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Atelier Works
"We are an award-winning design agency, with over 30 years experience. We help clients develop their brands. We create all the visual elements which make up a brand."
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Punk + Swiss Modernism
Swissted is an ongoing project by graphic designer Mike Joyce, owner of Stereotype Design in New York City. Drawing from his love of punk rock and Swiss Modernism, two movements that have almost nothing to do with one another, Mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, new wave, and indie rock show flyers into International Typographic Style posters.
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10 weeks ago by intermediated
Montreal streetscapes (McCord Museum)
Database results (1000+) for photographs of Montreal streetscapes.
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january 2017 by intermediated
Changing New York (NYPL)
New York Public Library digital collection - street photography
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january 2017 by intermediated
Vintage sign collection links Montrealers to the city's history
Recent addition to Concordia professor's collection is a pair of Solari boards from mothballed Mirabel airport
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december 2016 by intermediated
Fonts in Use
Gallery of fonts in the wild
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december 2016 by intermediated
'Those 'flapping' Solari boards at US train stations are leaving the terminal' from PRI's April Peavey.
A little nostalgia on the radio from our resident trainspotter and Solari enthusiast Dr. Matt Soar after Amtrak's switchover from analog to digital in their US stations.
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october 2016 by intermediated
'Artists are Salvaging Train Stations’ Analog Departure Boards' from Atlas Obscura's Sarah Laskow.
Read about our project along with some other Solari boards' split-flap afterlives once they become decommissioned and removed.
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october 2016 by intermediated
'Now Departing: Some of America’s Most Iconic Train Signs' from Smithsonian's Erin Blakemore.
A nice shout-out to Flight YMX from Smithsonian after the removal of Solari boards from American train stations.
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october 2016 by intermediated
Custom split-flap display for Blueprint HK by Marco de Mutiis
Installation for Blueprint HK, "an accelerator and co-working space for start ups in Hong Kong."
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may 2016 by intermediated
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