Seer!Draco. AU, Fourth Year (begins before the Triwizard Tournament).
wip  fandom:harrypotter  character:draco_malfoy  character:charlie_weasley  character:victor_krum  character:blaise_zabini  character:pansy_parkenson  character:severus_snape  character:harry_potter  description:seer!draco  description:neurtral!draco  description:draco-centric  rating:teen  genre:gen  author:infiniteinspirit  title:sight  can  be  deadly 
february 2016 by isoldam
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description:loki-tries-to-escapte-destiny  description:long  description:luke-and-leia-kidnapped-by-sideous  description:magic-returns  description:magic-reveiled  description:magicless!loki  description:magicless-loki  description:malfoys-do-not-join-voldemort  description:mandalore  description:marriage  description:marrige  description:marrige-of-convenience  description:master!ben  description:master!obi-wan  description:medical-doctor-strange  description:medium!arthur  description:medium!draco  description:mental-health-issues  description:mental-illness  description:methos-meets-hellboy  description:migraine  description:mind-controlled  description:mind-controlled-loki  description:mind-controlled-methos  description:minor-character-death  description:mirror-universe  description:miscarriage  description:misunderstood!loki  description:mom!loki  description:mpreg  description:mutant!sam  description:mute!loki  description:mythverse  description:neal_caffrey  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description:resurrected!ygraine  description:resurrection  description:road-trip  description:RotSAU  description:sam-centric  description:saving-jedi-children  description:sci-fi  description:seer!draco  description:seidr  description:sentinel!neal  description:sentinel!sherlock  description:separated!boys  description:separation  description:shapeshifter!loki  description:sheild!loki  description:shmi-is-badass  description:sibling-love  description:sick!neal  description:sick!sam  description:sith!obi-wan  description:sith!qui-gon  description:slave!loki  description:slave!obi-wan  description:slave-rebellion  description:slavery  description:slayer!raven  description:slytherin!harry  description:slytherin!hermione  description:slytherin!methos  description:slytherin-centric  description:slytherin-is-not-the-evil-house  description:soulmates  description:spike&dawn  description:spy!cody  description:stanford-era  description:starvation  description:steve_rogers-in-asgard  description:suicide-attempt  description:suitless-vader  description:sympathetic!darcy  description:t'hy'la  description:tarsusiv  description:tatooine-culture  description:teacher!merlin  description:teen!chesters  description:temporary-character-death  description:therapy  description:there-are-two-obi-wans  description:threesome  description:time-loop  description:time-swap  description:time-travel  description:timeless-love  description:timeloop  description:timetravel  description:tony-in-asgard  description:tpm-era  description:trained-luke  description:twins  description:underground-railroad  description:universe  description:universe-hopping  description:unreformed!thor  description:vader-gets-schooled  description:vampire  description:vampire!erik  description:vampire!peter  description:vampire-fic  description:vampires  description:vietnam-war  description:visions  description:wee!chesters  description:werewolf  description:werewolf-fic  description:wildhunt  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