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Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and the on-demand economy is a bubble—and it’s about to burst — Quartz
But just because massive companies like Airbnb are finding success in the travel sector doesn’t mean that on-demand delivery of goods and services in other areas has been solved. Other than ride sharing, lodging, and food delivery, mass-market adoption for on-demand uses is shaky at best. (In fact, we’re not even sure if the on-demand economy is technically legal.) Instead, venture capital is fueling the space and essentially subsidizing services. But VC money does not make your company invincible, and you can only finance growth through venture money for so long—even Uber and Lyft are burning through a ton of cash.
startup  sharingeconomy  venturecapital  profitability  review  critique  loyalty  competitiveadvantage  Uber  Airbnb  Lyft  Ola  Instacart  Deliveroo  Quartz  2017 
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Daring Fireball: On iMessage’s Stickiness
The seamless interaction between the technologies hidden behind the screen, the software, and our services is good design. Apple thus far has made sure that it gets most of that experience right—especially the stuff under the hood. Perhaps the next time someone criticizes its designs, we should remember: good design means your phone doesn’t explode.
iOS  Apple  Android  comparison  loyalty  iMessage  mobileapps  author:JohnGruber  DaringFireball  2016 
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Why Satisfied Customers Defect
The extensive research that we conducted on the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, however, shows that these assumptions are deeply flawed. They either ignore or do not accord enough importance to the following aspects of the relationship:
customersatisfaction  customersatisfactionscore  metrics  review  critique  loyalty  HarvardBusinessReview  1995 
september 2016 by inspiral
How Starwood is learning Snapchat with branded geofilters - Digiday
But last week, Starwood’s loyalty program Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) started offering seven branded geofilters at 650 hotels across Starwood properties in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, including Westin and Sheraton brands.

The filters vary based on the type of property. Snapchat users can share their location via a digital postcard “Hello From ___,” play on travel terms like “Checking In” to let followers know that they’ve made it to their destination, or they can use “Do Not Disturb” to inform people that they are in full relaxation mode. Some filters even tap into fun travel props like a cocktail or a camera so users can share beach views or other hotel highlights.
Starwood  hotels  Snapchat  loyalty  creativeshowcase  Digiday  2016  SnapchatGeoFilters 
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10 Reasons Why InsurTech Is Going to Be Important | Let's Talk Payments
Technology spending in the global insurance industry is estimated to be around $189 billion. By 2019, the spending industry is expected to reach $205 billion. The IT spending ratio of insurance companies as a percentage of premiums has not changed to a great extent. Insurance companies currently spend about 3.8% of their direct written premium on information technology. The average spending by insurance companies has comparatively reduced in the last four years. There are around 700–800 InsurTech firms globally which are addressing the requirements of the $4.5-trillion insurance industry but the state of InsurTech is at a stage of infancy. New exciting business models to take over the insurance industry such as microinsurance and pay-as-you-go insurance have emerged. What will truly change the nature of the industry is the shift from complex, long-term insurance products to the fractions of insurance for a particular moment, time and miles count. The new opportunities are tied to mobile devices and time-efficiency. 
insurtech  insurance  opportunity  innovation  loyalty  dataanalytics  bigdata  blockchain  peertopeer  benchmarking  wearablecomputing  internetofthings  payperuse  security  fraud  API  review  LetsTalkPayments  2016 
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Taco Bell CMO on digital marketing's 7 paradoxes | CIO
Taco Bell's marketing chief Marisa Thalberg says CMOs must overcome, or at least accept, seven key paradoxes if they hope to thrive in the modern marketing world.
TacoBell  marketing  MarisaThalberg  contentmarketing  global  local  sales  loyalty  CIO  2016 
january 2016 by inspiral
5 Ways to Translate Your Content Marketing Goals into KPIs
In other words, what are your overarching marketing goals? Here are some goals you may want to focus on:

Increase brand awareness.
Drive more traffic to your website.
Generate sales leads.
Convert more leads into customers.
Improve retention and drive upsell.
keyperformanceindicators  metrics  brand  awareness  traffic  sales  leadgeneration  conversion  retention  crosssell  upsell  loyalty  review  guide  ContentMarketingInstitute  2015  contentmarketing 
december 2015 by inspiral
Why Publishers Are Killing Pageviews to Capitalize on Reader Attention
About 40% of visitors leave having spent fewer than 15 seconds engaged on the page — and yet the pageview is often viewed as the most important metric.

It’s not enough to get someone to click. We have to get them to read. And then keep on reading. Building a loyal audience starts with knowing what’s capturing readers’ attention—and adapting to keep them coming back.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn how you can leverage attention data to:

Take action in real time when it matters
Increase your site’s overall viewability
Get the right content in front of the right readers
Build a loyal, returning audience
Support a sustainable business
webjournalism  metrics  analytics  pageviews  critique  engagement  loyalty  viewability  Chartbeat  2015 
december 2015 by inspiral
The new consumer decision journey | McKinsey & Company
For years, empowered consumers have held the upper hand when it comes to making purchasing decisions. But companies are fighting back.
marketing  loyalty  marketingautomation  personalisation  context  innovation  McKinsey  2015 
october 2015 by inspiral
The Hidden 'Run' On Banks
When Bain & Company surveyed 83,000 customers in 22 countries recently, we found that more than one-third of them bought a banking product from their primary bank’s competitors during the past year. Your savings or current account have probably borne the same bank name for years, but is that the name you think of first when you sign up for credit cards, loans or insurance? Probably not.
banking  loyalty  research  Bain&Company  Forbes  2015 
january 2015 by inspiral
How airline loyalty programs seduce and abandon you
Airline mileage programs are designed to be psychologically attractive, even addictive, to customers. But as their benefits have decreased, so too has passenger loyalty.
airlines  loyalty  loyaltyprogramme  critique  Fortune  2014 
october 2014 by inspiral
2014 U.S. Wireless Smartphone Satisfaction Study—Volume 1 | J.D. Power
Wireless Smartphone Manufacturers Struggle to Differentiate Themselves; Price Is Increasingly Important for Customers
smartphones  differentiation  pricing  features  loyalty  subsidy  voicerecognition  quantifiedself  Apple  iPhone  Samsungm_Blackberry  HTC  Nokia  LG  Motorola  USA  JDPower  2014 
may 2014 by inspiral
Apple iWatch captivates U.S. teens, new survey shows - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech
Of 7,500 teens polled, 6% already wear a smartwatch, 61% own an iPhone, 40% own an iPad.
Apple  smartphones  iPhone  Android  iPad  smartwatch  loyalty  brand  teenagers  USA  PiperJaffray  Fortune  2014 
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Loyalty app from Subway providing rewards for purchase
mobileapps  loyalty  creativeshowcase  subway  imported 
september 2011 by inspiral
Social Media: The Three Big Myths
Gallup research from the US points to social media as being more appropriate for developing relationships with existing customers rather than recruiting new oens
socialmedia  loyalty  customerrecruitment  gallup  2011  imported 
september 2011 by inspiral
The Value Proposition in Multichannel Retailing
Consumers love low prices, but retailers shouldnt overlook the way shoppers perceive value online and in stores
retail  loyalty  value  pricing  mckinsey  2011  imported 
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Mobile apps create smartphone loyalty, says Gartner | Technology |
Article reporting on mobile operating system market share and pointing to the effect that the purchase of mobile apps has on brand loyalty.
mobileoperatingsystems  mobileapps  loyalty  guardian  gartner  2011  imported 
may 2011 by inspiral
Mobile And CRM Today 03/01/2011
Article reporting on how mobile strategy can be used to strengthen customer relationships
mobilemarketing  crm  loyalty  mediapost  2011  imported 
april 2011 by inspiral
How Marketers Can Keep Brand Fans on Board - eMarketer
Report based on US research into why consumers interact with digital media and why they end contact (overcommunicate, irrelevant etc).
socialmedia  loyalty  emarketer  2010  imported 
november 2010 by inspiral
The Evolution of Customer Loyalty
Report looking into the factors eroding people's loyalty to brands and initiatives (social media, proactive customer service, onboarding, loyalty rewards programmes) used by companies to address this
loyalty  trends  2010  1to1  socialmedia  customerservice  onboarding  rewardsprogramme  imported 
november 2010 by inspiral
Brand Loyalty in the Age of Social Media
Report looking at how social media can be used to increase customer loyalty
loyalty  socialmedia  2010  thenextweb  imported 
november 2010 by inspiral
Cars Online 2010/2011: Listening to the Consumer Voice | Publications | Capgemini Worldwide
CapGemini report into the automotive market which looks at consumer behaviour in the automotive market, the role of social media and online purchasing and customer loyalty. Email address: password: WundermanInfo
automotive  socialmedia  loyalty  ecommerce  capgemini  2010  imported 
november 2010 by inspiral
Customer 2012: Time for a new contract between banks and their customers
Report details diminished loyalty and trust in financial institutions as well as heightened expectations for seamless multichannel customer service and simple, transparent products.
loyalty  banking  accenture  imported 
november 2010 by inspiral
The New Customer Imperative: retaining and acquiring customers in a changed banking landscape
Report looking at how US banks should look to better segment their customer base and target resources accordingly
loyalty  banking  accenture  segmentation  usa  imported 
november 2010 by inspiral
Retail banking in Asia Pacific: pursuing customer loyalty
Report looking at customers loyalty to banks in the Asia Pacific region and an analysis of how banks could better foster loyalty among customers.
loyalty  banking  EY  asia  imported 
november 2010 by inspiral
Banks need to win customer loyalty war as one in ten Europeans plan to change banking provider this year - Ernst & Young - United Kingdom
Report covering research into European customers loyalty to their banks. The report points to growing interest in switching banks after long period of stability.
banking  loyalty  europe  EY  imported 
november 2010 by inspiral

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