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Facebook launches a marketing mix modeling portal for comparing Facebook ads to TV, print & more | TechCrunch
Facebook today announced a laundry list of updates regarding its measurement partnership program, including expanded partnerships with Nielsen and comScore, and the addition of a new partner, DoubleVerify. The company also offered details on the status of current integrations, and the launch of a new online portal to help marketers see how their Facebook ads perform, in comparison with other platforms, like TV or print.

The company, in the past, has been taken to task for not offering clear metrics, and, at the end of last year, Facebook announced a series of metrics bugs and errors that led to inaccurate reporting of critical data. By working with third-parties like Nielsen and comScore, which become Facebook partners last spring, the goal has been to ensure that advertisers are able to trust their ad delivery data.
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february 2017 by inspiral
Guardian publishing trends 2016
What trends will shape the media, publishing and ad industry in 2016? The Guardian gives its perspective on subjects ranging from the adblockalypse to the rise of super apps, and from virtual reality to the power of emojis.
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february 2016 by inspiral
Group M hikes UK ad growth forecast to 7% for 2015 and 2016
WPP's Group M has upgraded its forecasts for advertising revenue growth in UK to 7 per cent in both 2015 and 2016 as "bullish" adspend strongly outpaces economic growth.
media  forecast  televisionadvertising  radioadvertising  printadvertising  outdooradvertising  cinemaadvertising  onlineadvertising  GroupM  UK  Campaign  2015 
november 2015 by inspiral
State of Enterprise B2B Demand Generation: A B2B focused survey in collaboration with Marketo and B2B Marketing
Do you understand what Demand Generation actually is? Are you suffering with the same issues as the rest of the industry? Perhaps you’re struggling to get the most of your Demand Generation activity? Well you’re not alone. This report created in partnership with Marketo and B2B Marketing provides the latest insights and analysis on the biggest issues in the industry in 2014 and is designed specifically to help you identify your own weaknesses.
demandgeneration  marketing  B2B  review  research  guide  marketingandsales  alignment  emailmarketing  website  searchmarketing  socialmedia  eventsmarketing  directmail  webinars  telemarketing  onlineadvertising  publicrelations  printadvertising  Marketo  LedgerBennettDGA  2015  contentmarketing 
november 2015 by inspiral
Welcome to B2B Enterprise Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America.
Here we look at how the content marketing practices of enterprise marketers (1,000+ employees)
have changed since last year and how they compare with other B2B marketers.
Of all the groups of marketers we’ve studied over the last year, enterprise marketers:
 Use the most content marketing tactics
 Target the most audiences
 Are the most likely to be organized into a formal group
 Are the most likely to report to product marketing
 Have the most difficulty with tracking the ROI of their content marketing programs.
Enterprise marketers are producing less content than they did last year, but they’re allocating
nearly as much budget for content marketing. Nearly 90% are focused on creating more engaging,
higher-quality content over the next 12 months.
These are exciting times for content marketing. We’re thrilled to be with you on the journey
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november 2015 by inspiral
Winter is coming: Print revenue could be headed for another cliff |
Media watcher Clay Shirky argues that instead of a gradual decline, print readership -- and as a result, print advertising -- could be headed for a cliff
printadvertising  forecast  NYTimes  critique  ClayShirky  MatthewIngram  2015 
april 2015 by inspiral
Small Businesses Spend More on Social Than Any Other Media | Digital - Advertising Age
Social has become the top media platform for small and medium businesses when it comes to usage and spending, according to a new report from research firm BIA/Kelsey.
SME  socialmedia  printadvertising  outdooradvertising  USA  statistics  growth  BIA  Kelsey  AdvertisingAge  2014 
september 2014 by inspiral
Can old media afford to turn their noses up at native advertising? | PandoDaily
has been predicted that the market for sponsored content will grow by fifty percent to be worth $3.1 billion by 2017. As the pool of print advertising gets forever smaller, that’s an extra $1 billion for old media companies to chase and a new chance at regaining some semblance of momentum.
nativeadvertising  NYTimes  printadvertising  critique  media  PandoDaily  2014 
february 2014 by inspiral
Cross-Platform Optimization: Getting to a Smarter Mix
Report looking at the optimisation of marketing mix in a campaign with a potential mix of television, print and online media.
media  optimisation  printadvertising  onlineadvertising  televisionadvertising  2010  yahooadvertising  imported 
november 2010 by inspiral
Ads of the World | Creative Advertising Archive & Community
Provides the opportunity to search across advertising submitted globally. Searches can be filtered by media, region, country and industry. Media include print, outdoor, TV/cinema, online, radio, ambient and direct marketing.
creativeshowcase  advertising  printadvertising  outdooradvertising  tvadvertising  onlineadvertising  radioadvertising  ambientadvertising  directmarketing  directmail  inspiration  imported 
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