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iPad Pro 10.5 review: overkill - The Verge
To me, if you’re going to spend $650 on a computer, it should almost surely be your main computer. And if you’re going to make the iPad Pro your main computer, you should probably get more than 64GB of storage and you should also probably get a keyboard to go with it (to say nothing of the Apple Pencil). It hits the $1,000 mark very quickly.

If you’re going to spend that much money on an iPad, you should know exactly what you’re going to do with it that takes advantage of all the Pro features. There are people who are already doing that, but I don’t think the majority of computer users can be comfortable using an iPad as their main device. For those who can, go out and buy the hell out of this thing (unless you already have the iPad Pro 9.7).

For the rest of us, my advice is to hold out and see whether iOS 11 changes the calculus.
Apple  iPad  iPadPro  review  tablets  TheVerge  2017 
june 2017 by inspiral
iPad Optics | Asymco
If we look further we see that the iPad is still a much loved and much used product. Data from the Pew Internet Survey shows that tablet ownership among US adults increased from 45% in April 2015 to 48% in April 2016 and 51% in November 2016. The rise has been steady. Although this counts tablets, the iPad had 85% share of the U.S. market for tablets priced above $200 so it’s a fair assumption that the iPad audience is growing. Similar data exists for the UK.
tablets  iPad  penetration  sales  review  statistics  Asymco  2017 
march 2017 by inspiral
Majority of Americans are still reading print books | Pew Research Center
A growing share of Americans are reading e-books on tablets and smartphones rather than dedicated e-readers, but print books remain much more popular than books in digital formats
books  reading  publishing  eReaders  tablets  smartphones  PCs  consumer  penetration  USA  PewInternet  PewResearch  2016 
september 2016 by inspiral
My Tablet Has Stickers | Learning by Shipping
Respectfully, he was partially right. While more and better software was needed, the other part of this shift is the accompanying broad range of other changes that will take place. If you doubt those changes are happening now, then consider how much of your work life/process/culture has changed by the introduction of smartphones. Tablets just took longer because they are not just additive but substitutes. The change is more like email which took two decades to become something resembling a universal tool even after being around for 20 years.

As difficult as they are, we more often than not over-estimate platform shifts in the short term but under-estimate them in the long term.
Tablets  PCs  evolution  adoptioncycle  iPad  iPadPro  software  author:StevenSinofsky  LearningbyShipping  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
Adults Media Use and Attitudes Report 2016 | Ofcom
This report is published as part of our media literacy duties. It provides research that looks at media use, attitudes and understanding, and how these change over time, with a particular focus on those groups that tend not to participate digitally. The report covers TV, radio, mobile, games, and the internet, with a particular focus on the latter.

The report focuses on the current wave of research which was conducted in autumn 2015 and any key changes compared to 2014.
internet  mobileinternet  ecommerce  mobilecommerce  mobilebanking  onlinebanking  Facebook  WhatsApp  Instagram  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Tumblr  privacy  security  demographics  socialclass  gaming  mobilegaming  tablets  PCs  smartphones  penetration  statistics  UK  Ofcom  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
Tablets Are Dead | TechCrunch
In 2010, tablets were supposed to be the new hot thing. Apple released the first iPad, Samsung was working on the Galaxy Tab and countless others were about to flood the market with Android tablets. Six years later, there weren’t any tablets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Companies and consumers have moved on. Tablets are dead.
tablets  decline  MobileWorldCongress  review  Techcrunch  2016 
february 2016 by inspiral
Digital in 2016
We Are Social's comprehensive new Digital in 2016 report presents internet, social media, and mobile usage statistics and trends from all over the world. It contains more than 500 infographics, including global data snapshots, regional overviews, and in-depth profiles of the digital landscapes in 30 of the world's key economies. For a more insightful analysis of the numbers contained in this report, please visit
internet  mobile  mobileinternet  ecommerce  socialcommerce  socialmedia  mobilemessaging  Facebook  WhatsApp  FacebookMessenger  Google+  Twitter  Instagram  Skype  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Viber  smartphones  PCs  tablets  gaming  ereader  wearables  mobilevideo  mobilegaming  mobilebanking  maps  Africa  Europe  Americas  Asia  MiddleEast  Argentina  Australia  Brazil  Canada  China  Egypt  France  Germany  HongKong  India  Indonesia  Italy  Japan  Malaysia  Mexico  Nigeria  Philippines  Poland  Russia  SaudiArabia  Singapore  SouthAfrica  SouthKorea  Spain  Thailand  Turkey  UAE  UK  USA  Vietnam  statistics  penetration  WeAreSocial  2016 
january 2016 by inspiral
Children and parents: Media use and attitudes report 2015 | Ofcom
This report examines children's media literacy. It provides detailed evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among children and young people aged 5-15, as well as detailed information about the media access and use of young children aged 3-4.

The report also includes findings relating to parents' views about their children's media use, and the ways that parents seek - or decide not - to monitor or limit use of different types of media.

The report is a reference for industry, stakeholders and consumers. It also provides context to the work Ofcom undertakes in furthering the interests of consumers and citizens in the markets we regulate.

The Communications Act 2003 placed a responsibility on Ofcom to promote, and to carry out research in, media literacy. This report on children and parents contributes to Ofcom's fulfilment of this duty.
children  teenagers  media  device  smartphones  tablets  PCs  socialmedia  privacy  UK  Ofcom  2015 
january 2016 by inspiral
Accenture: Consumers not interested in Internet of Things devices - Business Insider
Accenture surveyed more than 28,000 consumers in 28 countries. Here's what they found out:

People are getting bored with new smartphones. Only 48% of consumers plan to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months. That's down 6 points from last year — the first drop since Accenture started doing this survey almost a decade ago, the company's representative Charles Hartley told me. The drop was particularly stark in China, where it went from 82% last year to only 61% this year. Of those who don't plan to buy a new one, 47% said the main reason was because their current phone was good enough.
They're also bored with tablets and laptops. Similarly, the survey showed an eight-point drop in purchase intent for tablets, and a six-point drop for laptops. Overall, only 13% expected to spend more on smartphones, tablets, and laptops this year than last year. That's compared with 33% who said they were planning to spend more in 2014 than 2013. 
Interest in new kinds of gadgets is not filling the gap. Most worryingly, interest in wearables and connected devices was flat from last year, and purchase intent is relatively low
A lot of people are worried about security and privacy of these new gadgets. This was perhaps the biggest surprise: The number-two reason people didn't plan to buy one of these devices (which Accenture calls "Internet of Things" or IoT devices) was because they were worried that they would expose their personal information
smartphones  Tablets  laptops  PCs  internetofthings  consumer  survey  research  security  privacy  critique  Accenture  BusinessInsider  2016 
january 2016 by inspiral
The Battle for the Second Screen | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
Nearly 40% of people surveyed are already making the effort to manually tie together what they’re watching on the big screen to the small screen in front of them. Imagine how much higher that percentage could go if there was some mechanism for connecting the devices automatically?”
television  secondscreen  smartphones  tablets  opportunity  Techpinions  2015 
december 2015 by inspiral
Fitbits and iPhones will punish the PC this holiday shopping season - MarketWatch
The market for PCs is expected to further contract in the fourth quarter and expectations for a potential rebound next year rest mostly on businesses instead of computers. Global shipments of PCs are expected to fall 10% this quarter from last year’s holiday shopping period, pushing full-year shipments down 10.3% to 276.7 million, according to estimates from industry tracker IDC. IDC had previously estimated a 9.2% annual decline.

Catalysts such as a strong dollar, low commodity prices and high levels of inventory prompted IDC to adjust its estimates for early 2016 lower as well. It now projects total PC shipments of 268.3 million in 2016, which would mark a year-over-year decline of 3.1%, versus its prior forecast of a 1.1% decline.
PCs  wearablecomputing  tablets  sales  forecast  IDC  MarketWatch  2015 
december 2015 by inspiral
Daring Fireball: The iPad Pro
We’ve now reached an inflection point. The new MacBook is slower, gets worse battery life, and even its cheapest configuration costs $200 more than the top-of-the-line iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is more powerful, cheaper, has a better display, and gets better battery life. It’s not a clear cut-and-dry win — MacBooks still have more RAM (the iPad Pro, in all configurations, has 4 GB of RAM, although Apple still isn’t publishing this information — MacBook Pros have either 8 or 16 GB), are expandable, and offer far more storage. But at a fundamental level — CPU speed, GPU speed, quality of the display, quality of the sound output, and overall responsiveness of interface — the iPad Pro is a better computer than a MacBook or MacBook Air, and a worthy rival to the far more expensive MacBook Pros.

The entire x86 computer architecture is living on borrowed time. It’s a dead platform walking. The future belongs to ARM, and Apple’s A-series SoC’s are leading the way.
iPad  iPadPro  review  tablets  evolution  hardware  author:JohnGruber  DaringFireball  2015 
november 2015 by inspiral
iPad Pro Review: Jack of All Trades, Master of Most - WSJ
A big screen, keyboard and stylus turn Apple’s convertible tablet into a computer you’ve never seen before
iPad  iPadPro  tablets  review  WallStreetJournal  2015 
november 2015 by inspiral
Mossberg: The iPad Pro can’t replace your laptop totally, even for a tablet lover | The Verge
But, for me — a person already using his laptop a lot less in favor of the iPad — the Pro is just not likely to eliminate my laptop use entirely.
iPad  iPadPro  review  tablets  author:WaltMossberg  TheVerge  2015 
november 2015 by inspiral
2015: Okta's Business @ Work Report
An in-depth look into how organizations and people work today—exploring employees, partners, contractors and customers, and the apps and services they use to be productive.
enterprise  cloudcomputing  softwareasservice  growth  NorthAmerica  LatinAmerica  EMEA  Europe  Asia  AsiaPacific  Micro365  Salesforece  Box  GoogleApps  Concur  AmazonWebServices  Zebdesk  Dropbox  LinkedIn  GoDaddy  Slack  PagerDuty  SurveyMonkey  AdobeCreative  Skype  Youtube  Trello  Basecamp  storage  humanresources  marketing  developer  Tablets  smartphones  multifactorauthentication  authentication  research  statistics  penetration  Okta  2015 
august 2015 by inspiral
The Diminished iPad | stratechery by Ben Thompson
Why buy an iPad when you could have an iPhone with a screen that doesn’t seem that much smaller than an iPad mini? Why buy an iPad when you can have a more powerful and just as easily transportable Macbook Air? The space between a phone and PC is smaller now than in 2010 primarily as the phone has become more powerful and larger. Tablets are getting squeezed.
iPad  Tablets  sales  tabletapps  AppStore  critique  Stratechery  2014 
october 2014 by inspiral
AAPL Orchard | Thoughts on iPad
The iPad is at a crossroads. Introduced by Steve Jobs four years ago, the iPad has gone on to become a phenomenal success (225 million units sold bringing in $112 billion of revenue and approximately $30 billion of profit), but I suspect Apple management will alter the iPad line-up in response to wearable devices and larger-screen phones and in the process iPad’s ultimate trajectory will be more modest and niche than many expect.
iPad  Apple  tablets  critique  AAPLOrchard  2014 
october 2014 by inspiral
Ofcom | Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report 2014
This report examines children's media literacy. It provides detailed evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among children and young people aged 5-15, as well as detailed information about the media access and use of young children aged 3-4.
The report also includes findings relating to parents' views about their children's media use, and the ways that parents seek - or decide not - to monitor or limit use of different types of media
media  internet  children  teenagers  penetration  mobile  smartphones  tablets  radio  parents  onlinegames  socialmedia  UK  research  Ofcom  2014 
october 2014 by inspiral
U.S. Mobile Benchmark Report ADOBE DIGITAL INDEX | 2014
1. iPhone screen size has to increase: Without the introduction of a larger phone, Apple’s browser share will decline further. Consumers prefer to browse on phones with 5” or larger screens. Browsing on 4” devices fell by 11% YoY.
2. Pinterest is the most mobile social network: Outpacing Facebook, Pinterest is the most mobile social network with 64% of its referred traffic coming from mobile browsers. Tumblr referrals produce the highest revenue per visit (RPV) from mobile devices – well ahead of Facebook.
3. iMessage sharing up 259%: Users of digital magazine apps use person-to-person article sharing via text messaging twice as o$en as sharing via Social. While iMessage sharing is up, sharing via Facebook is down 43%.
4. Cellular networks on decline: For the !rst time, more than 50% of web browsing via smartphones and 93% of browsing via tablets come from wi-fi.
5. Bounce rates high on mobile: Bounce rates for referrals from social networks are much higher on mobile devices than desktops – 61% vs. 53%. Marketers are cautioned to track mobile ad bounce rates.
smartphones  tablets  mobileinternet  mobileapps  screensize  phablet  growth  mobilebrowser  browser  Safari  Android  Chrome  InternetExplorer  Tumblr  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  locationbasedservices  research  USA  Adobe  2014 
september 2014 by inspiral
A Future Fueled by Phablets – Worldwide Phablet Shipments to Surpass Portable PCs in 2014 and Tablets by 2015, According to IDC - prUS25077914
According to a new forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker, worldwide phablet shipments (smartphones with screen sizes from 5.5 to less than 7 inches) will reach 175 million units worldwide in 2014, passing the 170 million portable PCs expected to ship during the same period. Next year, total phablet volumes will top 318 million units, surpassing the 233 million tablets forecast to ship in 2015.
smartphones  Phablet  convertibles  PCs  laptops  Tablets  forecast  sales  global  IDC  2014 
september 2014 by inspiral
Smart Connected Devices: A New Forecast | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
The bottom line is that I’m now expecting the PC market to perform even better than I first predicted, the tablet market to do even worse and the smartphone market to do better exclusively because of an explosion of interest in larger smartphones. In fact, my new forecast numbers show that the tablet market will never catch the PC market, but instead will linger in the sub-280 million unit range through the end of the 5-year forecast period (through 2018).
PCs  Tablets  smartphones  sales  forecast  global  Techanalysis  Techpinions  2014 
september 2014 by inspiral
Medialets Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks: H1-2014 | Medialets
The complete H1-2014 Medialets Mobile & Tablet Advertising Benchmarks report includes analytics derived from more than 300 billion data points occurring between January 1st & June 30th, 2014 on Medialets’ mobile and tablet ad serving platform.
mobileadvertising  responserates  onlineadvertising  smartphones  tablets  Medialets  2014 
september 2014 by inspiral
IDC Lowers Tablet Projections for 2014 as Demand in Mature Markets Levels Off - prUS25065614
Following a second consecutive quarter of softer than expected demand, International Data Corporation (IDC) has lowered its worldwide tablet plus 2-in-1 forecast for 2014 to 233.1 million units. The new Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker forecast represents a 6.5% year-over-year growth rate, which is well below the 12.1% growth rate previously forecast.
Tablets  convertibles  forecast  sales  Global  IDC  2014 
september 2014 by inspiral
In Defense of Tablets | Re/code
I believed then, and now, that the success of the iPad depended not on whether it would wholly replace the laptop, but on whether it could be the best, or most convenient, computer in enough common scenarios for which the laptop (and, to a lesser extent, the smartphone) had been the go-to choice.
Tablets  advocacy  opportunity  author:WaltMossberg  Recode  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
The Sweet Spot On Apple’s Racket | Monday Note
iPad sales are falling – but the sky is not. We’re merely dealing with a healthy case of expectations adjustment.
iPad  sales  tablets  opportunity  SurfacePro3  convertibles  MondayNote  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
Device Usage Diversity | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
But what is very different about the current live TV viewing data is how it’s split across different devices. The chart below breaks out live TV viewing by device type and by age group and, along the right hand side, illustrates how many hours per week each age group watches live TV programming. Across the entire age spectrum, fully 30% of live TV viewing is no longer done on an actual TV. For younger age groups, a reasonable amount is done on smartphones and across nearly all the age groups, there’s double-digit usage of PCs for this application.
television  live  onlinevideo  media  demographics  PCs  tablets  smartphones  USA  UK  Brazil  China  Techpinions  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
Mobile OS Paradigm | Learning by Shipping
Mobile OS paradigm The mobile OS as defined by Android, iOS, Windows RT, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, and others is a very different architecture from the PC as envisioned by Windows 7/8, Mac OS X, Linux desktop. The paradigm includes a number of key innovations that when taken together define the new paradigm.
mobile  smartphones  tablets  PCs  comparison  ARM  security  mobileapps  battery  cloudcomputing  StevenSinofsky  LearningbyShipping  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
iOS Drops to 67% Enterprise Share, Android Grows to 32%
Apple’s iOS still rules the enterprise space, even after having fallen 5 percentage points to 67 percent of total device activations in Q2 2014. Android device activations increased the same amount to 32 percent of total activations last quarter, while Windows Phone activations remain consistent with the five previous quarters: flat at 1 percent. The latest findings come from Good Technology‘s semi-annual Mobility Index Report. It’s worth noting that since BlackBerry devices use BlackBerry Enterprise Server for corporate email access, Good Technology does not have insight into BlackBerry handset activations.
Android  iOS  smartphones  tablets  iPad  AndroidTablet  WindowsPhone  enterprise  GoodTechnology  statistics  activations  TheNextWeb  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
Twitter / IanMaude: UK smartphone penetration close ...
UK smartphone penetration close to 2/3, tablet adoption approaching half. 1 in 10 households have smart TV. Via Ofcom
digitaltelevision  dvd  gamingconsole  mp3  digitalradio  smartphones  PVR  ereaders  SmartTV  3dtv  tablets  YouView  NowTV  USBTV  penetration  growth  UK  Ofcom  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
Here comes Gen Z: What marketers need to know in 5 charts | Digiday
A new report called “Meet Generation Z” by New York agency Sparks & Honey provides a comprehensive look at the cohort aged 0-19, which already comprises a full 25.9 percent of all Americans, eclipsing even the Boomers. These five charts outline the generation’s defining characteristics, while comparing them to those that came before.
genZ  profile  USA  device  smartphones  television  laptops  desktops  mp3  gamingconsole  tablets  ereaders  purchasing  socialmedia  Sparks&Honey  DigiDay  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
How many Android tablets? — Benedict Evans
This would imply that Android tablets have an average active life of a little under a year. Or, that they have a life of more like two years (say) but half of them are inactive.
tablets  AndroidTablet  Android  iOS  penetration  replacementcycle  statistics  BenedictEvans  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
Best Buy CEO Says Tablet Sales “Crashing” | Re/code
As a consumer. I think replacement is the issue. The penetration has gone so fast that it’s reaching an amazing degree and therefore it becomes more of a replacement market, and the level of innovation in the past year has not been as great as it had been in the previous two years. So, there again, the jury’s out in terms of what’s going to happen, because it’s going to depend on what innovation comes to market. But you need a reason to replace.
BestBuy  consumerelectronics  retail  smartphones  tablets  sales  USA  interview  recode  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
The Great Tablet Segmentation | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
But I believe we are on the cusp of something new in the tablet sector that will hopefully drive growth back to it. I believe we are about to see the great tablet segmentation.
tablets  segmentation  growth  opportunity  advocacy  Techpinions  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
Why Has the Growth in Tablets Stalled? | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
I doubt our love affair with tablets is actually over. In some markets, it has just matured and for many in emerging markets it will become sort of a PC. But it does seem the meteoric rise of tablets over the last three years is over and we will probably just get to the point where tablets will sell around 350+ million per year steadily in the future.
tablets  sales  forecast  developingworld  developedworld  Techpinions  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
Apple and IBM Storm the Enterprise | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
The news Apple and IBM have joined forces to deliver a powerful new business approach to the enterprise is the shot heard round the IT world. This global deal, where IBM in essence becomes a VAR (value added reseller) for Apple and includes IBM porting more than 150 of their IT apps and tools exclusively to iOS for use in full native mode, will give IBM more tools in their mobile arsenal as well as provide Apple a stronger foothold in the enterprise — beyond anything they could have ever imagined. Even though Apple’s iPad represents 73% of tablets in the enterprise and the iPhone also has a substantial position in IT, this partnership with IBM helps solidify that iOS is the OS for business tablets and smartphones and gives them a huge edge over their competition.
Apple  IBM  partnership  enterprise  tablets  Techpinions  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
The spread of second-hand smartphones in Thailand/SE Asia
I’m guessing that the wave of new smartphones has seen second- or third-hand sales of older devices push out a little further, reaching many for whom it is a first smartphone, and many who are based outside of urban areas.
smartphones  Asia  Thailand  Laos  secondhand  iPhone  ownership  tablets  InsidetheNoodleBowl  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
Tablet PC Quarterly Shipments Fall for the First Time, According to NPD DisplaySearch - DisplaySearch
According to the NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report, shipments of notebook PCs in Q1’14 were better than expected due to the commercial PC refresh cycle and Windows XP migration. However, shipments of tablet PCs at 56 million declined Y/Y for the first time. Many brands reported weak tablet PC shipment results in Q1 due in part to delayed launches of new products. NPD DisplaySearch has lowered its forecast for tablet PC shipments in 2014 to 285 million.
tablets  PCs  laptops  forecast  global  sales  NPD  DisplaySearch  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
Virtualization Reborn | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
The benefit behind the thin client concept is that you leverage the greater computing power of the host device and create a simple, low-cost client that can work alongside it. With traditional models, that host tended to be a high-cost server located in a secure data center, but in the new thin client computing models, it’s smartphones and tablets that have become the host devices. They now have sufficient compute power to drive these new types of flexible compute models and, of course, that capability will only grow over time.
virtualization  thinclients  innovation  smartphones  tablets  TechPinions  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
TrendForce: Global Tablet Shipments Expected to reach 205M in 2014, up less than 5% on year
Global tablet shipments are expected to reach 205.5 million in 2014, less than 5% on year, according to WitsView, a research division of TrendForce. The tablet market is sandwiched between internal and external threats that are affecting market performance. Internally, tablets have lost their novelty to attract consumers, and cutthroat price competitions are creating a desperate atmosphere in the market. External factors at work, though, include competition from phablets and low-priced notebooks that are further dividing tablet market shares.
tablets  sales  forecast  global  Apple  Samsung  TrendForce  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
Gartner Says Worldwide Traditional PC, Tablet, Ultramobile and Mobile Phone Shipments to Grow 4.2 Percent in 2014
Worldwide PC Market to Show Relative Revival in 2014 after Falling 9.5 Percent in 2013 Worldwide Tablet Market to Slow Down in 2014 and Reach 256 Million Units
PCs  laptops  tablets  smartphones  sales  forecast  Android  iOS  OSX  Gartner  2014  MicrosoftWindows 
july 2014 by inspiral
Slowdown Hits UK Smartphone and Tablet Sales, Tough Competition Looms
CCS Insight's latest forecast signals demand for smartphones and tablets in the UK has slowed dramatically. The research company estimates 27 million phones and 12 million tablets will be sold in the UK this year — five million devices fewer than in 2013. The forecast showed sales of mobile phones dropped 20 percent in the first months of 2014 compared with the same period in 2013. Meanwhile tablet sales, which broke all records in previous quarters, slumped 17 percent. This is the first time such a sharp decline has been recorded in the vibrant UK market outside a recession.
smartphones  tablets  sales  replacementcycle  decline  UK  CCSInsight  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
IDC Lowers Tablet Projections for 2014 as Phablet Shipments and Slower Refresh Rates Impact Shipment Growth - prUS24890514
Based on a greater decline in demand than predicted in the first quarter and concerns that tablets and 2-in-1s will face additional market challenges the rest of the year, International Data Corporation (IDC) has lowered its 2014 worldwide tablet plus 2-in-1 forecast to 245.4 million units, down from the previous forecast of 260.9 million units. The new forecast represents a 12.1% year-over-year growth rate, which is notably lower than the 51.8% year-over-year growth of 2013. "Two major issues are causing the tablet market to slow down. First, consumers are keeping their tablets, especially higher-cost models from major vendors, far longer than originally anticipated. And when they do buy a new one they are often passing their existing tablet off to another member of the family," said Tom Mainelli, Program Vice President, Devices & Displays at IDC. "Second, the rise of phablets – smartphones with 5.5-inch and larger screens – are causing many people to second-guess tablet purchases as the larger screens on these phones are often adequate for tasks once reserved for tablets."
tablets  sales  forecast  decline  global  IDC  2014 
may 2014 by inspiral
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