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A Kiss From Stone Lips
Technically, Ignis doesn't need his help. Using the senses left to him, he's learned to navigate the world with the expertise of a man who can see. But Gladio keeps a hand on the small of his back as they walk between gleaming marble columns, their path lit only by pot lights embedded in the floor. On either side of them, opulent tombs, carved with scenes from myth and legend, loom out from alcoves hewn from rock. Gladio used to know the names of all these kings. But his history classes are a distant memory now. They didn’t seem to matter much when they were fighting for their lives.
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november 2017 by introductory
run into the fear we run from
There will be a reckoning someday. Though Noctis runs from the prophecy, the gods' will is powerful. The Lucii tug at him day in and day out, turning his bones to glass and his skin to ash. Such is the curse of the Caelums. But until then, Noctis grits his teeth against the pain of his constant undoing.
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november 2017 by introductory
Steel and Temper
In a gesture that seemed unintentional to everyone but the Spartans, John brushed his wrist, where the name of his soul mate ran parallel to the vein in his wrist, hidden under the MJOLNIR armor and a strip of black gauze. The others understood without a word, and swiped their fingers across their helmets in their "Spartan smile," congratulating him.
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july 2017 by introductory
The Question of Ghosts
The day was warm. A low wind brought up the smell of budding spring and damp loam under melting snow. Fraser heard the scuff of a boot step, one, then two, and he followed the sound around the corner to the new woodshed.
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july 2016 by introductory
Cold as Death
The days blur together like dreams, and Ray barely notices the terrain as they cut through with the sled and dogs. Fraser doesn't talk much until they stop at the end of the day, and then it's like he's so embarrassed to be dead that he's going to fill up all the silence with stories about moose.
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july 2016 by introductory
hold an absence at your center
Fact: Pepper Potts is the best thing that ever happened to Tony Stark.
Fact: Tony is, always has been, and let's face it, probably always will be, a hot mess.
Fact: Tony doesn't have anyone but Pepper.
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march 2016 by introductory
in the event of death
annie's things will be given to the right person with the right intentions. a soldier, a warrior, a good or bad person. the weak and the weary. just tell hitch she left a half a bottle of brandy behind the loose board in their old room.
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march 2016 by introductory
Into Starlight
"You are dead, I'm afraid. This is the bit that comes next."
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december 2015 by introductory
as long as there are stars above you
Soon they will push beyond and retake all there is, all that Erwin has ever imagined could be. Erwin realizes he will live to see it. It's surprising -- he is so old to have survived the war. After all, he never gave an abundance of thought to what becomes of the boy himself; the toys were more important.
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august 2015 by introductory
When Chuck is fifteen and Mako is fifteen and Stacker is thirty-three and you are thirty-eight and kaiju don't come more than once every three months, the four of you drive from the Los Angeles Shatterdome to Seattle. One thousand one hundred eighty-four miles, as they count them in America, spread out over seven days. Good memories, beginning with Stacker announcing that he had gotten a proper bargain on a caravan that could be sold in Seattle for more than what he'd bought it for, then the despairing look Mako gave you over her shoulder when he brought it around, and the thing could be heard before it was seen.
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all things are well
It's July, and the two of you are at Megu in Tribeca, eating dinner. Steve came from a planet where they didn't serve sushi or soy sauce or tempura or Japanese food; you introduce him, he gets the hang of chopsticks, masters them easily enough that you think he might be lying about never having used them before except it's Steve, who either tells you the truth or looks at you, calmly, in a way that lets you know this isn't a question he'll answer or a statement he'll respond to. He doesn't particularly care about sake, but will drink with you and doesn't mind if you order a bottle. Or two. Or four.
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july 2012 by introductory
when i am king you will be first against the wall
It dawns on Clint at three in the morning while he's making coffee for himself and Stark: it's not Coulson. There's something walking around in SHIELD headquarters, with access to just about everything, wearing Coulson's face, and claiming to be him, and something is very wrong.
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may 2012 by introductory
Good Luck
Somewhere along the way, she decides to remember that she told him, and some time later, possibly some Natashas later -- maybe two years, perhaps four, maybe one Natasha, maybe the same Natasha -- they are standing in a parking lot. Helicopters circle, and a fire is being put out. The air smells like wet asphalt.
!avengers  'quigonejinn  *natasha/coulson  !mcu  :character death  `3k‑6k  +pg‑13 
may 2012 by introductory
None So Kingly
He still sees her some times. Too often for his state of mind and perhaps not as often as he'd like, but he sees her; Number One. The real Number One, her pale flesh flickering at the edge of his vision like phantom light. It's erratic, nothing he can count on, just random flinches of memory, the brief flash of her bare knuckles here, the dark smudge of her eyelashes and the hard, handsome curve of her jaw there.
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may 2012 by introductory
Our Red Sea
[Part I.]
The morning of Fenton Hardy's funeral is warm and beautiful, one of those strangely summer-like days that worm their way into November before the air grows thin and the frost infects the earth. Nearly two hundred people have come to pay their respects to the fallen detective. Relatives, colleagues, friends. Foreign diplomats who happened to be in town. The sun beats down on the backs of their necks and they silently bow their heads to the grass.
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march 2012 by introductory
one explanation of some of the facts
While Soo Lin talks, Charles' eyes light up at the idea of inherited mutation, and Erik wonders how many people in New York call her 'Jap' when she goes to buy groceries. How many of them tell her her credit isn't any good with them. How many of them take the easy path when the truth is something much more complex.
'sussexdowns  *gen  :racism  :fusion  !sherlock  :character death  `1k‑3k  +pg‑13 
march 2012 by introductory
where the wild things are
Four years and he hadn’t realized what Eames knew after only one transformation: that it is in him now, the wolf; not just in him, but twined deep in his blood, wrapped round his arteries and veins, round his heart, his stomach, his throat, his brain; and the pain of the full moon comes not because the beast takes hold, but because the beast is trying to break out, to split from the man, when in fact the two are inseparable.
!inception  'aestheticized  *arthur/eames  *cobb/mal  :au  :supernatural  :character death  `10k‑20k  +pg‑13 
march 2012 by introductory
When You Think He's Not Looking
You're not like him. He trusts you, but (because) you're not like him. You're just a sniper, a killer-for-hire he'd hired on permanently. You're still a person, still ordinary, and he sometimes he says it with a sneer and sometimes a groan, but you never mind that because once you'd heard him say it like he wished he was too and the agony in his voice had made your blood freeze cold.
'etothepii  *moriarty/moran  !sherlock  :character death  `1k‑3k  +pg‑13 
march 2012 by introductory
I Used to Live Alone Before I Knew You
Sherlock solves crimes because solving crimes is interesting and he gets bored easily. He doesn't commit crimes because committing crimes is boring. He doesn't have to have fingerprints if he doesn't want to, and even if he got caught, who cared? He could change cities in the blink of an eye, if it mattered.
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