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The NRA's latest budget cut: the office coffee — Quartz at Work
It turns out the cutback is merely the latest piece of evidence that the NRA is short on cash. In what gun-regulation advocates will read as a hopeful sign, membership fees were reportedly down by $35 million in 2017, and total assets dropped from $217 million to $196 million.
NRA  guns  guncontrol  decline  revenues  Quartz  2018 
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Apple’s Social Network – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Third, starting with the December quarter, we will no longer be providing unit sales data for iPhone, iPad and Mac. As we have stated many times, our objective is to make great products and services that enrich people’s lives, and to provide an unparalleled customer experience so that our users are highly satisfied, loyal and engaged.
Apple  strategy  revenues  results  profitability  ARPU  Stratechery  2018 
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Reader payments now make up 12 percent of The Guardian’s revenue - Digiday
The Guardian now gets more revenue from consumers than from advertising. More than 900,000 people pay it through a combination of membership, recurring contributions, print and digital subscriptions and one-off contributions, accounting for 12 percent of the publisher’s total revenue.
Guardian  revenues  subscription  webjournalism  newspapers  review  advocacy  Digiday  2018 
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The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | The Reports Of The Record Industry's Rebirth Are Greatly Exaggerated
Last week the major labels were all over the media shouting excitedly about new positive streaming figures. But, points out Eamonn Forde, the reality is far from rosy - especially for those artists tQ loves.
music  revenues  Independent  review  critique  Spotify  streamingmedia  TheQuietus  2017 
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Twitter Surprises by Adding New Users | Digital - AdAge
Ever since the company went public in 2013, it has been battling the perception that its growth is limited. But Twitter showed signs of new life in the first quarter, reporting that average monthly active users rose 6% from last year to 328 million. The number of daily users has been increasing at a faster pace each quarter for the past year, Twitter said, even benefiting this year from "new and resurrected users following more news and political accounts," especially in the U.S.
Now that CEO Jack Dorsey has managed to defy investor expectations by reviving user growth, he has to do the same for revenue: Twitter on Wednesday posted its first quarterly revenue decline since going public in 2013, an 8% drop from the quarter a year earlier.
And ad revenue fell 11%.
Twitter  results  penetration  statistics  growth  revenues  decline  AdvertisingAge  2017 
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Desktop, Mobile Ad Revenue Surpasses TV for the First Time | Digital - AdAge
Step aside, TV and desktop: Digital advertising revenue surged nearly 22% to $72.5 billion for the 2016 calendar year, up from the $59.6 billion reported in 2015, the Interactive Advertising Bureau said Thursday in a report prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Although it marks eight consecutive record breaking years, the IAB's report represents the first time mobile has overtaken desktop spending, and the first time digital as a whole has passed TV ad spend.
media  onlineadvertising  mobileadvertising  revenues  growth  IAB  PWC  USA  AdvertisingAge  2017 
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UK Publishing has record year up 7% to £4.8bn
Figures released today by the Publishers Association shows that 2016 was a record breaking year for the publishing industry with sales of books and journals reaching £4.8bn, their highest ever level.

The increase in sales of 7% on the previous year is the largest growth in a decade, when in 2007 digital was first included.
publishing  books  ebooks  sales  revenues  growth  Publishers  2017 
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This Is Spinal Tap’s $400 Million Lawsuit - Bloomberg
The creators of This is Spinal Tap, the most influential mockumentary ever made, have been paid almost nothing. The rock gods are angry.
SpinalTap  film  movies  accounting  revenues  review  critique  Hollywood  Bloomberg  2017 
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Indian e-commerce dumps the metric GMV (gross merchandise value) for profitability — Quartz
From 2013 to 2015, any probing on this metric would inevitably evoke sniggers and lectures from founders on how online retail was not about making money too soon, but about increasing the market share. On several occasions, the industry’s posterboy and co-founder of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal, proclaimed that profitability was neither the top priority nor a focus.
Three years on, things are very different.
ecommerce  metrics  profitability  revenues  review  trends  India  Quartz  2017 
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How is The New York Times Really Doing? – Om Malik
After reading the piece, I thought let’s see how the Times is really doing — by the numbers. With help of Nima Wedlake, I came up with data to chart the progress made by the company, to see how far it really is from its transformation into a billion-dollars-in-digital-business. Have a look:
NYTimes  revenues  profitability  review  webjournalism  journalism  author:OmMalik  OmMalik  2017 
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Snap’s Apple Strategy – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
I do, though, have faith in Snap itself: Spiegel and team are the most innovative in tech, brilliantly laddering up to new opportunities, and creating new markets. The products will be great; we’ve known for 30 years, though, that that is not always enough.
Snapchat  IPO  revenues  ARPU  strategy  comparison  Facebook  socialmedia  Stratechery  2017 
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Why Whole Foods is now struggling - The Washington Post
“Whole Foods created this space and had it all to themselves for years,” said Brian Yarbrough, an analyst at Edward Jones. “But in the past five years, a lot of people started piling in. And now there's a lot of competition.”
WholeFoods  revenues  results  food  trends  growth  decline  USA  WashingtonPost  2017 
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Facebook beats in Q4 with $8.81B revenue, slower growth to 1.86B users | TechCrunch
Facebook had another strong quarter in Q4 2016, earning $8.81 billion in revenue and $1.41 EPS. It pulled that from 1.86 billion monthly users, up 3.91 percent this quarter, or 70 million users, from 1.79 billion, but at a slower pace than its 4.67 percent growth last quarter. Mobile now makes up 84 percent of its ad revenue, the same as last quarter, accounting for $7.248 billion, signalling that Facebook has successfully completed its shift to mobile.
Facebook  revenues  growth  penetration  results  Techcrunch  2017 
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Snap has finally filed publicly for its massive IPO | TechCrunch
It’s here! Snap — which confidentially filed for its IPO late last year — has released its public filing through the Securities and Exchange Commission. It’s going to be listed on the NYSE as “SNAP.”
Snapchat  IPO  revenues  monetisation  penetration  growth  review  Techcrunch  2017 
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People are paying for Super Mario Run in surprising numbers - The Verge
As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the company says the game has been downloaded more than 78 million times worldwide, with more than 5 percent of players paying to unlock its full content. (That’s $10 in the US.) It’s an impressive conversion rate in for mobile industry, especially considering the game’s high price. Titles that charge a dollar or two usually only achieve a conversion rate of less than 5 percent, a Tokyo-based games analyst told the WSJ.
Nintendo  SuperMarioRun  mobilegaming  revenues  advocacy  TheVerge  2017 
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Facebook, Snapchat Deals Produce Meager Results for News Outlets - Bloomberg
Newspapers and other media outlets are struggling to make money from their partnerships with tech giants like Facebook and Snapchat, raising concerns over their business models in a news landscape increasingly dominated by social media platforms.
webjournalism  monetisation  Facebook  Snapchat  critique  FacebookInstantArticles  revenues  Bloomberg  2017 
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Missed targets take a bite out of Apple chiefs’ pay
Apple’s top executives took a pay cut last year after the company missed its internal sales and profit targets for the first time since the launch of the iPhone a decade ago. 

Chief executive Tim Cook and other members of Apple’s leadership took home pay packets that were at least 10 per cent smaller in 2016, because of missed revenue and profit targets last year. 
Apple  revenues  profitability  decline  review  FinancialTimes  2017 
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Facebook at a Crossroads
In 2017, Zuckerberg will have to manage the awkward adolescence of his existing business and try to show real progress on his aspirations for one day doing something larger.
Facebook  strategy  revenues  growth  forecast  TechnologyReview  2016 
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Uber Loses at Least $1.2 Billion in First Half of 2016 - Bloomberg
After touting profitability in the U.S. early this year, the ride-hailing company is said to post second-quarter losses exceeding $100 million.
Uber  revenues  profitability  startup  ridesharing  review  critique  Bloomberg  2016 
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Facebook scores big in Q3 earnings: $7.01B revenue and 1.79B users | TechCrunch
Facebook had a wildly successful Q3, earning $7.01 billion in revenue and $1.09 EPS. That’s off of from 1.79 billion monthly users, up 16% year-over-year, and growing 4.67% this quarter, speeding up from 3.63% last quarter. Daily active users rose to 1.18 from 1.13 billion last quarter, and up 17% year-over-year. Facebook now has 1.66 billion mobile MAUs up 5.7% from 1.57 billion in Q2, and it’s hit a new billion-user milestone as it reached 1.055 billion mobile-only users.

Facebook destroyed analyst estimates, which were $6.92 billion in revenue and $0.97 EPS. Still, Facebook’s share price is down because it says it’s hitting maximum ad load, which will reduce revenue growth.
Facebook  revenues  penetration  growth  ARPU  Techcrunch  2016 
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GoPro shows its vulnerability after horrific Q3 earnings | TechCrunch
Expectations were already incredibly low for GoPro this go around and yet somehow the company managed to eclipse even the worst fears of analysts. The company’s stock trading was halted prior to the release of results that missed revenue expectations by 23 percent and nearly $75 million.

When trading began again, shares were down 22 percent. This means that, in a matter of minutes, the market cap of the company melted from $1.23 billion to $972 million — the spontaneous combustion of roughly $250 million in value.
GoPro  revenues  results  decline  Techcrunch  2016 
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LinkedIn Q3 sales up 23% to $960M in its last earnings ahead of MSFT acquisition | TechCrunch
Microsoft expects to close its $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn by the end of this year — pending some final regulatory approvals — and so, in light of that, today LinkedIn posted a very basic earnings report for Q3. It’s also skipping the customary analyst call and is no longer providing financial guidance for the coming quarter.

Still, the company reported growth in its key metrics, a positive note for the next stage ahead. Revenues for the third quarter were $960 million, up 23 percent on a year ago; earnings per share were $1.18 (versus $0.78 in Q3 last year) with non-GAAP net income at $163 million; and membership numbers were up 18 percent to 467 million. The financial numbers beat analysts’ projections: on average, they were expecting revenues of $959 million and EPS of $0.91. Mobile now accounts for 60 percent of all traffic to LinkedIn, the company said, growing at double the rate of its desktop service.
LinkedIn  revenues  growth  review  Microsoft  takeover  Techcrunch  2016 
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Snapchat wants to stop sharing ad revenue with its media partners - Recode
The red-hot messaging app wants to make a major change in the way it works with companies that supply it with content for its “Discover” section.

Instead of sharing ad revenue that section produces, Snapchat wants to pay content partners a flat license fee up front and keep the ad money for itself. It’s the same model that TV networks use when they buy programming.

That’s a switch from the terms Snapchat has offered since it launched Discover in 2015. Up until now, it has let publishers sell ads against their own content, and Snapchat has also sold ads against the same content using its own sales team. Splits have varied depending on the deal and who sold the ads.
SnapchatDiscover  Snapchat  content  revenues  redesign  Recode  2016 
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UK social care ‘in crisis’, warn charities
More than 80 leading charities have warned that social care is in “crisis”, following a damning report by the sector’s regulator that found more than four in 10 care providers in England were rated as “inadequate” or “requiring improvement”.

The “state of care” report from the Care Quality Commission also sounded the alarm over safety across the wider care sector, including the NHS, discovering that more than one in 10 hospitals and a similar proportion of adult social care providers were not meeting safety standards.

The Care and Support Alliance, an umbrella body, said the government should make a “significant investment” in social care at the spending review next month.
socialcare  revenues  profitability  decline  CareQualityCommission  CareandSupportAlliance  FinancialTimes  2015 
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Snapchat Ad Sales to Reach $935 Million Next Year: eMarketer | Digital - AdAge
Snapchat's impact on the ad market is growing as it approaches $1 billion in revenue in 2017, according to new figures from eMarketer.
Snapchat will collect $367 million in ad revenue in 2016 and grow that figure 155% next year to $935.5 billion, eMarketer said Tuesday. It's the first breakdown of Snapchat's mobile ad business by eMarketer, which studies the digital ad market worldwide. The figures reflect the revenue that Snapchat keeps after it shares some with partners.
Snapchat  revenues  onlineadvertising  growth  AdvertisingAge  2016 
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REDEF ORIGINAL: Letting it Go: The End of Windowing (and What Comes Next)
There are few concepts more fundamental to the video media business than that of content "windowing" – yet even this strategy is crumbling under the pressures of digital distribution. How will rights owners maximize the value of their content in the post-window era? The answer depends on how badly you want it.
film  movies  windowing  distribution  revenues  maximisation  forecast  author:MatthewBall  MediaRedef  2016 
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Why Japan has more music stores than the rest of the world — Quartz
Globally, 39% of all music sales are physical CDs and vinyl, but in Japan, the figure is double that. It helps make Japan the world’s second biggest music market, selling more than ¥254 billion ($2.44 billion) worth of music a year—most of it in the form of CDs.
music  CDs  vinyl  revenues  statistics  review  demographics  technology  Japan  Quartz  2016 
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Why Amazon is suddenly swimming in profit
In the fourth quarter of 2015, Inc. posted a profit of $482 million, more than double its previous highest-earning quarter. In the two quarters since, profits continued to rise, to $513 million in the first quarter and $857 million in the second quarter. In the first six months of 2016, the company’s combined profit was $1.37 billion—no other half in Amazon’s history is in the same universe.

So after years of reporting little to no profit, Amazon is now posting record gains quarter upon quarter. At the same time, its expenses are growing faster—26.4% in the first half of 2016 versus 17.5% in the first half of 2015.
Amazon  revenues  profit  profitability  growth  ecommerce  AmazonWebServices  InternetRetailer  2016 
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Uber Bonds Term Sheet Reveals $470 Million in Operating Losses - Bloomberg
Uber Technologies Inc. is telling prospective investors that it generates $470 million in operating losses on $415 million in revenue, according to a document provided to prospective investors.
The term sheet viewed by Bloomberg News, which is being used to sell $1 billion to $1.2 billion in convertible bonds, doesn’t make clear the time period for those results. The document also touts 300 percent year-over-year growth.
The figures show the heavy losses that Uber is accruing as it expands its global car-booking operation amid fierce local competition. Uber is already operating in more than 300 cities worldwide and is raising money at a $50 billion valuation, a person familiar with the situation said last month. Uber is spending aggressively especially in China and as it experiments with its carpooling service uberPOOL.
Uber  revenues  valuation  review  critique  Bloomberg  2016 
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The Music Industry's New War Is About So Much More Than Copyright | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
We're listening to more songs than ever thanks to YouTube. Eight charts that explain why that isn't necessarily music to the ears of Taylor, Bono, and the big labels.
music  Youtube  streamingmedia  revenues  review  critique  DMCA  FastCompany  2016 
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News is afflicted by its own climate change: It’s called social — Monday Note
For the news industry, this huge economic gap carries two likely consequences: internet giants and digital native news outlets will have tremendous financial firepower to do whatever it takes in terms of marketing or their ability to go further into the general information segment (cf. Snapchat); and the network effect will apply even further when advertising dollars keep drying up for what will be increasingly seen as niche media.
More broadly, except for the old, educated and affluent segment of the population, the vast majority will be informed by a rapid-fire of superficial and shallow contents spat by the social firehose. Expect more Brexit hurricanes and Trump floods in the future.
jounalism  webjournalism  trends  media  onlinevideo  comparison  Google  Facebook  NYTimes  Buzzfeed  ARPU  revenues  review  author:FredericFilloux  MondayNote  2016 
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Guardian's losses hit £69m but it gains more than 50,000 paying members | Media | The Guardian
The Guardian has confirmed losses of £69m for the last financial year but said it was making significant progress in its membership scheme, with more than 50,000 people paying to sign up.

Membership is a core part of plans by the publisher’s parent company, Guardian Media Group, to counteract falls in both print and digital revenue, which led to an £8m fall in total turnover to £209.5m.

The industry as a whole has faced greater than expected declines in print advertising over the past year, while digital ad growth has almost all gone to Google and Facebook.
revenues  webjournalism  journalism  membership  Guardian  2016 
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The Times editor John Witherow on how its paywall is paying off – and why he thinks the Guardian will now follow its lead | Media | The Drum
Six years ago, in a debate on BBC Radio 4, Alan Rusbridger, then editor-in-chief of the Guardian, faced off the then Sunday Times editor John Witherow and described the new digital paywall model established by the Times and the Sunday Times as a “vault of darkness” which might generate as few as 60,000 subscribers.
Times  paywalls  webjournalism  revenues  advocacy  TheDrum  2016 
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Twitter dives after mixed Q2: $602M sales, $0.13 EPS, MAUs up 3% 313M | TechCrunch
Twitter today reported Q2 earnings, and the woe that is its poor user growth continues, with its 313 million monthly active users up just 3% on a year ago, and up less than 1% on its previous quarter.

The company reported revenues of $602 million with adjusted earnings per share of $0.13. While revenues are up 20% on a year ago, the numbers were a miss on sales and a beat on EPS: analysts were expecting $606.8 million in revenue and adjusted earnings of $0.10 per share.

It also reported a Q2 GAAP net loss of $107 million; non-GAAP net income was $93 million.
Twitter  revenues  penetration  growth  critique  socialmedia  onlineadvertising  review  Techcrunch  2016 
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Facebook crushes Q2 earnings, hits 1.71B users and record share price | TechCrunch
Coming off an all-time high stock price of $123.34, Facebook in Q2 2016 smashed earnings again. The social network continued steady growth just slightly slower at 3.63% compared to last quarter’s 3.77%, adding 60 million monthly users this quarter to reach 1.71 billion. It scored $6.44 billion in revenue and $0.97 EPS, blowing past estimates of $6.02 billion and $0.82 EPS.

This is Facebook’s 16th beat out of 17 quarters since it went public at $38 per share. Wall Street reacted to the positive earnings with a 7.5% bump in after hours trading to $132.60. It also hit another milestone: 1 billion daily mobile user.

Revenue growth was 59% year over year, which looks favorable compared to competitor Twitter, who yesterday announced its YOY revenue growth sunk to 20% from 60% a year ago. With 84% of ad revenue from mobile, total ad revenue was $6.24 billion.
Facebook  results  revenues  penetration  growth  mobilesocial  FacebookMessenger  ARPU  Techcrunch  2016 
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Twitter's User Base to Grow by Double Digits This Year - eMarketer
With the company reporting earnings next week, all eyes are on Twitter’s ability to grow its user base, a necessary prerequisite to growing revenues at the social network. eMarketer estimates that worldwide, user growth of 10.9% this year will bring Twitter’s monthly active population to 286.3 million by the end of this year.


That comes on top of 9.8% growth in 2015, with rates expected to taper in coming years as Twitter’s global user base approaches 370 million by the end of eMarketer’s forecast period.
Twitter  penetration  statistics  growth  socialmedia  USA  Brazil  Japan  Mexico  India  monetisation  onlineadvertising  revenues  eMarketer  2016 
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Can Xiaomi Live Up to Its $45 Billion Hype? - Fortune
The “Apple of China” gets a reality check as its smartphone sales slump.
Xiaomi  review  revenues  management  critique  valuation  Fortune  2016 
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REDEF ORIGINAL: Brightest Before the Dark: The Impending Fall of TV Ad Spend
The TV industry may be ecstatic about the 2016 upfronts, but it would be a mistake to view the TV ad market as resilient – let alone a growth business. Like every medium before it, the television will give way to newer, more capable delivery models. And the winners are unlikely to be the same.
television  televisionadvertising  forecast  media  revenues  decline  author:MatthewBall  MediaRedef  2016 
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The Mobile Economy 2015
The mobile industry continues to scale rapidly, with a total of 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers at the end of 2014. Half of the world’s population now has a mobile subscription—up from just one in five 10 years ago. An additional one billion subscribers are predicted by 2020, taking the global penetration rate to approximately 60%. There were 7.1 billion global SIM connections at the end of 2014, and a further 243 million machine-to-machine (M2M) connections.
telecoms  mobile  statistics  penetration  mobileinternet  2G  3G  4G  LTE  smartphones  featurephones  traffic  music  profitability  revenues  investment  employment  economy  inclusion  mobilebanking  unbanked  internetofthings  mobilecommerce  identity  security  growth  global  region  Africa  Asia  Europe  LatinAmerica  MiddleEast  NorthAmerica  GSMA  2016 
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REDEF ORIGINAL: Less Money, Mo' Music & Lots of Problems: A Look at the Music Biz
Music may have been the first media format to be upended by digital, but more than 15 years later, it's the only one still fixated on what was, not what can be. If the industry hopes to restore growth, both labels and artists will need to confront the changes brought about by the likes of iTunes and Spotify. Only then can a path forward be charted.
music  revenues  trends  streamingmedia  iTunes  Spotify  Pandora  sales  events  concerts  time  Redef  2015 
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Insurance Startups — Market Ecosystem Map — Greylock Perspectives
If you are building a startup in the insurance space, a key question you should ask is:
Are you innovating on the sales channel of insurance or are you innovating on the product level (aka. trying to create a next-gen carrier)?
Both are viable but depending on your end goal, you will have very different considerations on how you enter and compete in the market.
insurance  insurtech  startup  review  fintech  revenues  opportunity  disintermediation  bigdata  selfdrivingvehicles  cybersecurity  aggregator  comparison  PolicyGenius  Coverfox  Coverhound  Insurfiy  Goji  Insureon  NextInsurance  Zebra  CreditKarma  NerdWallet  QuoteWizard  GetInsured  HoneyInsurance  leadgeneration  Datalot  MediaAlpha  lifeinsurance  Ladder  Abaris  Sure  Sureify  HavenLife  automotiveinsurance  Metromile  TrueMotion  Cuvva  Snapsheet  automotive  telematics  DrivewaySoftware  Greenroad  healthinsurance  Oscar  CloverHealth  CollectiveHealth  MelodyHealthInsurance  Sherpaa  LimelightHealth  SME  Zenefits  Gusto  Namely  JustWorks  MaxwellHealth  SimplyInsured  Embroker  Coverwallet  sharingeconomy  StrideHealth  SliceLabs  Airbnb  HomeInsurance  Quilt  Super  peertopeer  Lemonade  Gather  Friendsurance  Guevara  Inspool  Jointly  BoughtByMany  WorldCover  productinsurance  Trov  Jetty  Cover  SimpleSurance  Asurion  China  ZhongAn  author:ChrisMcCann  GreylockPartners  Medium  2016 
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Snapchat raised $1.8B in a Series F round; leaked deck reveals revenues, user numbers | TechCrunch
Earlier this week, we reported that the messaging app startup Snapchat was raising more money. Now we have more updates for you.

An SEC filing has been made today with information about Snapchat’s latest Series F round, in which it has raised $1.8 billion. Separately, we’ve also obtained a leaked pitch deck, revealing Snapchat’s revenue and forecasts.

The Los Angeles-based company recently started its monetization efforts and brought in just $59 million in revenue in 2015, according to data in the deck. But it is now ramping up business in earnest, with the funding to match.  
Snapchat  revenues  statistics  growth  mobilemessaging  valuation  Techcrunch  2016 
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Exclusive: Xiaomi Revenues Were Flat in 2015 - Fortune
Growth at the Chinese smartphone maker, with a $45 billion valuation, has slowed dramatically.

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker and second highest-valued startup in the world at $45 billion, barely grew sales at all last year.

Revenue for 2015 reached 78 billion yuan ($12.5 billion), a 5% rise from 2014’s 74.3 billion yuan, a person in the company’s public affairs office said for the first time over the weekend. Taking into account the falling value of the Chinese currency, the yuan, sales rose 3% in U.S. dollar terms.
Xiaomi  revenues  profit  critique  Fortune  2016 
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Soho House feels strain of its appetite for growth —
Finances are under pressure as revenue — though rising — struggles to match the cost of ambitions
SohoHouse  revenues  borrowing  profitability  review  FT  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
Twitter Grows Users and Ad Revenue in First Quarter, but Wall Street Shrugs | Adweek
Twitter gained 5 million monthly active users in the first three months of 2016, breaking the social media giant's user-growth slump of the past two quarters during which it failed to gain—or actually lost—users.
According to the company's first-quarter earnings statement, Twitter reported 310 million MAUs, up from the 305 million it had reported during the second half of 2015. Revenue totaled $595 million for the quarter, a 36 percent increase over the first quarter of 2015. Twitter reported $531 million in advertising revenue in the first three months of the year. That's up 39 percent from the same period in 2015. In the U.S., revenue totaled $390 million, while international revenue accounted for another $204 million.
However, the company still fell short of earnings expectations, causing its stock to tumble nearly 10 percent in after-hours trading.
Twitter  results  statistics  growth  revenues  socialmedia  Adweek  2016 
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Facebook swells to 1.65B users and beats Q1 estimates with $5.38B revenue | TechCrunch
Facebook continued its winning streak as other tech companies floundered, reaching 1.65 billion monthly users and surpassing estimates in its Q1 2016 earnings report with $5.38 billion in revenue and $0.77 earnings per share. Facebook’s share price climbed more than 8 percent in the moments after earnings were announced, reaching more than $117 in after-hours trading.

Revenue was up 52 percent year over year, and Facebook is still operating with strong efficiency, coining $1.5 billion in profit in Q1, up 195 percent year over year. Average revenue per user was up 32 percent YoY.
Facebook  growth  penetration  statistics  revenues  developingworld  ARPU  socialmedia  Techcrunch  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
Facebook expects VR will have no material impact on 2016 revenue | TechCrunch
Oculus could eventually earn profits from selling headsets, peripherals, games and video content, as well as charging a tax on developers whose apps it sells. But first, Oculus will need greater demand and a bigger install base. Until then, it’s more of an experimental foray into the next computing platform than a cash cow.
Facebook  OculusRift  Oculus  virtualreality  revenues  review  opportunity  Techcrunch  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
GoPro’s Big Tech Problem: Smartphones - WSJ
Stakes are high for the action-camera maker to remake itself; sales this year expected to fall by as much as 17%
GoPro  revenues  strategy  critique  decline  WallStreetJournal  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
What Apple Has to Fear from China - The New Yorker
No company wants to report that its sales have declined. But when you’re Apple, which has consistently seen its revenues grow for more than twelve years, it’s not just bad news but a serious kink in a joyful narrative of boundless possibility. Earlier this week the company—the most valuable in the U.S.—told shareholders that revenues had declined by thirteen per cent. Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, did his best to spin the numbers—temporary currency fluctuations were to blame; sales will rise again as the iPhone SE continues its rollout; the company will rebound thanks to “the incredible strength of the Apple ecosystem.” But Cook couldn’t assuage fears about the biggest reason for the revenue decline: a twenty-six-per-cent drop in sales in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, accounting for fifty-eight per cent of the over-all decline in Apple’s growth. The company’s stock price promptly plummeted.
Apple  revenues  decline  censorship  iTunes  iBooks  China  review  NewYorker  2016 
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Old Music Outsold New Music In 2015 (Excluding Streaming) :: Music :: News :: Paste
The simultaneous advent of streaming music and the vinyl renaissance has led to some very interesting recording industry statistics over the past few months. Last month, the RIAA reported that vinyl revenues outpaced sales from streaming services, despite actual streams vastly outnumbering physical vinyl sold. Now, Nielsen has released data revealing that, for the first time ever, old music (the “catalog,” defined as music more than 18 months old) outsold new releases in 2015.
music  sales  revenues  vinyl  catalogue  USA  RIAA  PasteMagazine  2016 
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Twitter is going to have a hard time fixing its ad problem | Re/code
If you step back, though, you can see that Twitter’s ad problem wasn’t a one-quarter problem. It has been brewing for a while — as its user growth has stalled, its ad sales growth has stalled, too. The company generated $2.2 billion in revenue last year, but its sales growth has been decelerating for a while.
Twitter  onlineadvertising  revenues  critiue  Recode  2016 
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Daring Fireball: Apple and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Drop in iPhone Sales
Some much needed perspective on Apple’s first year-over-year quarterly sales drop since 2003, from Daisuke Wakabayashi for the WSJ:
Apple  revenues  results  review  iPhone  advocacy  author:JohnGruber  DaringFireball  2016 
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Taxman to raise same proportion of national income as before crisis, but from different places - Institute For Fiscal Studies - IFS
Under current forecasts, tax receipts in 2020–21 are due to come in at 37.2% of national income. Compared with 2007–08, the taxman looks set to raise more from VAT but less from other indirect taxes, about the same from personal income taxes but with more of that coming from the highest earners, less from the main property taxes and substantially less from corporation tax. The Treasury will be more reliant on a range of small taxes, including five entirely new taxes that, combined, are forecast to raise an additional £7.3 billion in 2020–21.
taxation  revenues  trends  UK  InstituteforFiscalStudies  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
Apple’s Watch Outpaced the iPhone in First Year - WSJ
Apple Inc. sold twice as many Watches as iPhones in each device’s debut year. Yet the smartwatch is dogged by a perception that seems premature given the history of Apple’s most popular devices: disappointment.
Apple  AppleWatch  sales  review  revenues  growth  WallStreetJournal  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
Quit my full time corporate job. Built an iOS game. It became #1 in the App Store. Here are revenue numbers and what I learned. : startups
Quit my full time corporate job. Built an iOS game. It became #1 in the App Store. Here are revenue numbers and what I learned. self.startups
Submitted 1 day ago * by amirrajan
Made a little over $700k selling a premium mobile game with no IAP or Ads as a one man shop. It is possible to create sustainable income from apps (albeit very difficult).
mobilegaming  developers  iOS  revenues  personalaccount  Reddit  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
Alan Rusbridger's Guardian is on a suicide mission
But now the sheer size and starkness of the loss, which, on its present course could exhaust the Trust in as little as five years, perhaps frames the question more clearly than business issues are usually presented in the Guardian's always very fluid discussions of profits versus identity, truth, virtue and principle: does the paper's desperate financial performance represent a) a necessary, aggressive investment to meet the demands of a transforming industry that will shortly begin to pay off? b) a righteous existential leap, in which a bet on unknown future developments overrides a stricter view of business consequences? c) an ego trip and spectacular folly?
Guardian  ScottTrust  journalism  webjournalism  management  strategy  critique  revenues  decline  monetisation  AlanRusbridger  review  author:MichaelWolff  GQ  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
Music sales growing at fastest rate since 1998 -
Record companies have reported their fastest revenue growth in nearly two decades, as the rise of subscription streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music offset declines in CD and download sales.
Total industry revenues grew 3.2 per cent to $15bn in 2015, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, an organisation that represents recording companies. This is the highest rate of sales growth in the sector since 1998.
music  revenues  growth  Spotify  AppleMusic  Youtube  IFPI  review  FinancialTimes  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
To Make Real Money, The Podcast Industry Needs to Stop Calling Them Podcasts | Hunter Walk
Brand sponsorship just won’t scale and leaves lots of money on the table versus a dual revenue stream model of sponsorship + user payments. The best podcasts, err shows, are of equal enjoyment quality to the best books, the best tv shows and they should ask their users to support with their wallets not just their ears.
podcast  strategy  revenues  subscription  author:HunterWalk  HunterWalk  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
Nest Revenue Around $340 Million Last Year, but Budget Troubles Ahead | Re/code
Nest generated about $340 million in sales last year, according to three people with knowledge of the matter. That’s an impressive figure for a company in the very nascent market of Internet-connected devices.

But it’s below the initial expectations Google had set for Nest when it bought the startup in 2014 for a whopping $3.2 billion. The company’s sales performance may face even deeper scrutiny inside Google’s new parent company, Alphabet, where Nest now sits, as the hardware maker faces its most critical year ever.

Nest’s plight is a far cry from two years ago when it was brought on as one of Google’s biggest acquisitions as a vehicle to compete with Apple in the growing smart home market. Google also brought on CEO Tony Fadell, a former Apple exec, to inject Google with Apple’s hardware sensibility. But now it’s future is up in the air as it’s clearly fallen short of those lofty expectations.
Nest  Alphabet  Google  internetofthings  smarthome  revenues  critique  Recode  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
To SoundCloud, Love Dave — Airplane Mode
You can slice it, package it, or spin it however you like, but the bare fact is that you’re making money off of songs you aren’t paying for. Worse, you’re doing it while perpetuating an air of exclusivity around the concept of making money. All while you’re pretending to be a friend to the little guy. There’s nothing artist-friendly about this approach.
Soundcloud  SoundcloudGo  revenues  music  payments  streamingmedia  critique  AirplaneMode  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
Lotteries: America's $70 Billion Shame - The Atlantic
People spent more money playing the lottery last year than on books, video games, and tickets for movies and sporting events combined.
gambling  lottery  revenues  USA  TheAtlantic  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
Current Affairs | Culture & Politics
Today’s “patrons of the arts” are less interested in opera and ballet, and more interested in novelty furniture and enormous sculptures of their own faces…
culture  patronage  funding  revenues  opera  ballet  decline  wealthy  highnetworth  review  CurrentAffairs  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
Uber profits elsewhere support 'sustainable' spending in China: CEO | Reuters
Ride hailing app company Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] is generating more than $1 billion in profit a year in its top 30 cities globally, and partly using that money to bankroll its expansion in China, Chief Executive Travis Kalanick said in an interview.

The company said in February it was losing more than $1 billion a year in China's red-hot ride hailing market, where it is battling large local incumbents to win customers.

Kalanick said China was the company's most intense market, but also a crucible for new ideas that it has exported to other markets, and that its investment here was sustainable.
Uber  ridesharing  revenues  China  marketshare  review  Reuters  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
Half of all mobile games money comes from 0.19% of users (Wired UK)
There's a problem though -- a new report concludes that 48 percent of all mobile games spending comes from a miniscule 0.19 percent of users.

The figures come from mobile marketing firm Swrve, as reported by VentureBeat. Swrve also found that those who do spend money on mobile games only do so rarely -- for 64 percent of players, only once per month, with 6.5 percent making five or more in-game purchases.
mobilegaming  revenues  concentration  mobileapps  review  research  Swrve  Venturebeat  Wired  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
In Shift to Streaming, Music Business Has Lost Billions
Revenue from music sales in the United States has hovered around $7 billion since 2010, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. For 2015, the number was $7.02 billion, up slightly less than 1 percent from 2014.

Within that steady total, however, have been drastic shifts in listener behavior. CDs and downloads have been gradually abandoned as streaming has become the platform of choice.

The result is that the music industry finds itself fighting over pennies while waving goodbye to dollars. For instance, the growing but still specialized market for vinyl records is generating more revenue than the music on YouTube, one of the biggest destinations on the Internet, but that’s because YouTube pays royalties in the tiniest fractions of cents.
music  revenues  streamingmedia  vinyl  CDs  Spotify  Youtube  review  USA  NYTimes  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
U.S. Mining Losses Last Year Wipe Out Profits From Past Eight Years - Real Time Economics - WSJ
The U.S. mining industry—a sector that includes oil drillers—lost more money last year than it made in the previous eight.

Mining corporations with assets of $50 million or more recorded a collective $227 billion after-tax loss last year, according to Commerce Department data released Monday. That loss essentially wipes out all the profits the industry had made since 2007.
mining  commodities  decline  profitability  revenues  petroleum  manufacturing  USA  WallStreetJournal  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
The two scariest words for Hollywood studios in 2016: animated movie | Toronto Star
Predictably, the supply boom comes down to economics. Animated films still offer the largest risk/reward equation in the movie business. It’s the most profitable movie genre, averaging a 36 per cent return over the past decade, according to analysis by SNL Kagan. Science fiction and fantasy films, with a 26 per cent profit margin, took a distant second place, while dramas and comedies barely broke even.
Yet animation is the most expensive genre. Software engineers and CGI artists don’t come cheap, and the sticky-fingered masses demand A-list actors in animated fare, if only for their voices. Piper Jaffray analyst Stan Meyers said animated films generally cost about $100 million to make, as well as an additional $150 million to promote.
film  movies  animation  revenues  profitability  review  TheStar  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
Snapchat expects to generate up to $350 million in revenue this year - Business Insider
Snapchat is on target to generate between $300 million and $350 million in revenue this year, according to a report in Recode citing anonymous sources. 

That would represent a nice uptick from the $50 million that Snapchat had reportedly set as its 2015 revenue target, and the latest indication that the social networking tool of choice for the millennial generation is turning its popularity into a real business. 

Snapchat has created various advertising offerings on its mobile app, including ads that appear alongside its Live Stories as well as sponsored lenses that users of the service can gussy up their photos with. 
Snapchat  revenues  growth  mobilemessaging  BusinessInsider  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
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