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Religion: why faith is becoming more and more popular | News | The Guardian
Faith is on the rise and 84% of the global population identifies with a religious group. What does it mean for the future?
religion  faith  statistics  penetration  Christianity  Islam  Buddhism  Hinduism  global  country  Guardian  2018 
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Three-quarters Facebook users as active or more since privacy scandal: Reuters/Ipsos poll | Reuters
Most of Facebook’s U.S. users have remained loyal to the social network despite revelations that a political consultancy collected information about millions of accounts without owners’ permission, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Sunday showed.
Facebook  statistics  privacy  review  research  USA  Reuters  2018 
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Bezos's empire: how Amazon became the world's biggest retailer | Technology | The Guardian
Amazon has shipped more than 400 items per second at its peak. How did it grow from bookseller to retail giant?
Amazon  growth  profile  statistics  history  Guardian  2018 
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'Christianity as default is gone': the rise of a non-Christian Europe | World news | The Guardian
Figures show a majority of young adults in 12 countries have no faith, with Czechs least religious
religion  christianity  atheism  penetration  Europe  statistics  Guardian  2018 
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How big is Twitter Moments? – Balaji S. Srinivasan – Medium
Moments likely has >92M monthly uniques — more than CNN, the New York Times, or the Washington Post.
Twitter  TwitterMoments  penetration  statistics  advocacy  author:BalajiSSrinivasan  Medium  2017 
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Businesses at Work | Okta
To create this dashboard, we anonymized Okta customer data from our network of thousands of companies, organizations, applications, custom integrations, and millions of daily authentications and verifications from countries around the world.

As you review this dashboard, keep in mind that this data is only representative of Okta's customers, the applications that we connect to, and the ways in which users access these applications through our service.
softwareasservice  penetration  statistics  enterprise  Okta 
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LinkedIn Now Has More Than 500 Million Members in 200 Countries – Adweek
LinkedIn announced Monday that it now has more than 500 million members in 200 countries.
LinkedIn  statistics  penetration  AdWeek  2017 
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Twitter Surprises by Adding New Users | Digital - AdAge
Ever since the company went public in 2013, it has been battling the perception that its growth is limited. But Twitter showed signs of new life in the first quarter, reporting that average monthly active users rose 6% from last year to 328 million. The number of daily users has been increasing at a faster pace each quarter for the past year, Twitter said, even benefiting this year from "new and resurrected users following more news and political accounts," especially in the U.S.
Now that CEO Jack Dorsey has managed to defy investor expectations by reviving user growth, he has to do the same for revenue: Twitter on Wednesday posted its first quarterly revenue decline since going public in 2013, an 8% drop from the quarter a year earlier.
And ad revenue fell 11%.
Twitter  results  penetration  statistics  growth  revenues  decline  AdvertisingAge  2017 
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Instagram Now Has 700 Million Monthly Users – Adweek
Today, the photo- and video-sharing app announced it now has 700 million users, doubling its size in just two years. The rapid growth further contrasts the platform with Snapchat, which now has just 158 million daily users. In fact, earlier this month, Instagram said its Snapchat clone—Instagram Stories—now has 200 million daily users. However, as some have pointed out, the Stories audience isn’t actually as active as Instagram makes it sound because Instagram also counts users as active even if they only view Stories and aren’t posting.
Instagram  penetration  growth  statistics  AdWeek  2017 
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You Draw It: Just How Bad Is the Drug Overdose Epidemic? - The New York Times
How does the surge in drug overdoses compare with other causes of death in the U.S.? Draw your guesses on the charts below.
death  drugs  overdose  statistics  opioid  USA  NYTimes  2017 
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iPad Optics | Asymco
If we look further we see that the iPad is still a much loved and much used product. Data from the Pew Internet Survey shows that tablet ownership among US adults increased from 45% in April 2015 to 48% in April 2016 and 51% in November 2016. The rise has been steady. Although this counts tablets, the iPad had 85% share of the U.S. market for tablets priced above $200 so it’s a fair assumption that the iPad audience is growing. Similar data exists for the UK.
tablets  iPad  penetration  sales  review  statistics  Asymco  2017 
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Facts about migration and crime in Sweden -
In recent times, simplistic and occasionally completely inaccurate information about Sweden and Swedish migration policy has been disseminated. Here, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs looks at some of the most common claims.
migration  refugees  statistics  Sweden  2017 
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Apple Pay Already Accepted at a Third of US Retail Outlets
The reach of Apple Pay has steadily expanded since the service was launched in October 2014. In two short years Apple (AAPL) has expanded the service to 13 countries, with four of them added last year - Japan, Russia, New Zealand and Spain.

During the first quarter 2017 earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that Apple Pay's volume was up over 500% compared to last year even as the total number of users tripled during the period. Apple Pay experienced the same level growth in the fourth quarter of 2016 as well, which means the current trend has enough momentum to continue for some more time.
Apple  ApplePay  mobilepayments  statistics  penetration  growth  YahooFinance  2017 
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Smartphone Addicts Behind the Wheel Drive Car Insurance Rates Higher - WSJ
Insurers increasingly blame distracted drivers as costs related to crashes outpace premium increases
automotive  insurance  accidents  smartphones  statistics  USA  WallStreetJournal  2017 
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Global PC shipments keep declining, according to Gartner | TechCrunch
In news that should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who’s been following the industry even peripherally, Gartner notes in a new study that global PC shipments have continued to decline for a fifth straight year. The numbers mark a 3.7 percent year-over-year drop for the fourth quarter of 2016.
PCs  sales  statistics  decline  Gartner  global  Techcrunch  2017 
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Instagram has doubled its monthly active user base in two years - The Verge
It appears that the rise of Snapchat and all its Spectacles fun have yet to slow Instagram’s growth: the Facebook-owned company today announced that it has reached 600 million monthly active users, doubling its figure from 2014.

Of that statistic, 100 million monthly active users were added in the past six months — Instagram’s last milestone announcement was back in June of this year. Since then, Instagram introduced one of its biggest feature to date: Instagram Stories, a near-carbon copy of Snapchat. It also added the ability to delete followers from your private account and filter out abusive words this month, alongside an ephemeral live video function to users in the US.
Instagram  socialmedia  statistics  growth  penetration  TheVerge  2016 
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Advertisers are cooling on Snapchat Live Stories - Digiday
With viewership for Snapchat’s Live Stories stagnating, the feature is not a priority for media buyers.

In addition to Discover, Live Stories is one of two media-driven features inside the Snapchat app. Available alongside Discover on the Stories and Discover pages, Live Stories provides content curated around different events and topics — everything from a big NBA game to the ongoing conflict in Mosul. Content includes photos and videos shot by users as well as the event organizers, when applicable.
Snapchat  SnapchatLiveStories  decline  statistics  review  Digiday  2016 
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Key findings on international migration | Pew Research Center
Millions of people have migrated from their homes to other countries in recent years. Some migrants have moved voluntarily, seeking economic opportunities. Others have been forced from their homes by political turmoil, persecution or war and have left their countries to seek asylum elsewhere.

To mark International Migrants Day this Sunday, here are our key findings about international migration trends.
migration  refugees  statistics  research  USA  global  Europe  Germany  Russia  UK  UAE  Canada  France  Australia  Spain  Italy  India  Ukraine  Thailand  Pakistan  Kazakhstan  PewResearch  2016 
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Ericsson Mobility Report – Ericsson
This edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report continues to forecast IoT connections, presenting our findings on a time-to-content study for popular websites, the increased use of live video streaming, as well as a special focus on IoT and its transformational potential. 
mobile  telecoms  internetofthings  onlinevideo  mobilevideo  4G  5G  penetration  global  VoiceoverLTE  mobileinternet  research  statistics  Ericsson  2016 
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We love it when the numbers turn over
Over the last few months, we’ve had many occasions for cheers and high-fives around the office: cruising past a million paid seats and $100,000,000 in annual recurring revenue over the summer. Just last month we crossed 2.5 million simultaneously connected users. And, most recently, a new favorite: eclipsing six million apps installed on Slack teams.
enterprise  collaboration  penetration  growth  statistics  Slack  2016 
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150 million people finding ideas on Pinterest | Pinterest Blog
Today we're excited to announce that our community has grown to more than 150 million people around the world using Pinterest every month. And we’ve got over 75 billion ideas waiting here for them to try. But what’s most exciting to me is just how diverse this group of people has become since Pinterest launched in 2010. 
growth  statistics  penetration  socialmedia  Pinterest  2016 
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The Ad Contrarian: The Walking Dead
When you consider the quantity and range of incredible new media options that are available, there is one crystal clear truth that the clueless lemmings in the marketing and media world have completely misread -- the stunning resilience of television.
television  media  penetration  statistics  advocacy  USA  AdContrarian  2016 
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The 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report - comScore, Inc
Some key topics covered in the report include:

The implications of smartphone apps’ growing share of digital media usage time
The dynamic between mobile web’s critical role in expanding audience reach and the app’s role in high user engagement
The value of the smartphone home screen, how users interact with it, and other consumer habits on mobile
Demographic and behavioral profiling of the app users, including heavy app downloaders
Deep dives into some of the largest and fastest growing apps, including Facebook, Snapchat and Pokémon GO
The top apps among Millennials, and this group’s influence in all facets of app behavior
mobileapps  mobileinternet  smartphones  demographics  penetration  statistics  Facebook  Snapchat  Pokemon  USA  Comscore  2016 
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Bluetooth Capable Headphone Sales Surpass Non-Bluetooth Sales
According to The NPD Group's Retail Tracking Service, Bluetooth headphone revenue overtook non-Bluetooth for the first time in June accounting for 54 percent of headphone dollar sales and 17 percent of unit sales in the U.S.

While the headphone category saw a 7 percent year-over-year increase in dollar sales for the first half of 2016, Bluetooth headphones saw double-digit growth with a 42 percent year-over-year increase in dollar sales for the first half of the year.
headphones  bluetooth  sales  statistics  USA  NPD  2016 
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Digital in APAC 2016 - We Are Social UK
Since our last APAC report in March last year, the reported number of internet users has jumped 27%, while the number of people using social media from mobile devices is up a staggering 50%. This compares to average global growth of 19% and 39% respectively for the same measures.

Here are the headline numbers for digital connectivity in APAC:

Internet users in APAC: 1.83 Billion
Social media users in APAC: 1.43 Billion*
Mobile connections in APAC: 3.86 Billion**
Mobile social media users in APAC: 1.36 Billion*
mobile  socialmedia  mobilesocial  mobilemessaging  internet  statistics  penetration  growth  Facebook  WhatsApp  FacebookMessenger  QQ  WeChat  QZone  Tumblr  Instagram  Twitter  Skype  Baidu  Weibo  Line  Snapchat  YY  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Telegram  Viber  VKontakte  Australia  Bangladesh  Bhutan  Brunei  Cambodia  China  Fiji  HongKong  India  Indonesia  Japan  Laos  Macau  Malaysia  Maldives  Mongolia  Myanmar  Nepal  NewZealand  NorthKorea  Pakistan  PapuaNewGuinea  Philippines  Singapore  SouthKorea  SriLanka  Taiwan  Thailand  EastTimor  Vietnam  WeAreSocial  2016 
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Snapchat Is Reportedly on Pace to Reach 217 Million Users by the End of 2017 | Adweek
An eMarketer report Tuesday revealed that the social app—which claims to have 150 million daily users worldwide—would grow by 27.2 percent during 2016 and then another 13.6 percent next year. That would put Snapchat at 217 million users by the end of 2017. 
In the U.S. alone, there will be 58.6 million users by the end of 2016, said eMarketer. The New York researcher said millennials make up the greatest share of Snapchat's American base, totaling 40.9 million and currently accounting for 70 percent of Snapchat's monthly users. 
Snapchat  penetration  growth  statistics  global  USA  mobilemessaging  Adweek  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
Pokémon GO Captures 55 Million Mobile Users in July, Ranking 13th Among All Apps - comScore, Inc
The app was released in early July, and in its first full month of reporting, data from comScore Mobile Metrix® showed that it ranked as the 13th largest mobile app with 55 million unique visitors across smartphone and tablet. This represents more than 30% of the total mobile app population, even edging out a couple of social media heavyweights for the month.

For as long as comScore has been measuring digital audiences, there really isn’t even a remotely comparable instance of a website or app capturing such a large audience in such a short period of time. The closest any other app comes to this sort of jump is when Walmart incorporated its Savings Catcher feature during back-to-school season in 2014 and grew from 4 million app users in July to more than 24 million by November. That took four months to grow by an incremental 20 million users, which is very impressive, but Walmart also had the benefit of building off a massive existing customer base
Pokemon  PokemonGo  growth  statistics  penetration  consumer  mobileapps  USA  Comscore  2016 
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Ridesharing Impact Dramatically Overstated | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis
More importantly, even among those who use ridesharing services, the reasons or situations in which they do use them strongly suggest occasional, supplemental usage to their regular driving. In fact, nearly 75% of ridesharing users view it as a supplemental service for situations such as after drinking, while travelling, or other circumstances where they don’t have access to a car. That leaves just 5% of the total population (or one quarter of all rideshare users) who actually use ride sharing more than just occasionally.
ridesharing  statistics  penetration  consumer  opportunity  review  research  USA  Techpinions  2016 
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Why Japan has more music stores than the rest of the world — Quartz
Globally, 39% of all music sales are physical CDs and vinyl, but in Japan, the figure is double that. It helps make Japan the world’s second biggest music market, selling more than ¥254 billion ($2.44 billion) worth of music a year—most of it in the form of CDs.
music  CDs  vinyl  revenues  statistics  review  demographics  technology  Japan  Quartz  2016 
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People are quickly losing interest in Pokémon Go - The Verge
Bloomberg has published some charts by Axiom Capital Management that show daily users and engagement dropping. One chart, using data from analytics firm Apptopia, shows Pokémon Go peaking at around 45 million users in mid-July, during the week or so following its launch. It then begins a decline to somewhere above 30 million daily users last week.
Pokemon  PokemonGo  mobilegaming  penetration  statistics  global  decline  AxiomCapitalManagement  TheVerge  2016 
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Mobile phones, internet and gender in Myanmar
The objective of the national baseline survey was to understand the information and communication needs and habits of people in Myanmar. The objective of the qualitative study was to understand the gender gap in mobile ownership and the reasons for low mobile internet use, which became evident in the national baseline survey.
consumer  mobile  smartphones  research  gender  mobileinternet  telecoms  penetration  statistics  Myanmar  LIRNEasia  GSMA  2015 
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YouTube Pips Facebook for Unique Visitors in the UK - eMarketer
Google’s position at the head of the digital table in the UK was confirmed by June 2016 data from comScore MMX Multi-Platform. It found that Google sites pulled in the most unique visitors that month, with 46.6 million visiting its various digital properties.

Drilling down into the separate sites, though, highlights the growing influence of Facebook. A Google property still topped the charts of individual sites—YouTube, with 39.6 million unique visitors—but the main Facebook site wasn’t far behind, with 38.8 million visitors, tying for second with Google Search.
internet  statistics  Google  Youtube  GoogleMaps  Gmail  Android  Google+  Blogger  Microsoft  Bing  MSN  MicrosoftOutlook  Skype  MicrosoftOffice  Facebook  FacebookMessenger  Instagram  WhatsApp  UK  Comscore  eMarketer  2016 
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The Mobile Economy - Africa 2016
The mobile industry in Africa continues to deliver the required connectivity that enables access to a wide range of services addressing various social and economic issues. But with more than half of the population yet to subscribe to a mobile service, the challenge for Africa is to overcome the barriers to connecting the unconnected and unlock the economic potential of increased connectivity.
mobile  mobileinternet  mobilepayments  smartphones  telecoms  startup  growth  penetration  statistics  Africa  GSMA  2016 
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Twitter's User Base to Grow by Double Digits This Year - eMarketer
With the company reporting earnings next week, all eyes are on Twitter’s ability to grow its user base, a necessary prerequisite to growing revenues at the social network. eMarketer estimates that worldwide, user growth of 10.9% this year will bring Twitter’s monthly active population to 286.3 million by the end of this year.


That comes on top of 9.8% growth in 2015, with rates expected to taper in coming years as Twitter’s global user base approaches 370 million by the end of eMarketer’s forecast period.
Twitter  penetration  statistics  growth  socialmedia  USA  Brazil  Japan  Mexico  India  monetisation  onlineadvertising  revenues  eMarketer  2016 
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Uber reaches 2 billion rides six months after hitting its first billion | Reuters
Uber has completed more than 2 billion trips on its app, the company's chief executive said on Monday, a milestone that arrives just weeks after the ride service added another $4.7 billion to its warchest.

Uber [UBER.UL] hit 2 billion rides on June 18, CEO Travis Kalanick said in a Facebook post, six months after marking its first billion rides. The company, then, completed the same number of rides in six months as it did in the prior six years - due in part to its heavy spending to recruit drivers and passengers, which is made possible by more than $13 billion in funding from investors.

Kalanick said that 147 Uber rides started at the exact same second in 16 countries to tie for the two billionth trip. The largest portion of those rides - 54 - happened in China, an indication of the company's growth in that country, where Kalanick has also said Uber is losing more than $1 billion a year as it competes for riders.
Uber  statistics  growth  ridesharing  Reuters  2016 
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Romance Makes up 4% of Print, and 45% of eBook Sales | The Digital Reader
He revealed to attendees what many had long suspected: romance titles dominate the US ebook market. As you can see from the slide below, romance titles make up 4.4% of print sales (according to Nielsen) and 45% of ebook sales (according the Author Earnings Report).

Yes, 89% of romance sales in the US are digital, and much of that goes to indie authors rather than publishers.
eBooks  eReaders  genre  statistics  TheDigitalReader  2016 
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Six wealthiest countries host less than 9% of world's refugees | World news | The Guardian
The six wealthiest countries in the world, which between them account for almost 60% of the global economy, host less than 9% of the world’s refugees, while poorer countries shoulder most of the burden, Oxfam has said.

According to a report released by the charity on Monday, the US, China, Japan, Germany, France and the UK, which together make up 56.6% of global GDP, between them host just 2.1 million refugees: 8.9% of the world’s total.

Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of world's population, says Oxfam
Read more
Of these 2.1 million people, roughly a third are hosted by Germany (736,740), while the remaining 1.4 million are split between the other five countries. The UK hosts 168,937 refugees, a figure Oxfam GB chief executive, Mark Goldring, has called shameful.

In contrast, more than half of the world’s refugees – almost 12 million people – live in Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Pakistan, Lebanon and South Africa, despite the fact these places make up less than 2% of the world’s economy.
refugees  population  statistics  country  USA  China  Japan  Germany  France  UK  Turkey  Palestine  Pakistan  Lebanon  SouthAfrica  Oxfam  critique  Guardian  2016 
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A history of social housing - BBC News
From Lloyd George's promise of "homes fit for heroes" to Margaret Thatcher's dream of a property-owning democracy, housing has been at the centre of British politics for more than a century. Key pledges ahead of the 2015 general election show it's rarely mattered more. Here is why.
housing  publichousing  history  statistics  trends  review  HousingAssociations  UK  BBC  2016 
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HTC Vive Headset Nearing 100,000 Sales - Road to VR
While between HTC/Valve and Oculus, the companies have been coy on official sales figures, Steam data suggests that the HTC Vive install base is approaching the 100,000 mark.

Having launched just about three months ago on April 5th, the HTC Vive is the flagship headset of Steam, through which Valve is the main distributor of games for the headset. And while the Steam Hardware & Software Survey gives relative percentages of headsets used with Steam, we need to turn to other means to find actual figures.

See Also: HTC Vive – Review A Mesmerising VR Experience, if You Have the Space
That’s where SteamSpy comes in, which aggregates data from millions of Steam users into useful statistics about games sold on the platform. And though SteamSpy doesn’t track the number of HTC Vive headsets running on Steam, it does track the three VR games that come bundled with each Vive purchase: Tilt Brush, Fantastic Contraption, and Job Simulator. Thus, we can see the total number of owners of these games, giving us what appears to be a fairly accurate indication of Vive sales.
HTCVive  Steam  gaming  statistics  penetration  RoadtoVR  2016 
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'Pokémon GO' Is About To Surpass Twitter In Daily Active Users On Android - Forbes
Cops and kids are playing Pokémon Go together in the streets, local businesses are tailoring their marketing around Pokémon Go, and self-professed socially awkward gamers are making new friends by the dozen. Walk around any neighborhood in America, and it’s clear that Pokémon Go is enormously popular and having a massive social impact. How massive, though? Data published today by SimilarWeb indicates that the mobile game may be poised to surpass Twitter TWTR +4.09% in daily active users on Android. 
Pokemon  PokemonGo  NianticLabs  mobilegaming  augmentedreality  growth  penetration  statistics  Forbes  2016 
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Stop Using Google Trends — Medium
Alternatively titled ‘Be aware of context, and maybe start using Google AdWords’ Instead
GoogleTrends  research  analysis  statistics  critique  author:DannyPage  Medium  2016 
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Instagram Now Has Half a Billion Users - Bloomberg
Instagram passed 500 million users, and growth is accelerating as the photo sharing app clears a hurdle that has stalled competitors.

The most recent 100 million users joined up faster than the previous 100 million, indicating the app owned by Facebook Inc. won't be hindered any time soon by the growth plateau that plagues competitor Twitter Inc. Instagram said daily active users have reached 300 million. That's about double what Snapchat Inc. and Twitter see.
Instagram  growth  statistics  penetration  socialmedia  Bloomberg  2016 
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European ecommerce sales set to reach €500bn in 2016: report - InternetRetailing
Ecommerce sales in Europe are set to pass the €500bn (£380.9bn) milestone this year, a new report predicts today, after a year in which UK retailers took more than a third of all European online sales.

The forecast for 2016 comes in the European B2C Ecommerce Report, published by Ecommerce Europe, which finds that in the last year online transactions across Europe hit €455.3bn (£346.9bn) in 2015, 13.3% up on the same time last year. The report suggests that an estimated 296m online shoppers hailing from 48 European countries, including 28 that are members of the European Union, each spent an average of €1,540 (£1,173) over the internet last year. And that total is set to grow, the report suggested. “Nearly all growth in retail comes from ecommerce,” said the report. It added: “The full potential of the European ecommerce market has not yet been reached. Today 57% of European internet users shop online, but only 16% of SMEs sell online – and less than half of those sell online across borders (7.5%).”
ecommmerce  sales  statistics  UK  France  Germany  EcommerceEurope  InternetRetailing  2016 
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Social Networking Across Europe a Patchwork of Penetration Rates - eMarketer
More than half the population of Western Europe will be using social networks by 2019, but adoption rates across the region are surprisingly diverse, and growth rate are also slowing according to eMarketer’s latest forecast.

The Netherlands, Italy, Norway and the UK have some of the highest rates of social network usage in Western Europe, with at least 69% of internet users in each of these countries regularly visiting social networks. By contrast, France and Germany rank toward the bottom for social media usage in the region, with just 55.7% and 57.1% of internet users, respectively, using the platforms on a monthly basis—well below the regional average of 63.2%.
socialmedia  penetration  Europe  Netherlands  Norway  UK  Italy  Denmark  Sweden  Spain  Germany  France  statistics  eMarketer  2016 
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The Mobile Economy 2015
The mobile industry continues to scale rapidly, with a total of 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers at the end of 2014. Half of the world’s population now has a mobile subscription—up from just one in five 10 years ago. An additional one billion subscribers are predicted by 2020, taking the global penetration rate to approximately 60%. There were 7.1 billion global SIM connections at the end of 2014, and a further 243 million machine-to-machine (M2M) connections.
telecoms  mobile  statistics  penetration  mobileinternet  2G  3G  4G  LTE  smartphones  featurephones  traffic  music  profitability  revenues  investment  employment  economy  inclusion  mobilebanking  unbanked  internetofthings  mobilecommerce  identity  security  growth  global  region  Africa  Asia  Europe  LatinAmerica  MiddleEast  NorthAmerica  GSMA  2016 
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Snapchat Passes Twitter in Daily Usage - Bloomberg
Snapchat Inc. has 150 million people using the service each day, said people familiar with the matter. That makes the four-year-old messaging app more popular than Twitter Inc. by daily active users.
Snapchat has been growing quickly, boosted by its popularity among young people. The app had 110 million daily users in December, said the people, who asked not to be named because they weren’t authorized to speak about the numbers.
Snapchat  penetration  statistics  comparison  Twitter  socialmedia  Bloomberg  2016 
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The Ad Contrarian: Mobile Ad Blocking Grew 90% In 2015. Maybe.
An article in The Verge earlier this week reported on a study by PageFair showing that usage of mobile ad blockers grew 90% last year. According to the article there are now over 400 million people worldwide using ad blockers on mobile devices.

Several months ago, PageFair put the number of users at about 200 million worldwide.

They claim that in 2015, online publishers lost over 20 billion dollars in revenue due to ad blocking.

We have no way to know how seriously to take these numbers, but I am officially skeptical.
adblocker  mobileadvertising  statistics  penetration  PageFair  critique  USA  AdContrarian  2016 
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The global state of smoking in 5 charts | The Data Blog
Tobacco use kills 6 million people a year - that’s one person every six seconds.

If left unchecked, this number could rise to 8 million a year by 2030. It’s why efforts such as plain packaging laws highlighted in this year’s World No Tobacco Day are so important.

I’ve taken a look at tobacco use estimates from the WHO’s Global Health Observatory below to get a better idea of where smokers are, how smoking rates have changed over time, and how they vary between men and women. You can find all the data and calculations behind the charts below here.
smoking  tobacco  health  statistics  country  global  WorldHealthOrganisation  WorldBank  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
2016 Mobile Adblocking Report | PageFair
At least 419 million people (22% of the world’s 1.9bn smartphone users) are blocking ads on the mobile web.
Both mobile web and in-app ads can now be blocked.
As of March 2016 an estimated 408 million people are actively using mobile adblocking browsers (i.e., a mobile browser that blocks ads by default).
As of March 2016 there are 159 million users of mobile adblocking browsers in China, 122 million in India, and 38 million in Indonesia.
As of March 2016 in Europe and North America there were 14 million monthly active users of mobile adblocking browsers.
A further 4.9 million content blocking and in-app adblocking apps were downloaded from the app stores in Europe and North America since September 2014.
Adblocking is now the most hotly discussed topic in the digital media industry. Many publishers and advertisers have hoped that mobile platforms and walled gardens would offer a refuge from adblocking. As this report shows, this is not the case. However, there are grounds for optimism.

Since the widely-cited PageFair-Adobe report in August 2015 we have drawn together global stakeholders (consumer groups, advertisers, agencies, and publishers) for a series of high-level roundtables on both sides of the Atlantic to discuss how to sustainably advertise on the new ‘Blocked Web’ portion of the Web in a way that solves the consumer issues that caused adblocking. Read about the outcome here.
adblocker  mobile  research  consumer  statistics  penetration  mobileadvertising  PageFair  2016 
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Snapchat raised $1.8B in a Series F round; leaked deck reveals revenues, user numbers | TechCrunch
Earlier this week, we reported that the messaging app startup Snapchat was raising more money. Now we have more updates for you.

An SEC filing has been made today with information about Snapchat’s latest Series F round, in which it has raised $1.8 billion. Separately, we’ve also obtained a leaked pitch deck, revealing Snapchat’s revenue and forecasts.

The Los Angeles-based company recently started its monetization efforts and brought in just $59 million in revenue in 2015, according to data in the deck. But it is now ramping up business in earnest, with the funding to match.  
Snapchat  revenues  statistics  growth  mobilemessaging  valuation  Techcrunch  2016 
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My grandfather survived Hiroshima. Here’s what he wants Obama’s historic visit to accomplish — Quartz
The new digital economy is increasingly looking like it belongs to the rich and well-educated.
US adults who earn at least $75,000 a year are twice as likely to have booked trips on ride-hailing services (such as Uber) or rented rooms through home-sharing companies (such as Airbnb) as lower-income Americans, according to a new study from Pew Research Center. College graduates are also much more likely to have been consumers in the new digital economy than people with less educational achievement.
sharingeconomy  Uber  Airbnb  wealth  income  statistics  PewResearch  PewInternet  USA  Quartz  2016 
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Alibaba Group’s UC Browser Passes 400 Million Active Monthly Users - Alizila
Alibaba Group’s UC Browser has surpassed 400 million monthly active users globally, extending its lead over Apple’s Safari as the world’s second-most popular mobile browser.

He Xiaopeng, the head of UCWeb, the Alibaba division that owns UC Browser, released the numbers during a speech to the annual Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing on Thursday. 9Apps, Alibaba’s overseas marketplace for mobile applications, has reached 160 million active monthly users.

UC Browser is already the leading mobile browser in China, in addition to controlling more than 50 percent of the Indian and Indonesian markets. It works on both Android and iOS phones and is available in 12 different languages, including Chinese, English, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.
UCBrowser  Alibaba  browser  mobilebrowser  penetration  statistics  growth  Alizila  2016 
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So Much for Peak Driving (VMT) |
So much for peak VMT. The planners and analysts who watched vehicle miles traveled (VMT) trends seemingly peak are no doubt anxious as the preliminary 2015 VMT numbers produced by the U.S. Department of Transportation showed new record total VMT well ahead of the 2007 number that many had hoped signaled peak U.S. VMT. Perhaps even more disconcerting was the sharp increase in per capita VMT, up approximately 2.6 percent for 2015. While not surpassing the prior peak per capita travel levels of the past decade of over 10,000 miles per year per person, per capita VMT nonetheless showed substantial growth during a time when the economy was far from robust. Figure 1 shows the upward sloping total and per capita VMT trends.

While individuals, perhaps someone who bought one of those 17.34 million autos sold in the U.S. 2015 (also a new record) and had a reliable vehicle to travel cross country to visit grandma, celebrate the sub $2.00 gas and the chance to travel more, others, anxious about the congestion, energy use, or emissions of more travel, may be rethinking premature obituaries for auto travel.
automotive  peakcar  review  vehiclemilestraveled  statistics  USA  NewGeography  2016 
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85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound - Digiday
Facebook might be hosting upwards of 8 billion views per day on its platform, but a wide majority of that viewership is happening in silence.

As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound off, according to multiple publishers. Take, for instance, feel-good site LittleThings, which is averaging 150 million monthly views on Facebook so far this year. Eighty-five percent of its viewership is occurring without users turning the sound on. Similarly, millennial news site Mic, which is also averaging 150 million monthly Facebook views, said 85 percent of its 30-second views are without sound. PopSugar said its silent video views range between 50 and 80 percent.
Facebook  FacebookVideo  onlinevideo  audio  statistics  research  Mic  Digiday  2016 
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The New Digital Economy: Shared, Collaborative and On Demand | Pew Research Center
The sharing economy and on-demand services are weaving their way into the lives of (some) Americans, raising difficult issues around jobs, regulation and the potential emergence of a new digital divide
sharingeconomy  ridesharing  statistics  penetration  review  research  consumer  Airbnb  Uber  Etsy  USA  PewInternet  PewResearch  2016 
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Adblock Plus and (a little) more: 100 million users, 100 million thank-yous
Today, on stage at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in Brooklyn, our co-founder Till Faida announced that we now have more than 100 million active users (by “active users” we mean “active installations,” i.e. you may be counted as more than one “user” if you’ve got ABP active on multiple devices). These are our latest numbers, which we’ve been working for months on getting more accurate without breaking our strict privacy policy. Harder than it sounds … Happily, we’ve got some stupid smart data scientists who’ve figured out a way to get an accurate estimation.

While user numbers in countries where ad blocking is fairly well-known, like Germany and France, are pretty stable, in countries like the US and UK people are really coming on to the benefits of taking back control of their online experience.
adblocker  penetration  statistics  growth  AdblockPlus  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
Gear VR: 1 Million Montly Actives in April, New UI in June | Variety
Samsung’s Gear VR headset had more than one million monthly active users in April, according to new data released by  Oculus Wednesday. The Facebook-owned virtual reality company now wants to get those users to keep coming back by launching a new user interface for the headset.

Oculus also said that it will start to introduce a “what’s new” section within the existing user interface to make it easier to find newly-launched games and experiences.

And next month, the Oculus home screen — the interface users get to see when putting on the Gear VR headset — will get a revamp to put a bigger emphasis on recently downloaded content. The Oculus mobile app, which can be used to download Gear VR apps without the headset, will get a similar refresh.

Oculus said this week that developers have built over 250 apps for Gear VR so far. Interestingly, one of the biggest draws for the device is video content: Seven out of the ten most popular apps are video-related, and almost 80 percent of the users of the device use it to watch video on any given day, according to Oculus.
Oculus  SamsungGearVR  virtualreality  penetration  statistics  360video  Variety  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
Here is proof of India’s desperation for taxis: 2.5 billion phone calls in three months — Quartz
India’s lack of efficient public transport systems is pushing the demand for taxis like never before.
About 2.5 billion phone calls were made between Indians and taxi operators between January 1, 2016, and April 17, 2016, according to data from Truecaller, the caller ID app.
ridesharing  taxi  India  opportunity  statistics  consumer  Truecaller  Quartz  2016 
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