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The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same - MIT Technology Review
This is the hipster effect—the counterintuitive phenomenon in which people who oppose mainstream culture all end up looking the same. Similar effects occur among investors and in other areas of the social sciences.
hipster  fashion  conformity  trends  review  TechnologyReview  2019 
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Donald Trump's effect on the markets is already wearing off — Quartz
You’ve probably seen her on your Instagram feed: a woman awash in natural light, wearing a cocoon-shaped dress in a shade of golden turmeric or faded paprika. She wears flat leather sandals, has unkempt-but-pretty hair, and is likely in the company of a handmade ceramic, a succulent plant, or a piece of avocado toast. She is LA’s Silver Lake shaman, and she’s coming soon to a city near you.
hipster  hippy  fashion  LosAngeles  trends  Quartz  2017 
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How Hipsters Changed the World | Highsnobiety
But let’s not forget that at the beginning of this decade, a number of publications, most notably New York Magazine, prematurely did the same, reaching for their shovels to dig out a shallow grave while the hipster endured – no, thrived like never before. My view is that hipsterdom didn’t die, but rather it shaped the mainstream in its own image and seeped into the very fabric of Western culture to such an extent that it became redundant. I don’t think that I’m exaggerating when I say that hipsters changed the world.
hipster  culture  impact  review  gentrification  HighSnobSociety  2016 
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CityLab's List of Stubborn Myths and Dated Terminology to Retire in 2016 - CityLab
Whether they’re overused, misunderstood, or wrongfully deployed, sometimes good words and concepts go bad. As CityLab wraps up 2015 and looks forward to a new year full of promise, we’ve compiled the following list of myths we’re tired of debunking and phrases we’re tired of seeing—not to mention writing. Maybe, just maybe, if we all hold hands and jump together, we can reduce the number of times we’re collectively forced to contend with these terms in 2016.
language  phrase  critique  UberforX  ataleoftwocities  artisanal  eyesore  inducedcongestion  creativeplacemaking  climatechange  climatechangedoubter  hipster  illegals  millennials  resilience  wagegap  sharingeconomy  CityLab  TheAtlantic  2015 
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Millennials turned cities ‘hipster.’ Can they do the same for the suburbs? - The Washington Post
Young people once flocked to cities. Now, many are moving to the suburbs. How will that change the way these places look and feel?
cities  gentrification  suburbs  hipster  inversion  urbandevelopment  WashingtonPost  2015 
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Can hipsters save the world? | UK news | The Guardian
It’s easy to mock the beards, tattoos and fixed-wheel bicycles of east London, but its ‘flat white economy’ is here to stay. Ed Cumming on the revolution that’s changing Britain
hipster  creativity  sustainability  London  advocacy  Guardian  2015 
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How the Summer Music Festival Went Mainstream - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society
With painted Volkswagen buses, talk of “free love,” and other reminders of the Woodstock era replaced by advertising and corporate sponsorships, hippie culture may be dying, but a new subculture—a sort of purgatory between hipster and hippie—is on the rise.
festival  musicfestival  critique  hipster  hippy  evolution  BurningMan  Glastonbury  Woodstock  PacificStandard  2014 
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Hipsters and Low-Tech » Cyborgology
Hipsters have been much discussed on the Cyborgology blog (see: here, here, here, and here). Cyborgology authors have also talked about the fetishization of low-tech/analog media and devices (see: here and here). As David Paul Strohecker pointed out, these two issue interrelated: “hipsters are at the forefront of movements of nostalgic revivalism.” I want to pick up these threads and add a small observation.
hipster  technology  anthropology  NeoLuddism  analog  Cyborology  TheSocietyPages  2014 
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The Hipster Music Index
nty bands that might seem hipster because Pitchfork loves them, but aren’t obscure enough because they’re widely shared on Facebook as well. It's probably not very hipster to profess that you like them.
hipster  music  datavisualisation  Priceonomics  2014 
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