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Spotify Isn't Killing Record Sales - The Atlantic
Luis Aguiar and Joel Waldfogel, the authors of the NBER study, find that, at least in the case of Spotify, streaming brings virtually no financial gain to the industry, but it also prevents losses. When looking the top songs each week and calculating how much rights holders were paid, researchers find that streaming usage increases music-industry revenue thanks to the ability to convert those who were either downloading illegally or not listening to tracks at all. But those gains are pretty much offset by streaming’s displacement of permanent track purchases or downloads.
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Revenge Of The Record Labels: How The Majors Renewed Their Grip On Music - Forbes
Left for dead by most investors and pundits, the surviving Big Three labels–Warner, Universal and Sony–have quietly muscled out stakes of the hottest digital entertainment startups, including 10% to 20%, collectively, of the established streaming services, such as Spotify and Rdio. Terms are similarly stark for younger startups: The labels take stakes for free or on the cheap, and then often give themselves the right to buy larger chunks at deep discounts to market later on. It’s not just streaming: The labels have gobbled up pieces of startups ranging from choose-your-own-adventure music video purveyor Interlude to song-recognition giant Shazam–valued at $1 billion in its latest round–which counts Carlos Slim, the second-richest man in the world, among its investors.
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In praise of oligopoly — Bull Market — Medium
Having three major labels in the middle of the music-industry ecosystem is a good thing all round.
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