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Foursquare's Potentially Game-Changing New Tool Can Measure Foot Traffic Generated by Digital Ads | Adweek
The social/location discovery platform is going after retail marketing budgets and promising to connect digital ads—and not just Foursquare ads, but those from across the Web and mobile apps—with actual visits to physical stores.
As a tech player stymied by the narrative that its consumer-facing user growth hasn't scaled fast enough, Foursquare execs hope this latest program shines a light on the many positives that they say are developing inside the company.
The new offering, called Attribution Powered by Foursquare, has been in the works for several months and has been tested by restaurant chain TGI Fridays, spirits giant Brown-Forman, publishing app Flipboard and programmatic advertising companies Drawbridge and Adelphic. Flipboard recently used the system to measure a campaign that it ran for an undisclosed retailer and found that the digital ads drove a 12 percent incremental lift in visits to the retailer's locations within a week.
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