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10 sensible web design trends for 2017 | Econsultancy
Why have I used the adjective 'sensible' in my headline, instead of something more click-worthy like 'crucial'?
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december 2016 by inspiral
My Generic Side ·
Things changed in the industry in the early 2000s, Pickerell says. “People who were in graphic design said ‘Hey, I know how to take photos. Now the web lets me put stuff online and I can make them available for free—or charge people for them.’ As a result, there now is a huge oversupply, with a lot of the new content being uploaded by complete amateurs who have no hope of selling much. The demand is going up to some extent, because of the web, but not enough to offset the decrease in [per-shot] prices.”
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february 2016 by inspiral
Looking For Effective Ad Creative? Try an Instagram Photo | Digital - Advertising Age
Internet ads are often depressingly unengaging, but the rise of Instagram and its aesthetic may offer advertisers one solution. That's because Instagram photos can make more effective advertising than studio shots and stock photos, at least according to analysis by social media agency Laundry Service.
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may 2014 by inspiral
Stock photos that don’t suck — Design / UX — Medium
Below is an ongoing list (so bookmark it) of the best stock photo sites I’ve come across.
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april 2014 by inspiral

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