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In Bad Taste | Topic
But who can say what’s “better”? Do crimes against food need to be policed? Who plays cop? And should anyone, even a professional restaurant critic, dictate the terms of another’s pleasure? Yelp and Instagram have remade food into a realm of boundless relativism, where extracting a thread of universal, objective truth about what’s delicious and what’s gross can be as hard as piercing an algorithm’s code—unless “universal” and “objective” are themselves the problem.
food  taste  review  restaurants  critique  Topic  2019 
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Bathroom renovations for Instagram are on the rise - Vox
Hotels and restaurants are hoping you’ll take a selfie in one of their novelty bathrooms.
selfies  bathroom  restaurants  hotels  socialmedia  Instagram  trends  Vox  2018 
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American Dreams in a Chinese Takeout - The Ringer
The grueling nature of Chinese restaurant work in the U.S. has been well-documented, but the immigrants living that life understand the trade-offs they’ve made. They see America as a place they might build a life for themselves. The question is how to go about building that life.
restaurants  employment  personalaccount  Chinese  food  USA  TheRinger  2018 
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How Restaurants Got So Loud - The Atlantic
This trend is not limited to New York. According to Architectural Digest, mid-century modern and minimalism are both here to stay. That means sparse, modern decor; high, exposed ceilings; and almost no soft goods, such as curtains, upholstery, or carpets. These design features are a feast for the eyes, but a nightmare for the ears. No soft goods and tall ceilings mean nothing is absorbing sound energy, and a room full of hard surfaces serves as a big sonic mirror, reflecting sound around the room.
restaurants  architecture  acoustics  review  critique  TheAtlantic  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
Will Stanich's Ever Reopen? Why America's Best Burger Spot Closed Down - Thrillist
And that fact is the thing I can’t quite get past. That a decision I made for a list I put on the internet has impacted a family business and forever altered its future. That I have changed family dynamics and relationships. And it could very easily happen again.
Stanichs  food  restaurants  socialmedia  fomo  Thrillist  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral
How changing tastes are killing German restaurants - The Washington Post
All across the country, German restaurants are calling it quits. In Portland, Ore., Der Rheinlander closed after 53 years in 2016. Another Portland restaurant, the Berlin Inn, closed and reopened as the Brooklyn House, with a vegan and gluten-free menu of “European comfort food,” before closing again, permanently. Outside of Boulder, Colo., the Black Forest Restaurant closed last summer after 59 years. The Olde German Schnitzel House in Hickory, N.C., served its last sauerkraut in 2014, lasting 10 years. One of Nashville’s oldest restaurants, Gerst Haus, died last month after 62 years. That’s 10 years longer than the Chicago Brauhaus, which closed in December.
restaurants  trends  German  decline  USA  WashingtonPost  2018 
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Not so fresh: why Jamie Oliver’s restaurants lost their bite | Life and style | The Guardian
“You can argue that a company that sells an idea of better eating habits, healthy food and so on should have some kind of flagship business that reminds the customer where this all comes from,” Aversa says. “I think Jamie’s Italian reinforced the image and it still does to a certain extent. People still see the restaurants around. The question is: is it worth the financial underperformance?”
JamieOliver  restaurants  media  review  Guardian  2018 
february 2018 by inspiral
Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant Plans to Revolutionize the Way You Pay to Eat Out - Bloomberg
One of London’s leading restaurants will today start pioneering a new pricing model based on the travel industry, with different charges depending on the day of the week and time of your booking.
BobBobRicard  restaurants  pricing  innovation  London  Bloomberg  2018 
january 2018 by inspiral
I poured my blood, sweat and life savings into my restaurant. Dumbest thing I've ever done
I was a foodie with a boring day job who figured he could run a restaurant. Then I encountered rats, endless red tape, crippling costs and debt-induced meltdowns, started popping sleeping pills, lost my house, and nearly sabotaged my marriage
restaurants  personalaccount  food  TorontoLife  2017 
november 2017 by inspiral
Instagram is pushing restaurants to be kitschy, colorful, and irresistible to photographers - The Verge
When it came time to design their first restaurant, Media Noche, San Francisco entrepreneurs Madelyn Markoe and Jessie Barker found themselves lacking inspiration. Their designer had asked them for ideas and they felt like “deer in headlights.” Ultimately, Markoe says, they came up with a single instruction: “We wanted to be Instagrammable.”
restaurants  Instagram  socialmedia  trends  TheVerge  2017 
july 2017 by inspiral
The Golden Age of Restaurants in America - The Atlantic
The quality and variety of food in the U.S. has never been better. The business seems to be struggling. What’s really going on?
restaurants  food  growth  decline  review  trends  delivery  USA  TheAtlantic  2017 
june 2017 by inspiral
10 of Bilbao’s best pintxos bars | Travel | The Guardian
The city’s many bars are piled high with pintxos, the Basque country’s take on tapas, which are a great way of sampling regional specialities for a few euros. Or string a few together to create a brilliant bar crawl
restaurants  food  tourist  guide  Bilbao  Spain  Guardian  2017 
april 2017 by inspiral
The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Get by With a Lot of Unpaid Labor - Eater
Without a significant volunteer staff, many prestigious restaurants could not function
restaurants  employment  apprenticeship  review  critique  inequality  Eater  2017 
april 2017 by inspiral
The Great Retail Apocalypse of 2017 - The Atlantic
In the middle of an economic recovery, hundreds of shops and malls are shuttering. The reasons why go far beyond Amazon.
retail  decline  ecommerce  mobilecommerce  Amazon  property  restaurants  experiential  trends  USA  TheAtlantic  2017 
april 2017 by inspiral
Bundobust, Manchester: restaurant review | Life and style | The Guardian
Vibrant Indian food served with craft beer in a friendly communal space… Why has no one done this before?
Bundobust  Indian  restaurants  review  Manchester  UK  Guardian  2017 
february 2017 by inspiral
The 50 best breakfast places in the UK | Life and style | The Guardian
Breakfasts in Britain are among the best in the world. Here – region by region – are the very finest places to start your day
breakfast  food  cafe  restaurants  review  UK  London  Guardian  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
Why America's Restaurant Industry Is in a Bubble About to Burst - Thrillist
What we're witnessing, as you see this rise of both the high and low end, is the hollowing out of the restaurant industry center -- the gentrification of food, carried to its logical conclusion. You had something that was interesting and a great value, it attracted everyone, and now all that's left until a rebirth is extravagance or thrift.
restaurants  bifurcation  trends  cost  employment  property  Thrillist  2016 
january 2017 by inspiral
Sambal Shiok, London: restaurant review | Jay Rayner | Life and style | The Guardian
Sambal Shiok (inside Blend ), 587 Green Lanes, London N8 0RG (020 8341 2939). Walk-ins only for groups of six or fewer. Full meal including drinks and service: £60-£80
SambalShiok  laksa  restaurants  review  London  author:JayRayner  Guardian  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Is this man really the best chef in the word? | Life and style | The Guardian
Not content with owning America's best restaurant - the French Laundry in California - legendary superchef Thomas Keller has opened up in New York with even higher aspirations. Jay Rayner drops in for 15 courses at Per Se, and talks to the man himself about ambition, power - and the day his life was changed by shrimp cocktail
PerSe  restaurants  review  ThomasKeller  critique  author:JayRayner  Guardian  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
Next time you moan about the cost of a meal, think about who’s slaving in the kitchens | Jay Rayner | Life and style | The Guardian
Yes, there are people getting rich from restaurants. They’re usually the venture capitalists behind the dreary high-street chains, which use economies of scale to keep costs low. As to the rest, it’s a struggle. The middle classes will rally to the cause of low-paid workers in a sports merchandise warehouse but when it comes to the exploited ranks cooking their dinner they moan endlessly about price.
restaurants  income  employment  critique  author:JayRayner  Guardian  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
The Most Exclusive Restaurant in America - The New Yorker
Damon Baehrel’s methods are a marvel, and his tables are all booked until 2025. Or are they?
DamonBaehrel  NativeHarvest  restaurants  review  NewYork  USA  NewYorker  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
Sunrise to sundown, Mumbai is a vegetarian’s paradise | Travel | The Guardian
Speciality dishes from all over India are showcased at the street food stalls and cafes of Mumbai. Here, food writer Meera Sodha spends a whirlwind 24 hours sampling as many vegetarian ‘greastest hits’ as she can
vegetarianism  food  restaurants  tourist  guide  Mumbai  India  Guardian  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
'Brexit': Why curry chefs want out of EU -
Many of the country's curry house owners and chefs want Britain to leave the EU -- a so-called "Brexit" -- saying current immigration laws make it impossible for them to hire the skilled workers they need to keep their kitchens cooking. The situation is so dire that four or five of Britain's 12,000 curry houses are closing their doors every week, says Oli Khan, vice president of the Bangladeshi Caterers Association.
restaurants  curry  immigration  Brexit  review  UK  CNN  2016 
june 2016 by inspiral
San Francisco Magazine | Modern Luxury | The Great Restaurant Deluge
Between the skyrocketing cost of doing business and the unprecedented level of competition, Bay Area restaurant owners are sounding the alarm: A storm is coming.
restaurants  food  cost  employment  review  SanFrancisco  ModernLuxury  2016 
april 2016 by inspiral
IHOP Is Releasing Special Snapchat Filters, but You Have to Visit the Restaurant to Use Them | Adweek
IHOP today announced a Snapchat campaign that targets patrons inside its restaurants.
To push its Double-Dipped French Toast, the all-day breakfast brand is essentially using the same custom geo-filters Snapchat introduced to the masses on Monday. But it's working directly with the Los Angeles social app to serve the ad just to IHOP customers. 
IHOP and Snapchat developed what they are calling "chain geo-filters," location-based dynamic art that can be added to photo and video snaps. When using the app at a restaurant, customers who take a snap will be able to swipe to reveal IHOP-themed creative overlays.
Snapchat  IHOP  creativeshowcase  restaurants  mobileadvertising  socialmedia  AdWeek  2016  SnapchatGeoFilters 
february 2016 by inspiral
The Problems With Food Media That Nobody Wants to Talk About | First We Feast
With greater reach than ever before, the industry is at the perfect stage to evolve—but we've got to be willing to air out our dirty laundry first.
food  restaurants  culture  journalism  critique  FirstWeFeast  2016 
february 2016 by inspiral
The Noma Way — The California Sunday Magazine
The Noma Way
One chef, ten weeks, thirty dishes, and hundreds of new ingredients. How Danish superstar René Redzepi created an entirely new restaurant in Australia.
Noma  RenéRedzepi  food  restaurants  Sydney  profile  CaliforniaSundayMagazine  2016 
february 2016 by inspiral
Why Some of the World’s Most Famous Chefs Don’t Want a Michelin Star | Vanity Fair
The kings of top kitchens reveal what it takes to gain (and keep) the top restaurant honor—and the trauma of losing it.
restaurants  reviews  MichelinGuide  NewYork  review  VanityFair  2015 
november 2015 by inspiral
Dark times for diners | Crain's New York Business
Rising costs, changing tastes and a reluctant next generation of owners spell trouble for a classic corner of New York's food culture.
diner  restaurants  NewYork  CrainsNewYork  2015 
november 2015 by inspiral
Why food allergy fakers need to stop - The Boston Globe
From gluten to garlic, diets and dislikes are being passed off as medical conditions. Chefs and real sufferers have had enough.
food  diet  allergy  restaurants  BostonGlobe  2015 
october 2015 by inspiral
Pret A Manger: restaurant review | Life and style | The Guardian
Pret A Manger’s attempt at an evening service with waiters and cutlery is
a flop. Stick to the sandwiches, says Jay Rayner
PretAManger  restaurants  review  critique  author:JayRayner  Guardian  2015 
august 2015 by inspiral
The Meringue War | VQR Online
Taste a good thing and you’ll know it, and if you have a spare moment you might write about it in a virtual space—or tag a photo of it on Instagram. Perhaps intellectual-property laws will evolve to benefit chefs someday, but not someday soon. In the meantime, the rest of us can scroll through Instagram looking for trends and new restaurants, sating our food-porn urges as we stare at dishes we’ll never even taste, that we would never be able to copy no matter how hard we tried. 
food  Instagram  intellectualproperty  restaurants  review  VQR  2015 
april 2015 by inspiral
Why Are All ‘Good’ Restaurants Around the World Starting To Look the Same? — Gone — Medium
Restaurants, bars and coffee shops around the world have started to look, taste, sound, and smell more and more the same.
food  restaurants  bars  globalisation  critique  travel  BuenosAires  Argentina  author:TomDowney  Medium  2015 
march 2015 by inspiral
The Chipotle Effect: How Chefs Are Reinventing Fast Food - WSJ
With top chefs extending their brands to fast-casual restaurant chains modeled on Chipotle and Shake Shack, food on the go is really going places. Here’s a guide to the most anticipated openings of the coming year
restaurants  food  fastcasual  Chipotle  ShakeShack  FatNoodle  Inday  Beefsteak  PizzeriaLocale  PastaFlyer  WallStreetJournal  2015 
february 2015 by inspiral
Why DC Restaurants No Longer Care About Desserts | Food Trends | Washingtonian
What’s going on? If a nice dinner out is a three-act play, why are so many theaters content to mount a production that goes out with a whimper?

The answer is more economic than gastronomic.

In the post-crash economy, pastry chefs are no longer seen as essential employees but as pricey appendages.
restaurants  dessert  Economics  critique  Washingtonian  2015 
february 2015 by inspiral
Beast: restaurant review | Jay Rayner | Life and style | The Observer
Beast is a steak and crab joint that’s both deeply silly and ruinously pricey. But the owners are deadly serious
Beast  restaurants  review  London  author:JayRayner  Guardian  2014 
october 2014 by inspiral
Why Don’t Restaurants Charge for Reservations?
In contrast to the executives who run large restaurant chains, the restaurateurs behind celebrated restaurants and local favorites are often chefs first rather than professional managers. This raises the question: Are restaurants like State Bird Provisions, which seems to resist simple economic analysis, the exception or the norm? And if they are the norm, is that because it is somehow self-defeating to raise prices even at booming restaurants? Or are chef proprietors a unique breed in the business world, immune to supply and demand and content to leave money on the table?
restaurants  pricing  reservations  Priceonomics  2014 
september 2014 by inspiral
Applebee’s Turns Its Instagram Over to Foodies for the Next Year | Adweek
While more brands have been stocking up on user-generated and influencer content the past few years, Applebee’s latest campaign is an interesting example of a marketer going all in on the tactic to fuel its social strategy. The chain claims that there were more than 779,000 photos tagged with #Applebees on Instagram.
Instagram  Applebee  usergeneratedcontent  photography  food  restaurants  creativeshowcase  AdWeek  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance And Shares Shocking Results On Craigslist
A busy NYC restaurant kept getting bad reviews for slow service, so they hired a firm to investigate. When they compared footage from 2004 to footage from 2014, they made some pretty startling discoveries. So shocking, in fact, that they ranted about it on Craigslist!
restaurants  dining  smartphones  Wifi  Instagram  time  CraigsList  Distractify  2014 
july 2014 by inspiral
London's restaurants: a grotesque display of opulence | Tanya Gold | Comment is free | The Guardian
In the naked fetishisation of wealth that dominates the capital's most fashionable eating places there are no critics
restaurants  London  wealthy  Guardian  2014 
june 2014 by inspiral
How does Angus Steakhouse continue to thrive in today's gourmet market? - Features - Food & Drink - The Independent
The Angus Steakhouse has been a West End tourist staple for over 50 years, despite a less-than-glowing reputation among locals. Is it an institution whose staying power should be admired, or a relic from Britain’s pre-gourmet past?
AngusSteakhouse  Hawksmoor  London  restaurants  Independent  2014 
april 2014 by inspiral
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