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Gatorade is running a Serena Williams Snapchat video game ad - Digiday
Gatorade is pushing the boundaries of Snapchat with a video game ad tied to the U.S. Open.

“Serena Match Point” gameplay
The old-school tennis game features 22 levels with each representing one of Serena Williams’ Grand Slam wins. Level 23 will unlock on September 10, the day of the Women’s Finals, should Williams win. Players can simply click on one of the three tennis balls to initiate the game, and tap left or right to catch the ball.

“Serena Match Point” is sitting inside ESPN’s Discover channel on Snapchat as an ad. When users swipe up the ad, they will be directed to an in-app game experience. They can also go to via mobile or desktop to play the game. Gatorade will also use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive users to the game.
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Twitter Live Stream Debut Didn't Feature Actual Live Sports | Media - AdAge
Twitter said Wednesday that it had debuted its first live stream broadcast, featuring live game play from Wimbledon, but those hoping to see Roger Federer take on Marin Cilic wouldn't have found the match there.
The stream, a chance for Twitter to test its streaming capabilities before it carries 10 NFL games in the upcoming season, was actually commentary, highlights and replays.
That's because it was made possible by a deal with ESPN, which gave Twitter permission to show replays and highlights. For live matches, you still had to turn to an ESPN property.
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US Open Sessions | 2014 US Open Official Site - A USTA Event - Official Site by IBM
IBM and musician James Murphy are turning US Open match data into live streaming music in real time with the IBM Cloud.
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How Much Does the 32nd Player Make in Tennis and Other Sports? -
A look at how the year-to-date earnings for the No. 1 and No. 32 highest earners stack up in tennis — and a selection of other sports. All figures as of Aug. 22, 2014.
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