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Impractical Assets by Khat (White Collar)

Neal Caffrey's entire life is built on a lie, one known only to his best friend and mentor, Mozzie. Confident and quite able to take care of himself, the omega has no desire or need (in his opinion) to be at the end of an Alpha's leash. In fact, the thought of taking a knot or bearing children makes him sick, and the sound of an Alpha's Voice, the tone that usually commands obedience, only makes him more contrary. So he lets the world think he's something else completely.

Until one night in London, when Peter Burke rescues him from the attentions of a trio of Alphas and his greatest secret is revealed.

Peter just wants to see the young conman safe with a compatible Alpha. Neal just wants to be able to live life, and not be forced into a role that doesn't fit him. Neither can see that the answer is lying right in front of them.
wip  fandom:whitecollar  pairing:peter/neal  character:neal_caffrey  character:peter_burke  character:mozzie  character:elizabeth_burke  character:diana_berrigan  description:alpha/omega_'verse  description:omega!neal  description:alpha!peter  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:khat  title:impractical  assets 
september 2018 by isoldam
Retcon by saltandlimes (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)

Infinity War Fix-it fic. The Avengers and their allies are losing the battle against Thanos. As New York falls, Loki finds his way into Dr. Strange's sanctuary, where Strange guards the last remaining Infinity Stone, locked away in the Eye of Agamotto.

All Loki has to do to fix it is to go back in time, all the way back to before he let the Jotun into Asgard during Thor's botched coronation, and change things. Fix the past, and he'll fix the future.

The only problem is Loki hasn't considered what exactly is waiting for him in the past. Or more precisely, who. Thor is back there, and he's even more bloodthirsty and uncontrolled than Loki remembers.
words:80.000+  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  character:jane_foster  character:stephen_strange  character:nick_fury  character:phil_coulson  description:time-travel  description:fix-it  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:saltandlimes  title:retcon 
may 2018 by isoldam
keep your own wounds green by Colourofsaying (The Dresden Files)

When a rescue goes wrong, Harry Dresden learns two things. One, he's used to - he has a ruthless enemy bent on destroying him (and the balance of normality) that he didn't know existed. The other, not so much. He's had personal revelations before, but nothing like this one.

And did he really have to get rescued by John Marcone?

Essentially, we start with a kidnap, move on through a mystery plot, deal with Harry's customary inability to handle any self-knowledge (which complicates his ability to solve said mystery plot), and end with some steamy romance.

Tagged for explicit sex in later chapters.

This work is complete and will be updating weekly.
wip  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:john_marcone/harry_dresden  character:harry_dresden  character:john_marcone  description:kidnapping  description:child-killer  description:unrecognized-desire  description:protective!marcone  description:bottom!dresden  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:colourofsaying  title:keep  your  own  wounds  green 
april 2018 by isoldam
King, Prince and Priestess 'Verse by DiamondAbyss (Merlin - BBC TV)
Following the attack of the Great Dragon on Camelot, Merlin's mind is about to go out of balance as he is tormented by the sense of guilt for poisoning Morgana and for the terrible price the citadel and the Lower Town had to pay for his bargain with the dragon. As he tries to escape his growing sympathy for Arthur, the prince surprisingly makes the first move to cut the distance between them. With the shadows of war more visible than ever, Merlin must find a way to follow his destiny when swords, court intrigues, magic and love stand his way.
words:400.000+  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  character:merlin  character:arthur_pendragon  character:uther_pendragon  character:morgana  character:gwen  character:gaius  description:magic-reveiled  description:bottom!merlin  description:temporary-character-death  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:diamondabyss  series-title:king  prince  and  priestess  title:The  Great  Design  Star  title:Guiding 
january 2018 by isoldam
Can't Get There From Here by Sperare (X-Men / The Sentinel)

After accidentally meeting in Oxford, Erik reluctantly drags Charles, his new Guide, with him on his globe-trotting, Nazi-hunting revenge tour, and Charles slowly but surely realizes that Erik is more than an unfairly attractive, ill-mannered Sentinel interested only in finding and killing the man who murdered his mother.
wip  fandom:x-men  fandom:thesentinel  pairing:erik/charles  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:raven_darkholme  description:bonding  description:sentinel!erik  description:guide!charles  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:sperare  title:can't  get  there  from  here 
june 2017 by isoldam
sithnip 'verse by wrennette (Star Wars)
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight. He’s picked up Qui-Gon’s ‘bringing home strays’ tendency but he’s bringing home repentant Dark Force users. He has a squad of really badass bodyguards / over protective siblings and facepalms even more than before because they have terrible manners (except Dooku).
words:100.000+  fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan_kenobi  character:anakin_skywalker  character:dooku  character:asajj_ventress  character:yoda  character:xanatos  character:bruck_chun  character:ahsoka_tano  character:sheev_palpatine  character:padme_amidala  character:mace_windu  description:obi-wan-collects-siths  description:lineage  rating:explicit  genre:gen  genre:slash  genre:het  author:wrennette  title:sithnip 
may 2017 by isoldam
Borrowed Time by Foreverlovedgirl (Star Wars)

Palpatine betrayed them all. He stands over Padme's bed, after she just gave birth to her two children, and quietly snuffs out her life. But in the darkness that surrounded her, she heard a voice "Want for you to live, I do."
wip  pairing:anakin/padme  character:padme_amidala  character:anakin_skywalker  character:obi-wan_kenobi  description:time-travel  rating:explicit  genre:het  author:foreverlovedgirl  title:borrowed  time 
april 2017 by isoldam
Life skills outside the curriculum by Endrina (Harry Potter)

It was "Witch Weekly", of all people and organizations, the first to notice and comment on The Boy Who Lived’s absence from the ranks of first years at Hogwarts. The magazine went on to elucubrate that the young hero was studying at a foreign school, possibly Beauxbatons or Holzschuhkäse.
words:60.000+  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  character:harry_potter  character:draco_malfoy  character:remus_lupin  character:sirius_black  character:hermione_granger  description:runaway!harry  description:runaway!draco  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:endrina  title:Life  skills  outside  the  curriculum 
january 2017 by isoldam
Whose Walls Already Rise by vasaris (Highlander / The Epic of Gilgamesh / Sherlock / Star Trek))
1. Out of the Wilderness
A retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh with a few new elements and a few new people. Epic, meet Highlander; Highlander, meet Gilgamesh. A hunter returns to camp, finding the unexpected.

2. Who Can Sail Without the Wind?
The Federation has re-captured Khan. The Immortals that remain after the so-called Eugenics Wars cannot allow that to stand.
words:50.000+  fandom:highlander  fandom:gilgamesh  fandom:sherlock  fandom:sherlock_holmes  fandom:star_trek  pairing:gilgamesh/enkidu  pairing:methos/khan  pairing:methos/sherlock  character:methos  character:enkidu  character:khan  character:gilgamesh  character:sherlock  character:duncan_macleod  character:john_watson  character:kirk  character:spock  description:retelling-of-epic-of-gilgamesh  description:khan-is-an-immortal  description:khan-is-sherlock-and-gilgamesh  description:methos-is-enkidu  rating:explicit  genre:het  genre:slash  author:vasaris  title:Whose  Walls  Already  Rise  title:Out  of  the  Wilderness  title:Who  Can  Sail  Without  the  Wind 
december 2016 by isoldam
Blood and Iron 'Verse by dracusfyre (Thor / Avengers / Dr. Strange - Marvel Movie 'Verse)
1. Blood and Iron
Loki offers Tony a way to stop being afraid. Tony gives Loki a chance at revenge. But sometimes what happens along the journey is bigger than the destination, and it will either be their salvation or their destruction.
2. Sorcerers and Sarcasm
“Loki Odinson. I am Dr. Stephen Strange.”
words:50.000+  fandom:thor  fandom:dr_strange  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:loki  character:tony_stark  character:dr_strange  description:tony-has-ptsd  description:badass!loki  description:sorcerer!loki  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:dracusfyre  title:blook  and  iron  title:Sorcerers  and  Sarcasm 
december 2016 by isoldam
A Grimm Carrier Dreamer1333 (Grimm)

There is a rare, valuable type of male that can carry children. There type of males are known as Carriers. At the age of 15 all boys are tested for the Carrier ability. When Nick Burckhardt was tested his results came back positive, proving him to be a Carrier. Just a year before his Transition into his Carrier abilities was set to begin his Aunt Marie put him on suppressants to stop it from happening, knowing that should it ever be discovered that her nephew is a Grimm and a Carrier that his life would become even more dangerous than what it already was.
wip  fandom:grimm  pairing:nick_burkhardt/sean_renard  character:nick_burkhardt  character:sean_renard  character:trubel  character:kelly_burkhardt  character:rosalee_calvert  character:monroe  description:mpreg  description:bonding  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:dreamer1333  title:a  grimm  carrier 
october 2016 by isoldam
Blood Bag by FangirlWolfie (Harry Potter)
Summary: When the “Magical Creature Rights”- debate ends badly the rebellion of magical creatures ends up occupying Hogwarts as a last resort. Harry Potter (rebellion leader and vampire) meets Draco Malfoy (son of an opponent to creature rights) and passion ensues.
wip  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  character:draco_malfoy  character:harry_potter  character:pansy_parkenson  character:blaise_zabini  character:hermione_granger  character:sirius_black  character:ron_weasley  character:remus_lupin  description:vampires  description:vampire!harry  description:powerful!harry  description:bottom!draco  description:top!harry  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:fangirlwolfie  title:blood  bag 
march 2016 by isoldam
There is Nothing Without Time by filenotch (Highlander / Supernatural)
Summary: It split open at the blade, opening like the iris of a cat, the edges of the figure blurring into the swirl at the outside, a vortex that Methos fell into with the force of his sword thrust, a ring of laughter in his ears. "I banish you!" Methos finds himself in a world where Immortals never existed, one where all the myths in all the books he's ever read are real. The demon Ahriman has followed him, and Castiel, the living embodiment of all those myths, wants it sent back, and Methos with it. But how do you vanquish an enemy in a dimension where neither of you exists? The answer lies somewhere beneath the weight of knowledge Methos carries with him, somewhere in the memories of every Immortal that ever lived, but it will take Castiel to find the one that holds the key: the memories of Duncan MacLeod. Castiel will force Methos to face down that death--and in return, Methos will show Castiel that there is something very different between knowing and understanding.
words:20.000+  fandom:highlander  fandom:supernatural  pairing:duncan/methos  character:methos  character:duncan_macleod  character:ahriman  character:bobby_singer  character:castiel  description:methos-wins-the-prize  description:temporary-character-death  description:universe-hopping  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:filenotch  title:there  is  nothing  without  time 
january 2016 by isoldam
Time 'Verse by shadesofmidnightsun (Iron Man / The Avengers / Thor - Marvel Movies)
It's nostalgia that first chases Tony out on the streets. Then monsters, then Pepper, then just something time and again. For Loki it's banishment, having his magic taken, demons of the past that he may or may not remember, and slowly losing what little he has left. And if they somehow stumble upon each other again and again, so what?
words:100.000+  fandom:mcu  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:loki  character:tony_stark  character:pepper_pots  character:thor  character:odin  character:fandral  description:loki's-punishment  description:magicless-loki  description:homelessness  description:suicide-attempt  description:internalized-racism  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:shadesofmidnightsun  series:time  'verse  title:one  day  at  a  time  title:every  minute  counts 
january 2016 by isoldam
A Friend for A Week by LokasennaHiddleston (Iron Man / Thor - Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Summary: A week before Thor's coronation, a drunk and depressed Loki decides he wants a genuine friend of his own. Of course, he turns to magic to solve his dilemma. There are only two problems. First, he is very aware that his current form isn't very lovable or trustworthy. Second, he actually needs a person to befriend. This is how Loki ends up in Tony Stark's living room, minutes after his disastrous birthday party, and in the shape of a cat. What will our favorite genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist make of the mysteriously appearing feline, and how will it all affect their lives, and those of the people around them?
wip  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:loki  character:tony_stark  character:frigga  character:odin  character:thor  character:sif  character:warriors_three  character:heimdall  character:pepper_pots  description:loki-never-fell  description:king!loki  description:shapeshifter!loki  description:cat!loki  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:lokasennahiddleston  title:friend  for  a  week 
january 2016 by isoldam
Power Ballad Series by Ringshadow (The Avengers / Thor - Marvel Movies)
Odin throws Loki down to Earth, and Loki falls right into the arms of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Unfortunately, Loki is unbalanced, a bit insane, and angry at the world. Of course, Tony matches him step for step on a lot of his issues. FrostIron story and a sequel to "Welcome to the Family", PepperToki (Pepper/Tony/Loki). Story contains mental health issues, medication, medicinal marijuana, Spidey cameos, warm fluffies, R&D, Malibu, and eventually a battle. Eventually.
words:200.000+  fandom:mcu  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/tony_stark/pepper_pots  character:loki  character:tony_stark  character:pepper_pots  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  character:avengers  description:au  description:frigga-lives  description:mental-illness  description:loki's-punishment  description:threesome  rating:explicit  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:poly  author:ringshadow  title:power  ballad  series 
december 2015 by isoldam
Naked in the Eye of the Storm by tenaya (Thor - Marvel Movies)
Summary: Loki is revealed as a Jötunn during the raid to Jotunheim. Considered underage on Jotunheim, Laufey demands him back, but Odin decides to marry him to Thor to keep him in Asgard. Loki faces many trials as he comes to terms with his new role.
words:80.000+  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/thor  character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  character:volstagg  character:fandral  character:hogun  character:sif  character:laufey  character:rocket_raccoon  character:groot  character:athelstan  description:loki-never-fell  description:arranged-marriage  description:intersex!loki  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:tenaya  title:naked  in  the  eye  of  the  storm 
november 2015 by isoldam
Maybe You (and your sad blue eyes) by alby_mangroves (Thor / The Avengers - Marvel Movies)
Summary: Loki had already come to accept being born without a bonded soul to cleave to, one more way in which he would always be the lesser brother. So of course it made sense that it would settle upon him when he least expected it. (Set in the timeline of Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, and The Avengers. Canon divergent just before Chitauri invasion.)
words:20.000+  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/steve  character:loki  character:steve_rogers  description:soul-mates  description:bonding  description:soul-bond  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:alby_mangroves  title:Maybe  You 
november 2015 by isoldam
The Tale of the Odinson and the Frost Giant by LokiBitch07 (Thor / The Avengers - Movies)
Summary: Loki is born as the youngest prince of Jötunheimr, a broken realm of hunger and darkness. His father Laufey lost a 1000-year war against Odin Allfather, and Loki-prince, a born Mage and Ergi, is send as a deliberate insult as a peace-hostage to Asgard. Odin takes him in and the boy grows into a man. Thor, who despises the foreign looking Frost Giant is forced to find out more about the ways of the Jötun, and the two young Gods learn about each other cultures and ways. But then there is another war, Asgard vs Jötunheimr, and the shaky truce that the two young Gods built, crumbles. And when Laufey looses the second war, Thor has to stake his own claim on the Icen Realm, striking a bargain with Loki he finds very hard to swallow. Will Jötunheimr ever be free?
wip  words:100.000+  pairing:loki/thor  character:loki  character:thor  description:jotun!loki  description:hostage!loki  description:arranged-marriage  description:intersex!loki  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:lokibitch07  title:The  Tale  of  the  Odinson  and  the  Frost  Giant 
november 2015 by isoldam
Nadir by canis_lupus (Thor / The Avengers -Marvel Movies)
Summary: nadir: noun na·dir \ˈnā-ˌdir, ˈnā-dər\ "the worst or lowest point of something" From which Loki will rise to take his revenge on Thanos- only he didn't quite realize that when you involve the Avengers in any sort of plan, there's bound to be unexpected detours along the way. Not to mention Tony Stark.
wip  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:loki  character:tony_stark  character:thor  character:frigga  character:odin  character:james(bucky)_barnes  character:jane_foster  character:bruce_banner  character:steve_rogers  character:natasha_romanov  character:clint_barton  character:hel  character:sleipnir  character:wanda_maximov  character:pietro_maximoff  character:thanos  description:recovered-from-mind-control-loki  description:frigga-lives  description:loki's-revenge  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:canis_lupus  title:nadir 
october 2015 by isoldam
Broken Chains by Loopstagirl (Merlin - TV)
Summary: Collared and chained, the life Merlin knew is over. He refused to be gifted to the Crown Prince of Camelot and would fight with everything he had. But Arthur wasn't the one he needed to fear.
wip  words:100.000+  fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  character:merlin  character:arthur_pendragon  character:uther_pendragon  character:nimueh  character:gwen  character:lancelot  character:gaius  description:slavery  description:rape  description:non-con  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:loopstagirl  title:broken  chains 
august 2015 by isoldam
The Heart's Search by rotrude (Merlin - TV)
Summary: Written for this kinkme_merlin prompt: I'd like a story based on the Selection-Trilogy by Kiera Cass - I haven't read the books, just write your own story but based on this summary: For thirty-five girls/boys, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Arthur. But for Merlin Emrys, being Selected is a nightmare. Leaving his home to enter a fierce competition for a crown he doesn't want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks. I'd just love to see Merlin being from a lower caste than most of the others and not liking Arthur at first and just being his usual self, before he starts to actually like the prince. I'm looking for a lot of snark and Arthur secretly liking Merlin's difficult personality.
words:100.000+  fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  character:merlin  character:arthur_pendragon  character:uther_pendragon  character:gwen  character:mordred  character:morgana  description:modern-au  description:magic-illegal  description:resistance-leader!merlin  description:marriage  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:rotrude  title:the  heart's  search 
august 2015 by isoldam
Bad Things by scatterglory (Merlin / True Blood)
Summary: Merlin Emrys had pretty much resigned himself to life as a thought-reading, table-waiting freak in the sleepy town of Camelot, LA. Then a vampire named Arthur showed up... **Warnings/Spoilers:** Noncon, dubcon, violent sex, unsafe sex, mind-control, torture, kidnapping, restraints, marking, intoxication, addiction, drug use, character death (none of the main characters). Spoilers up through Season 3 of Merlin, and Season 4 of True Blood (no knowledge of TB required...).
words:60.000+  fandom:merlin-bbc  fandom:trueblood  pairing:arthur/merlin  character:merlin  character:arthur_pendragon  description:vampires  description:bonding  description:bottom!merlin  description:non-con  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:scatterglory  title:Bad  Things 
july 2015 by isoldam
Unexpected Consequences of Planned Soulbonding by crescent_gaia (Sherlock -TV, Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms)
Summary: John Watson always thought he was an beta, a normal human, until he got shot. After being discharged by the army and sent back home, he goes about his life until he meets the world's only consulting detective. Then life takes very unexpected turns. Sherlock Holmes, on the other hand, is debating just how much he's going to curse out his brother for putting the ex-soldier in his path. (This does follow the series with the AUness happening before, during, and after series and episodes. I will not be using season 3, save for the fall explanation.)
wip  fandom:sherlock  fandom:sherlockholmes  pairing:sherlock/john  pairing:mycroft/lestrade  character:john_watson  character:sherlock_holmes  character:mycroft_holmes  character:gregory_lestrade  description:alpha/omega_'verse  description:omega!john  description:alpha!sherlock  description:mpreg  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:crescent_gaia  title:Unexpected  Consequences  of  Planned  Soulbonding 
july 2015 by isoldam
City by the Sea by Black_Betty (X-Men - All Media Types, X-Men: First Class - 2011)
It never bothered Charles that he essentially belonged to someone else from birth. Ever since he could remember he had been told stories about the mysterious prince who was his betrothed, and who one day would be called husband. As he grew older, Charles caught his thoughts drifting away from lessons under strict tutors, his mind slipping into the hazy daydream of his life yet to come...
words:50.000+  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:firstclass  pairing:erik/charles  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:sebastian_shaw  character:moira_mactaggert  character:emma_frost  character:raven_darkholme  character:hank_mccoy  description:arranged-marriage  description:prince!charles  description:prince!erik  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:black_betty  title:City  by  the  Sea 
july 2015 by isoldam
Shadows of the Past 'Verse by Ithiel_Dragon, NurseDarry (Star Trek: Alternate Original Series - Movies)
While investigating the appearance of a temporal disturbance, Jim Kirk suddenly finds himself transported three hundred years into Earth's past. Right in the middle of the Eugenics Wars.
wip  words:50.000+  fandom:startrek  fandom:startrek:aos  pairing:kirk/khan  character:kirk  character:khan_noonian_singh  description:timetravel  description:non-con  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:ithiel_dragon  author:nursedarry 
june 2015 by isoldam
Metamorphasis by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles (Dark Knight Rises - 2012)
Blake has been causing problems for Bane in Gotham City. When Bane finally gets his hands on Blake, he decides to keep him off the streets where he can’t cause any more trouble. Prisoner to a terrifying madman, Blake tries to survive until someone saves him. In the interim, with Blake and Bane often each other’s only company, they decide to learn a little about their enemy.
words:100.000+  fandom:batman  pairng:bane/john_blake  character:john_blake  character:bane  description:kidnapping  description:captive!john  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:onewhositswithturtles 
june 2015 by isoldam
Happy Endings by the_ragnarok (Inception - 2010)
Arthur is a full-service masseuse. Eames is his favorite customer. (Arthur is in a bad situation and runs away with Eames).
words:80.000+  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  character:arthur  character:eames  description:prostitution  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:the_ragnarok 
june 2015 by isoldam
Remember You Shall Die 'Verse by MsMiaMimi (Mc_Mimi) - (Marvel Comics / Marvel Cinematic Universe - X-Men: Days of Future Past - 2014 / X-Men: First Class - 2011)
After the Second World War, mutants are in charge of much of the planet. Captain America is president of the U.S. and a cabinet of powerful mutant Generals lead the Allied Forces (mostly) to victory. Germany, Poland, and most of central Europe is now controlled by Shaw, the mutant who killed Hitler. Twenty years later, the whole world is still at war, with Shaw and the Generals he appointed as rulers in the States he collectively controls in ‘Shawland.’
words:100.000+  fandom:mcu  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:firstclass  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:charles/moira  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:moira_mactaggert  character:raven_darkholme  character:sebastian_shaw  description:evil!erik  description:stalking  description:captive!charles  description:au  description:rape  description:mutants-rule  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:msmiamimi 
june 2015 by isoldam
Empty Words by Lovelet (Thor - Movies)
Summary: Written for a prompt on norsekink where Thor was made King after Odin had fallen into a prolonged sleep. Thor takes this opportunity to marry Loki off to Fandral, for, what he claims to be "the greater good". Fandral has been in love with Loki for years, and the two decide to enjoy their married life while dealing with Thor's domineering ways. Everything seems as settled as it can be, until Loki finds out he's pregnant... which should of course be impossible. With Loki's secret revealed to Asgard and a baby on the way, now he and Fandral must keep Thor's temper at bay during his claustrophobic rule, and find out what's really going on. My story has deviated from the original prompt slightly, which is here:, along with the rest of what I've written so far.
wip  fandom:mcu  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/fandral  character:loki  character:fandral  character:thor  character:frigga  character:odin  description:king!thor  description:arranged-marriage  description:mpreg  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:lovelet 
june 2015 by isoldam
Seven Ages by ff_fan (James Bond - Craig movies)
From age 15 Falkirk Holmes' life took a drastic turn. Bound to a young MI6 Operative he must find his place in the world. He must learn to cope with a volatile but supportive Alpha, a boss he can't quite trust and a family that has subjugated him his entire life. (Author is dyslexic and apparently no beta reader, so lots of typos (i.e. does is almost always written as dose). Irritating but not unreadable. The story is engrossing if you're a fan of the alpha/beta/omega trope.)
wip  words:200.000+  fandom:jamesbond  fandom:sherlock  fandom:sherlockholmes  pairing:james_bond/q  character:q  character:james_bond  character:sherlock_holmes  character:microft_holmes  description:q-is-a-holmes-brother  description:alpha/omega_'verse  description:omega!q  description:alpha!bond  description:kidnapping  description:bonding  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:ff_fan 
may 2015 by isoldam
Can't Go Back by in_the_bottle (Marvel Cinematic Universe - Thor / Iron Man )
What if Loki was told of his adoption not long before the events in Thor? An AU where Loki and Tony literally crashed into each other and Tony discovers that his life is actually an 80s sci-fi movie.
words:80.000+  fandom:mcu  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:loki  character:tony_stark  character:thor  character:frigga  character:odin  description:timetravel  description:loki-never-fell  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:in_the_bottle 
april 2015 by isoldam
Together we are bright as the stars by dragon_rider (Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) / Doom - 2005)
Summary: In the year 2255, John Grimm is living yet another life with no will or hope to make it his. What for? He will have to wake up one day and leave everything behind. It's about existing off the radar, about hiding in plain sight, about enduring everything and forever on his own. It's not about belonging or finding. Or is it? Jim Kirk gives him a new purpose, tests all the beliefs he's been functioning under for the last 2 centuries.
wip  crossover  fandom:startrek:aos  fandom:startrek  fandom:doom  pairing:kirk/mccoy  pairing:kirk/reaper  pairing:kirk/john_grimm  character:kirk  character:mccoy  character:john_grimm  description:reaper!mccoy  description:obsessive-love  description:bonding  description:age  difference  description:bottom!kirk  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:dragon_rider 
march 2015 by isoldam
A second chance by Starflight1701 (Star Trek: Alternate Original Series - Movies)
Summary: Looking forward to the 5-years-mission, Kirk was certain that he would never see Khan again. Now the Augment is right in front of him, seekimg vengeance. But fate has its own plans. In the middle of the upcoming war between the Federation and the Klingons both men find themselves captured in a whirl of dangerous passion that can save or destroy them… Kirk/Khan Slash
wip  words:200.000+  fandom:startrek:aos  fandom:startrek  pairing:kirk/khan  character:khan_noonian_singh  character:kirk  description:non-con  description:rape  description:bottom!kirk  description:switching  description:war  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:starflight1701 
march 2015 by isoldam
Dead Memories by Scyllaya (Avengers / Thor - Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Summary: Battling destructive forces with The Avengers forced Steve to stop his search for Bucky for much longer than he would have liked. Despite all odds they find him again, but in unexpected company and in a very different state of mind he was the last time Steve came face-to-face with him. Soon there’s a lot more at stake than his long lost friend, but Steve simply cannot give up on him, not even when everything but his heart is telling him to let go.
wip  words:100.000+  fandom:avengers  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:steve/bucky  character:james(bucky)_barnes  character:steve_rogers  character:loki  description:resurrection  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:scyllaya 
march 2015 by isoldam
The stars incline us, they do not bind us by ikeracity & Pangea (X-Men: First Class - 2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past - 2014)
Summary: Intergalactic Federation pilot Lieutenant Charles Xavier is assigned last-minute to a high profile mission: transporting over two thousand prison inmates from an old and overfilled prison complex to a newer, higher-capacity prison stronghold located on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Just as he's settling down for a long and uneventful ride, things take a turn for the worse after the inmates riot and stage a hostile takeover of the ship, leaving Charles to find himself at the complete mercy of cold-blooded killers and facing the chilling prospect that he might not ever make it back home alive.
words:100.000+  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:firstclass  pairing:erik/charles  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:sebastian_shaw  description:sci-fi  description:au  description:non-con  description:rape  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:ikeracity  author:pangea 
march 2015 by isoldam
Distance, Space, and Time by fullofleaves - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies)
Loki may have tried to enslave the planet, but Tony sure doesn't plan on letting a stupid little detail like that come between him and the (admittedly very remote) possibility of Happily Ever After with his prince. Three months after the failed invasion in New York, he seems to have found the way to give their relationship a second chance. It just involves interplanetary travel, an abundance of magical hijinx, and an attempt to outsmart a race of ancient pagan deities. No biggie.
words:200.000+  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  fandom:ironman  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:tony_stark  character:loki  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:fullofleaves 
february 2015 by isoldam
Armor of the Gods by Eareniel (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)
Summary: A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends. – Balthasar Gracian After Loki unexpectedly saves his life, Tony suddenly finds himself in a bizarre arrangement with the God of Mischief. There is an impossible challenge to solve and a mysterious conspiracy threatening his life, but mostly Tony just wants to figure out what the hell is Loki up to this time.
wip  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:tony_stark  character:loki  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:eareniel 
february 2015 by isoldam
My Love Is Like To Ice, And I To Fire by amberfox17 (Thor -MCU)
Summary: Post-Avengers, Thor brings Loki to face Odin's decree: he is stripped of his magic and confined to the palace but his true punishment is to be disowned and forced into his jotun form. Thor begins the slow process of trying to repair his relationship with Loki, and along the way discovers five new things about the jotun and one about himself.
words:5000-10.000  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/thor  character:thor  character:loki  character:frigga  character:odin  description:post-avengers  description:loki's-punishment  description:jotun!loki  description:intersex!loki  description:mpreg  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:amberfox17 
february 2015 by isoldam
Wild Ambition Fortune's Ice Prefers by amberfox17 (Thor - Marvel Movie 'Verse)
Summary: When Thor went storming into Jotunheim he was looking to start a fight, but accidently winds up a pawn in Odin and Laufey's plans for a permanent peace between the realms; namely, in exchange for the return of the Casket of Ancient Winters, Laufey is offering his firstborn child Loki, the Aesir-sized sorcerer, in marriage to Thor. Such a momentous decision is not to be taken lightly, so Odin sends Thor to live on Jotunheim - without Mjolnir - for a season with Loki, to get to know his prospective consort and to teach the wilful prince some diplomatic sense. Thor is horrified, his parents are insistent and no-one really knows what Loki is thinking, but he hasn't stopped smiling... Or, a jotun AU arranged marriage worldbuilding fic, featuring a confused Thor, a manipulative bastard Loki, Jotunheim politics, a slow burn developing relationship and a motley arrangement of characters from Marvel and myth.
words:200.000  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/thor  character:loki  character:thor  description:arranged-marriage  description:intersex!loki  description:jotun!loki  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:amberfox17 
february 2015 by isoldam
Anachronistic by skellerbvvt (Sherlock / Merlin)
Summary: Merlin and Sherlock are both "one of those things that aren't like the others" and thus gravitate towards one another. (Merlin is waiting for Arthur. Sherlock is waiting for John, thought he doesn't know it. They keep each other company, for awhile.)
words:10.000+  crossover  fandom:merlin-bbc  fandom:sherlock  fandom:sherlockholmes  pairing:merlin/sherlock  character:merlin  character:sherlock_holmes  description:immortal!merlin  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:skellerbvvt 
september 2014 by isoldam
Fortress Under Siege by liselle (X-Men: First Class 2011, X-Men Movieverse)
Summary: Charles once dreamed of deposing his stepfather and claiming his rightful place on the throne once Raven reaches the age of majority and is set free. Erik's invasion of Westchester and his public claiming of Charles changes everything.
wip  fandom:x-men:firstclass  fandom:x-men  pairing:erik/charles  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:raven_darkholme  character:moira_mactaggert  description:conquest  description:forcedmarriage  description:non-con  description:alpha/omega_'verse  description:omega!charles  description:alpha!erik  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:liselle 
august 2014 by isoldam
Die Gretchenfrage by SilusLocke and x57 (X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
Summary: Four years post DoFP, Charles has reestablished the school and speaks publicly in support of mutantkind before he is kidnapped by Magneto's Brotherhood. There, a violently unstable Erik asks for truce and Charles, little better than a prisoner, must decide whether their goals could ever align again. Unbeknownst to them both, it is already too late.
wip  fandom:x-men:firstclass  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:dofp  pairing:erik/charles  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:alex_summers  character:pietro_maximoff  description:kidnapped!charles  description:dub-con  description:mental-illness  description:prisoner!charles  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:siluslocke  author:x57 
august 2014 by isoldam
The King and the Fallen Prince by Fourticktock (Thor / Lord of the Rings)
Summary: When Loki falls, he falls not into darkness, but to a place called Middle-Earth. Once there, he meets a blue wizard, who promises to lead him west to find his way home. But passing into the west means going through Mirkwood, and the Elvenking's Halls. Will Loki manage to get home before he is ensnared in the dangerous events about to unfold in Middle-Earth?
wip  crossover  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  fandom:lord-of-the-rings  pairing:loki/thranduil  character:loki  character:thranduil  character:frigga  character:thor  character:gandolf  description:loki-falls-to-middle-earth  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:fourticktock 
august 2014 by isoldam
Glorious Purpose by XxamoremortexX (Thor)
Summary: Loki was raised with the knowledge that he was burdened with a glorious purpose for Asgard. When he learns what that purpose is, however, he refuses to accept it. For centuries he fights the destiny chosen for him, but Thor is always quick to remind him of his place. When the Jotun Prince seeks asylum on Midgard, Tony Stark will learn how fiercely Asgard guards its treasures.
wip  fandom:mcu  fandom:thor  fandom:avengers  pairing:loki/thor  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:loki  character:thor  character:tony_stark  character:steve_rogers  character:odin  character:frigga  character:hermes  description:forcedmarriage  description:rape  description:non-con  description:jotun!loki  description:intersex!loki  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:xxamoremortexx 
july 2014 by isoldam
Tokyo Ghost Story by canis_lupus (White Collar / Highlander)
Summary: Five years after Neal's death, Peter is on the trail of another bright young thief. But the more he investigates young Amanda, the less things make sense- unless you believe that sometimes, people come back from the dead.
wip  fandom:whitecollar  fandom:highlander  pairing:peter/neal  pairing:peter/neal/elizabeth  character:peter_burke  character:neal_caffrey  character:amanda  character:nick_wolfe  character:duncan_macleod  character:methos  rating:explicit  genre:slash  genre:poly  author:canis_lupus 
july 2014 by isoldam
Vita Æthelstani by oneiriad (Vikings)
Summary: The young monk Athelstan was sent to the North as part of a mission, to spread the word of God. Alas, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Late one autumn, Ragnar Lothbrok finds a runaway slave in the forest and decides to keep him...
words:30.000+  fandom:vikings  pairing:ragnar/athelstan  pairing:ragnar/athelstan/lagertha  character:athelstan  character:ragnar_lothbrok  character:lagertha  description:au  description:dubious_consent  description:rape  rating:explicit  genre:slash  genre:poly  author:oneiriad 
june 2014 by isoldam
Swallow You Whole by Lindentreeisle (Captainblue) (Sherlock TV)
Summary: "That was amazing," John blurted out. Sherlock, already turned halfway to the door, paused and whirled back around. "Really?" he asked, narrowing his eyes at John. "Yeah," John said. Sherlock flashed him a quick, tight grin, and then John saw the fangs. Oh.
words:10.000+  fandom:sherlock  fandom:sherlockholmes  pairing:sherlock/John  character:john_watson  character:sherlock_holmes  character:gregory_lestrade  description:vampires  description:vampire!sherlock  description:thrall!john  description:dubious_consent  description:botom!john  description:stockholm-syndrom  description:non-con  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:lindentreeisle  author:captainblue 
june 2014 by isoldam
Any Measure of Peace by manic_intent (X-Men: First Class 2011)
Written for the prompt: "AU in which there was no beach divorce. Charles has been throwing himself at Erik, but Erik refuses to give in to his desires. Something about not wanting to sully Charles' happy life with his darkness. He's done some things, you see. Some very bad things. Charles, however, is nothing if not persistent. So he seduces Erik with everything he's got. Erik suffers an epic case of blue balls."
words:10.000+  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:firstclass  pairing:erik/charles  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:charles_xavier  character:nick_fury  description:fix-it  description:no-beach-divorce  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:manic_intent 
may 2014 by isoldam
A Logical Progression by cloudyjenn (X-Men: First Class 2011)
Summary: Erik and Charles were only together once before doubt and fear ground their romance to a halt. But once was apparently all it took. Now Charles is dealing with a pretty crappy secondary mutation, a brand new career teaching mini-mutants and a stubbornly overprotective Erik. This is the story of how Charles and Erik got from Point A to Point B and what they collected along the way.
words:10.000+  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:firstclass  pairing:erik/charles  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  description:fix-it  description:mpreg  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:cloudyjenn 
may 2014 by isoldam
The One Who Rules by Gerec (X-Men: First Class)
Five years after the Mutant Uprising, the powerful and ruthless General Magneto is working to make the island nation of Genosha a 'mutants only' paradise. Battling Magneto and his Brotherhood for equal rights for humans are the X-Men, led by the General's former lover and co-leader of the Uprising, Professor X... Cherik, M/M Alternate link:
words:5000-10.000  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:firstclass  pairing:erik/charles  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:charles_xavier  description:au  description:genosha  description:non-con  description:possessive!erik  description:prisoner!charles  description:telepaths-are-scary  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:gerec 
may 2014 by isoldam
Tuesday Plays the Piper by Sperare (X-Men: First Class - 2011)
Summary: In a world where the population is barely holding steady, those of either gender who are capable of bearing children are considered a prized commodity. In all places beyond Westchester, their rights are few--and, with Erik Lehnsherr poised to tear down the gates of the city, even that last haven is on the brink of destruction. But, for Charles Xavier, the consequences of conquest may prove to be more personal than political. No one quite knows why Erik Lehnsherr is so set on capturing his old friend and partner in the war against Shaw: Charles Xavier is no bearer, and he's disinclined to aid Erik in firmly establishing mutant supremacy once and for all. Charles, however, is all too aware of Erik's reasons. Erik knows things about him that no one else does--things which, if brought to light, would would mean surrendering far more than just a kingdom.
wip  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:firstclass  pairing:erik/charles  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  description:au  description:bonding  description:forcedmarriage  description:mpreg  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:sperare 
april 2014 by isoldam
Blood and Steel and Miles Between by dreamlittleyo (X-Men: First Class)
Summary: (Post-movie AU.) On a beach in Cuba, Charles manages to talk Erik down from the edge. But even after the missiles have been diverted, compromise is impossible. There are two different futures to build, and Erik and Charles will always be separated by their principles. But when Charles is kidnapped and the X-Men can't find him, Erik will get him back no matter the consequences. Meanwhile, trapped alone in his mind for the first time in his life, Charles comes face to face with the truth about what and who he wants. When convictions stand in direct opposition to the heart, which will prevail?
words:20.000+  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:firstclass  pairing:erik/charles  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:raven_darkholme  description:bottom!charles  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:dreamlittleyo 
april 2014 by isoldam
All the King's Man by Pookaseraph (X-Men: First Class)
Summary: In an effort to get out from under the thumb of his step-father, Charles chooses to become a courtesan for several minor nobles in King Erik's court. It is not long before he attracts the eye of the young king, and the Cardinal who holds the young king's ear. Charles spends months working to secure his place as King Erik's favorite and to regain his father's title of Merchant Prince. Charles hopes to disprove the old adage that once you enter the king's bed, you have nowhere to go but down.
words:60.000+  fandom:x-men  fandom:x-men:firstclass  pairing:erik/charles  character:charles_xavier  character:erik_lehnsherr  character:moira_mactaggert  character:emma_frost  description:steampunk  description:au  description:alpha/omega_'verse  description:courtesan!charles  description:mpreg  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:pookaseraph 
april 2014 by isoldam
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description:rape_recovery  description:reaper!mccoy  description:rebel!john  description:recovered-from-mind-control-loki  description:redeemed!loki  description:redeemed!morgana  description:reincarnation  description:relationship-problems  description:resistance-leader!merlin  description:resurrection  description:retelling-of-epic-of-gilgamesh  description:rough!sex  description:roughsex  description:rps  description:runaway!draco  description:runaway!harry  description:runaway!loki  description:ruthless!lex  description:salvatorecest  description:sci-fi  description:season5au  description:seer!draco  description:sentinel!erik  description:sentinel!sherlock  description:sexpollen  description:shapeshifter!loki  description:sick!neal  description:slave!clarke  description:slave!jared  description:slavefic  description:slavery  description:slytherin!harry  description:sorcerer!loki  description:soul-bond  description:soul-mates  description:spanking  description:stalking  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description:vulcanempire  description:war  description:werecat  description:werewolf  description:wincest  description:wingfic  description:witches  description:world-building  Design  devil  difference  draco  Dragons  eye  fail  fal  fandom:andromeda  fandom:angel-the-series  fandom:angeltheseries  fandom:ann_mccaffrey  fandom:avengers  fandom:batman  fandom:buffy-the-vampire-slayer  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:chroniclesofriddick  fandom:chuck  fandom:criminalminds  fandom:darkangel  fandom:dcuniverse  fandom:doom  fandom:dragonridersofpern  fandom:dresdenfiles  fandom:dr_strange  fandom:dune  fandom:entourage  fandom:fastandthefurious  fandom:firefly  fandom:foreverknight  fandom:friday-night-lights  fandom:gameofthrones  fandom:gilgamesh  fandom:grimm  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:hellblazer  fandom:heroes  fandom:highlander  fandom:hisdarkmaterials  fandom:inception  fandom:ironman  fandom:jamesbond  fandom:leverage  fandom:lord-of-the-rings  fandom:marve  fandom:mary_renault  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